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Kia Sedona Tires/Wheels

fonedocfonedoc Posts: 4
Ok..I had struts replaced and both front tire because of abnormal inside tire wear at 23,000 miles. I was ticked! They did give me a "free" alignment! Yea! Now today 4/16/07 at 31,000 miles my vehicle is in for the 30K service..(strut mounts are being replaced)the tech advisor calls and says my front tires need to be replaced for the same abnormal inside tire wear. I want to know if anyone else is seeing this issue? Outcome? Lemon law? Other boards to post on? Etc..? I have called Kia and opened a "consumer complaint" and have a case number. Please help if you can.

PS. I still have the first set of "abnormal" tires in my garage!



  • dodedode Posts: 13
    I have had the same problem. Had it in many times for various things and kept complaining about the front tire wear. Wanted them to do front end alingment, and they wanted to charge me. Finally when I agreed to pay, they founda bad strut, replaced and alingned for free. Complained further and received 2 new front tires (KUHMO CRAP) 10,000 miles later they where shot. At 62,000 a clunking noise developed in front and they changed both struts as a good will gesture. Like they knew they did'nt have problems. Bought new Michelins and so far so good.
  • boxwrenchboxwrench Posts: 55
    Our '04 Sedona EX has Kumho tires and at 24k when it was in for service at the Dealer, they said that the inside was wearing unevenly, and needed front end alignment. At our cost, as it was not covered under warranty.

    As both front tires were worn more than the rear, after being rotated a number of times, I decided to use the New spare, and buy a new Kumho from "Pep Boys" for the other tire.

    According to Pep Boys, the new Kuhmo was over $90 each, and didn't have any mileage warranty at all!! None!! This was the exact replacement tire that came on the car when new.

    Well, I gave up on that idea, and will wait and get 4 new Michlin tires from Sams very soon.

    So much for OEM tires on the early Kia Sedonas.

    Recently, I had the strut mounting replaced under warranty per the tech service bulletin, and they did another alignment, as required in the TSB, and actually had them credit me for the alignment done months ago. This was done during 30K service. Which was WAY overpriced!

  • letylety Posts: 1
    I have 113,000 miles on my KIA Sedona EX. I had the front struts replaces at around 76'000 miles along with the 2nd set of new tires. I remember I really did not have a choice. The machanic mentioned that the struts were so bad my tires would not last. Then I put the third set of new Michelin tires, after the new struts. Everytime I purchased tires I had the alignment redone. Now at 113,000 I have had to purchase a complete set of new tires, because my tires were worn out on the corners so bad that one tire even developed a flat. This has happened with every set of tires purchased and I'm on my fourth set of new tires now.
  • Hello everyone.
    My first post.
    Just bought a used 2004 KIA Sedona EX on 08/14. 27,800 miles. The Dealer (Hyundai with a sister KIA franchise) put 4 new Firestone 215/70R15 on. I thought they were undersized for a 4800 lb van (GVW almost 6,000), but that's what the owners manual calls for.
    Two days later, a family emergency required my wife, daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandson to go to Tampa Fla. I made sure the Firestones were inflated to 35 psi cold, topped off all fluids, and packed them in the KIA. I gave my wife (who has never driven a mini-van) specific instructions, including keeping the max speed below 70, keeping a gas mileage log, and NOT allowing my son (high speed and road rage) to drive.
    Well, she let him drive--and he did 85 mph the whole way, with heavy acceleration, high speed turns, and last minute braking. The KIA made it down there and (almost) back with no problems.
    Just 50 miles from home, the new Firestone on the rear passenger side blew out the sidewall. They put on the spare & came home.
    I looked at the tire. Hole in the sidewall. But what caught my eye was the load rating---1620 lbs AT 44 PSI!!
    So what is the load rating at 35 psi? It seems that following KIA's 35 psi requirement will result in an underinflated and overloaded tire.
    Going back to the dealer to get these Firestones replaced. Any suggestions on which tire? Also, can I go to a 215/75R15, or a 225/70R15 on the Sedona?
    p.s. --- gas mileage only 16 mpg. I was concerned until I got in and noticed that the overdrive WAS OFF!! My wife confirmed that the "O/D OFF" light was on the whole way!
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 883
    "....But what caught my eye was the load rating---1620 lbs AT 44 PSI!! ..."

    Look again. I'll bet it says: Max Load 1620 pounds. Max inflation pressure 44 psi. These 2 items are not connected!

    FYI, the maximum load for a P215/70R15 is 1620 # and it occurs at 35 psi. The 44 psi figure is an allowable usage pressure, but there is no increase in load carrying capacity as a result of the increased pressure.

    As far as the sidewall blowout - I'll bet you will find a puncture somewhere in the tire. Tires don't like to run without pressure and one of they ways they fail when the pressure is too low is by the sidewall rubbing against itself. There should be some rubber dust if this is the case.
  • Oh.
    I didn't know that.
    Seriously, in 37 years of driving, I thought the max load came only at max pressure. Learn something every day.
    The dealer called today. He will look at the tire when I bring it in for the 30K. The spare looks like an OEM. It's also marked 1620 lbs. 44 psi. I've got all at 35 now.
    But I still think the 215/70R15 is marginal for a 6000 lb GVW. Can I go up one size (215/75 or 225/70) without problems?
  • Albany Bill,

    Not sure what model Firestone tire you have on your van, but I just recently purchased new tires for my '04 Sedona EX, at Sams and I wanted Michelin X tires. The original Kuhmo tires were almost gone at 32K. I never had a lot of faith in the Korean made tires, although I had NO trouble to date. After making the deal, and they went to put them on, I was told that it was not the right tire for the Sedona. I then purchased Michelin Aqua-Tread tires (at $10 more per tire) which had to be ordered as no 215/70R15 were in stock. I equate the tires for the Sedona like tires in the past that were designated "Extra Load" tires, capable of higher pressure.
    That said, I love the Michelin Aqua-Tread tires with a 90k warranty!! Supposedly- no Hydroplaning on water, and they ride so smooth & quiet! I think I paid $114 each before a $60 instant rebate on 4 tires. You will notice that most tires are rated at 35 psi. Probably the higher rating required for the Sedona tires is because it is a smaller tire and there wasn't room for a larger tire when they designed the front clearance for the weight of the vehicle. Personally, the larger the tire, the more expensive the replacements are likely to be.
    Your Firestone tire probably had a problem, and thus the sidewall problem.

  • I have a 2006 Kia Sedona that I really like. Will be moving to Colorado shortly and am wondering if anyone has installed any type of mud and snow tires and if so what brand and what luck they have had with them. My van currently has original Michelin tires that show no abnormal wear after 19000 miles.
  • I just bought an extra set of steel wheels with original handkook tires from a junk yard. The van only had 4,7?? miles an was totaled. I'm planning on getting 2 cooper discoverer M&S for the winter. I used the van with the handkook tires last winter 2 times and it did OK, but thoses tire are more like highway-rain tires. Time will tell.
  • I am trying to find out the bolt pattern for a 2007 Kia Sedona. Any info is greatly appreciated.

  • My tires wore out completely on the inside at 27,000, to the point where the car vibrated badly. The Kia dealer told us it was because we didn't have it aligned. We did have it aligned and rotated the tires regularly. For our trouble they charged us $65 to call us liars. Don't let them get away with this again!
  • exminiexmini Posts: 1
    My 2006 Kia Sedona Goodyear Energy tires are about gone at 25,000 miles. They have been horrible for road noise. Does anyone have any suggestion on a good tire with very low road noise and a very smooth ride??? Im willing to pay top dollar.
  • jimmyy43jimmyy43 Posts: 8
    I also have a 2006 Sedona with Michelin Energy LX4 tires. This is a 40,000 mile tire and I have 28,000 miles on them. They may make it to 40,000 but LOTS of road noise! I am going to our tire dealer this week and we are going to drive and try to determine if the noise is in fact because of the tires or if it is just a fault of the van due to poor design or insulation. If you are having the same problem with Goodyears then it makes me wonder if the van might be the problem. Also I have been looking on web sites like Tire Rack and am finding few tires that are the size I need. 235/60/R17 that have a good rating or review. If you or someone else comes up with a suggestion for a quiet tire or are suspect of the van I would sure like to know. So far I am very pleased with the Sedona EX except the road noise.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I just put a long post up on the Entourage wheel and tires thread but here is the basics on the wheel specs.

    The bolt pattern is 6x5.5"
    the offset is high (about +40mm stock)
    the center bore is a little less then 3 3/4 inch (or 95.3mm)

    Basically it's unique to our vans but some aftermarket wheels will fit, and some GM wheels can be made to fit by having the center bore machined. I have yet to find a Toyota, or Nissan wheel with enough positive offset, most are only +20mm.
  • davepathdavepath Posts: 6
    True, the tires are undersized, but always follow the tire PSI and not the car. Same is true with Ford and Firestone deal.

    The tire company knows the tire better than the auto manufacturer, so follow the tire.
  • I'm probably to late but hope this info helps. I have a 2006 Sedona Ex that takes 235/60/17 tires with a 102T rating. That size if hard to find although there are about 6 on but not all of them are 102T rated. After calling Goodyear I found out that their Goodyear Comfortred comes in this size and is 102T rated. Just put them on my van and only have 600 miles on them. Went on a 450 mile jaunt and they are more quiet and produce a better ride than the Michelin Energy LX4 that were on there before. Tire Rack doesn,t list this size yet but you could call and see if they have it if not a dealer could get them. Also a couple of the Kumo tires come in that size and rating, I think.
  • pl411pl411 Posts: 6
    I just put Continental ContiProContact tires on my 2006 Sedona EX. $535 installed ($610 - $75 mail-in rebate), including TPMS rebuild, road hazard, free rotations, etc. They are 102T rated. The Continentals have an 80,000 mile treadwear warranty.
  • tbwatertbwater Posts: 4
    Hersbird, I have read your post about the Hyundai and Kia Minivans and I'm convinced that you've got a wealth of knowledge now about wheel and tire sizes. May I send you a couple of questions off line about something I'm trying to do to a 2006 EX?


  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    If you'll post your questions in the discussion, everyone will be able to benefit from the give and take.


    Steve, visiting host
  • tbwatertbwater Posts: 4
    I have some comments on the 2006 Kia Sedona and will welcome feedback or critique on them.

    The Sedona is a "bargain buy" for all who are considering an Asian-built minivan (e.g. Toyota, Honda, etc) with one exception. I believe the suspension is not as firm as it could be and am considering some changes to match the integrity of the Toyota or Honda.

    Proposed Changes:
    - Installation of an Adjustable Air Shock system
    - Installation of the largest tire possible on the stock EX-rim 245x60x17

    Even at a total expense of $1,500, that kind of investment in my Kia-Sedona-EX will raise my total stake to $16k. Query, does anyone have additional context about the suspension that might dissuade me from making these changes.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    The sienna has a softer suspension then the Sedona. This in my experience that from the reviews of CS and other articles. The Ody has the most firm out of them all. Adding a larger tire is not going to harden the suspension it will just make the ride feel a little harder due to less flex in the tire. If anything I would invest in performance struts / shocks and maybe sway bar / strut bar.
  • tbwatertbwater Posts: 4
    Thanks Lavrishevo...

    So, would you recommend all of the following?

    1) Performance struts/shocks
    2) Sway bar/Strut bar
    3) Adjustable Air Shocks

    Or, just the first two of the three...

    Thanks for your feedback.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Sway bar / Strut bar is for cornering - anti leaning.

    I would only do bags in the rear if your planning on putting a ton of weight in the van, it is really what they are made for.

    Otherwise, high performance shocks and / or struts should be good. You could do springs but unless you going to take the minivan to the track I honestly think springs is a little much.

    Don't forget, if you go to a 17" rim, although better traction, your tire wear increases significantly.
  • marriedmanwmarriedmanw Roanoke VAPosts: 11
    Well, it's time for the third set of tires for my 02 Sedona. :sick: Just trying to get an idea of what everyone is running on there Sedonas? I've been running the Goodyear Allegra that have lasted about 40K, but the inside of the tire is premature worn due to alignment issues. I'm debating between the Yokohama Avid and Dunlop Signature. The Yokohama is a 97T with max load of 1653, and the Dunlop is a 98T with max load of 1653.
    The Goodyears rode nice when new, but quickly turned into harsh ride and the sidewall is very soft. Both the Yokohama and Dunlop seem to have a stiffer side wall according to the description.
    I'd appreciate any comments on these tires, or suggestion for tires. :shades:

  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I have almost 25,000 on my 06 and am looking forward to replacing the tires. I probably have 1/6th of the tread left on the factory set. Not sure exactly what I am going to go with but check out this site and look at the customer reviews for the tires as they can be very helpful. Goodyear Assurance Comfortred seems to have good ratings as well.

    Go to, put in your year/make/model and then select best sellers and customer reviews.
  • heavvy69heavvy69 Posts: 1

    Does anyone know what the rim size and bolt pattern is for a 2007 Sedona EX? My tire size is 235/60/R17.

  • mpvdadmpvdad Posts: 3
    How are the tires working out? and how many miles on them now, I have a 06 and need to get new tire in the next few months, thanks
  • I purchased Michelin Weatherwise at Sears, so far they have 25,000 miles on them, tread looks good. They are 97T speed rated tires, I had a hard time finding a 98H tire in 215/70/15.
    Van has 65,000 miles, the stock Hankook were crap, 1 blew out, and the other had sidewall cracking...
  • So, I needed tires on my 2006, just under 30k, although I liked the Michelin's I could not justify $800.00 for a set. After much investigation I found the best deal was to go with the Hankook Optimo 727 series that are ranked in the 2009 consumer reports buyers guide for Z rated all season tires as number 2 just under Michelin. The awesome thing is pep boys had the deal with the 4th tire free. So all said and done 4 tires with 700 rating tread-wear and 100k prorated warranty for under $400.00 The only slight mod is tire size is slightly different from stock. Instead of 225/70/16 it is 235/65/16 great tires and tread life and slightly more rubber on the ground, which is a good thing.
  • We have a 2006 Kia Sedona and we need to raise the back end because we added a trailer hitch. We can not find any one who sells Adjustable Air Shocks for this car. Do you have any recommendations?
  • tbwatertbwater Posts: 4

    I have the 2006 Sedona EX and have a very good solution for you. After studying several options, excluding heavy duty shocks (because Kia is the sole source of their struts and shocks), I found a product that truckers use to stabilize the back of their trucks for pulling trailers. It is called the Timbren SES

    Copy and paste this website to get a sense of it link title

    I had a local Midas dealer order and install them for me. The Midas guy ripped me off on labor charges, but since he had helped me find this solution, I didn't get too agitated.

    The timbren application essentially buffers the car, preventing it from sagging below a certain height. When I first got the install, I noticed a significant improvement in the overall stability of the vehicle and that bore out on the highways as well. Now, if I could only find heavy duty shocks for that thing, I think I'd be over any angst about getting a 4x4, for stability sake.

    Best of luck
  • Thanks for your help!
  • @lavrishevo: How are the Hankook Optimo H727 tires after two more years? Is the 235/65R16 tire diameter close enough to the 225/70R16 size? Thanks.
  • tonys88tonys88 Posts: 1
    Needing to replace suspension, but not sure if my Sedona has only shocks or shocks/struts combo. Can anybody advise? Much thanks!
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