07 Denali paint chipping

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#552 of 552 07 Denali paint chipping by wkav Apr 18, 2007 (6:56 am)
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I have had my red Denali for 3 weeks now. I have only 2000 miles on it and the paint is now chipping off. I have 8 areas on the vehicle...one on the hood (which I can understand), 3 on the driver quarter panel, 2 on the driver quarter panel and 2 on the rear driver quarter panel. There is also evidence of dirt UNDER the paint. I am assuming this will be chipping off too! We have went to the dealer and also contacted GM service dept. They suggest we go back to the dealer and let them break the factory paint and have a new paint job! The dealer noted to us that the dealership paint is not baked on like the factory and wouldn't suggest it. GM informed us that once the car leaves the factory it is no longer their problem!!!! I have had over 12 different GM vehicles and never had a paint problem.
Has anyone else had paint issues with their Yukon?
Thanks! wkav


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    When you say quarter panels do you mean low and directly behind the tires? Reason I ask is I noticed this when we got our Sub. I noticed the body on the 07s curves inward much more than the previous generation leaving it exposed to anything the tires might throw. My remedy was splash guards behind all four wheels and no issues since. As far as the hood, I also installed a bug guard and have had no issues there either. Almost 1 year and 11K miles.
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    Thank you for your response...well that makes sense..our chips aren't directly behind the wheel wells but are within a radius of them. Poor design, but I don't think that will make my other half any happier! Thanks again and we might be picking up a set of splash/bug guards too! Other than this paint issue we love the vehicle.
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    Same as '4burb', I had installed splash guards all around soon after I had my 07 Denali. There are a lot of choices out there aside from the OEM splash guards (personally I think they are a bit costly), the ones that I have are by Husky (URL Below as FYI). They fit quite nicely, only had to enlarge one of the lower mounting hole on each of the rear guards to use the existing plastic anchors.

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    after posting this, a client of mine who is in the auto paint industry came over to take a look at my chipping. He noticed that I have many places on the Yukon where you can see dirt under the paint. He said eventually the paint will chip off there too. My Yukon was made at the Janesville plant in WI. If you look closely, :cry: my truck looks like it has some kind of Braille writing...maybe it spells.."bad paint job"
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    Has anyone installed the factory mud guards on a '07 Denali? I've read that the factory Denali mud guards are painted to match the body paint but I'm wondering if they hang down alot and what they look like when they are installed. I don't want to make the truck look like crap but I do want to look for a way to stop the paint chipping off of the quarter panels.
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    I purchased my mud guards from Husky:
    I installed them my self, very easy and a very good fit in my opinion. I will be happy to post my Denali's picture with them mud guards installed, but I am not sure how to do that here, or send it to you via e-mail.

    As far as the 3M clear shield, my next door neighbor has one installed on their M35 hood, he said it was cool until a rock had scratched it pretty deep and caused it to bubble... He removed it after had it on for about a year...
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    I have 07 Denali in Stealth Gray Metallic and bought the OEM rear mud flaps in Stealth Gray Metallic and they look great. I know what you mean by "hanging too low" but I dont think these do and they blend in nicely. I think black would stick out and not look too good. They definitely stop rock chips on the rear lower panel. Thats why I bought the OEM running boards instead of the power assist steps that offer no lower body protection.
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    Thanks brewboy. I have the same colour 07 Denali XL so I was thinking of checking out the OEM mud guards especially since they are colour matched to the paint and like you said won't stick out so much like black ones might. I was thinking of putting on both front and rear to stop the panels from getting all chipped but I really want to see what they look like installed before I go ahead and put them on. The truck looks sooo nice I don't want to take away from the looks of it. It's my first truck and I absolutely love the thing.
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    I just had the invisible bra installed on my vehicle, being that it was black, the installer did a great job and my understanding is, big rocks will make a chip, however, this product is more for smaller rocks which often fly in the freeway. I am happy with the installation, however, my vehicle has only had it for 3 weeks. I was informed it will not or should not produce a 2 tone on the paint and if I have any issues I may contact him anytime. He has provided me with good customer service and still continues since I continue to email him with care of the vehicle during the first few weeks on installation. Hope I was able to give you some feedback. Best of luck.. :)
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    I just installed oem mud guards on my Black 07 Denali and they look great. I purchased them from gmaccessoriesstore.com. They said the front guards would not work with power running boards, I tried them anyway and they fit perfect. If you have power running boards they are very easy to adjust front or back. I have the U41 Black and the mud guards color match. I think all colors are available. jetboy1
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