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What cars were you considering before a Sonata?

flc2006flc2006 Member Posts: 81
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
My first two choices were the scion Tc Spec package and the Honda Fit both were very reasonably priced the problem i had the scion Tc spec package curtain airbags were not even a option yet alone standard equipment but atleast it had standard ABS with EBD plus the monthly payment was around the same im paying sonata about 50-70 per month less than the sonata, the issue with the fit is that it cost 17,000 for the top of the line model i could not justify paying 17,000 for a subcompact in my opinion the base model is the best value, even though gas prices are high, the Sonata made more sense than both of these vehicles because im a man that weighs over 200lbs, i would not look good in a fit or scion Tc.


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    oinktrntoinktrnt Member Posts: 22
    1-Honda Accord: It might be superior in some ways to the Sonata, but as I was going from a Focus to a midsized car was disappointed with the rough ride. Could feel every bump and was not very quiet as well. I think the engine (4 cylinder) was more lively. I would not have bought the car there as they had the price hiked up to 23k for a 2-door!
    2-Toyota Camry: Frankly it didn't seem very much different from the Sonata. It would cost around $2500 more to be equipped the same as the Sonata. The Camry had more legroom in the back due to its 2" longer wheelbase.
    The only other advantage to the above pair is their fluorescent instrument displays. I thought these were better than the Sonata’s 'normal' and not very contrasty one. Cars I did consider but not drive: Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima.
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    vjyvjy Member Posts: 27
    I considered Accord, Camry, Altima and also SUVs like Santa Fe and CRV, but finally settled for Sonata. Sonata's drive was good and it has the best warranty and also the price was less. I got GLS with premium sports package for less tha the amount with a basic LX model and LE models.

    The main option I saw was the safety features were high in Sonata than the others.
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    rick2456rick2456 Member Posts: 320
    I was considering the Camry, but after test driving, etc. I found that I could get a better vehicle (v6 vs 4cy), better warrany, for less money. So I did and I don't regret it.
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    effect18effect18 Member Posts: 41
    I was looking into an 07 Camry SE w/ the sunroof package. One thing that concerned me was all the negative reviews from consumers concerning the tranny issues. That had me terrified simply because I needed to trade in an 02 Taurus that caused me hella problems, and the reason for getting a new car was to not have to run back and forth to the shop. The other thing that was a deal breaker was the fact that Toyota wouldnt give me a fair trade in price on my Taurus. They would only give me 2500, and Hyundai offered me 4500. I owed 5300 so I had to go with Hyundai. The 5/60000 was the peace of mind I needed to feel comfortable with my decision. I ended up with a 07Platinum Edition(yea I feel kinda special since I have yet to see another Platinum edition on the road), and paid the same price I would have for the Camry. I got my wife to buy an 07 Elantra... and if all goes well with my Sonata, i'll be campaigning to the rest of my family to make the switch to Hyundai. Great cars for great prices! You cant beat it~!
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    vabearvabear Member Posts: 18
    My other choices were a Saturn AURA XR and a Pontiac G6 GT. I had a G6 GT as a rental for 30 days and it ran well, drawbacks were a four speed automatic and the rear seat head rests blocked my rear vision (sales rep said "take them out when you drive". The Saturn's looks in real life just turned me off. I bought a Sonata Limited and have never looked back, in fact it is even better that the 1989 Sonata GLS I once owned (go figure0.
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