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Toyota Sequoia Gauges and Sensors

jromerojromero Posts: 1
I have a 2003 Sequoia with 62,000 miles. I filled the gas tank to full, but the next day, the gas indicator shows that the Sequoia needs more gas with the needle buried on "E," when I know it has a full tank of gas. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it. I'm suspecting it is a fuel level sensor problem.


  • pqzhenpqzhen Posts: 1
    I have 04 SR5 model, and couple weeks ago started to have the same problem (happend two times continously so far), but after I drove about 30 or 40 miles, the indicator gradually returned back to the normal level.
  • lait2000lait2000 Posts: 33
    Both of you have same problem I had on my 2003 Seq. before.This is a sensor defective. Bring your TOY in to the dealer. They will replace the sensor for free. There are some early posts in this forum related to this problem and the oil pressure indicator at zero during high speed.
    Good luck
  • liameenliameen Posts: 16
    Our 2001 Sequoia Limited has been cutting out and the check engine light is on. My wife said the light came on when the rear wheels skidded.The mechanic said he got a code P0505 on his diagnostic. He replaced the throttle control sensor and other parts but has not been able to solve the problem. I have been ripped off by the dealer in the past and I am VERY slow to go back, especially when they will see that another shop tried to fix it. I think they will just replace everything and blame the other shop.
  • what did you find out? i have 2001 sequoia with this same issue... dealer stated $1300 for throttle body assembly. 2001 cannot just replace sensor must replace entire assembly... I was floored with the price quote... i walked out... i have been reading the manual and it states a scan tool is necessary to read the opening percentage of the throttle plan to adjust the TP sensor.... any thoughts???? what estimates have you obtained?? Thanks for your responses
  • liameenliameen Posts: 16
    I'm at the same stage as you. I was told that a throttle body assembly would cost $1036 + labor. My mechanic is not 100% sure if this is the answer.There is no return on this part, so I have not yet decided whether I should go ahead. He has replaced the throttle sensor, and tried some other parts without success. He even got a used central computer module to see if it was the computer.
    I know that the first (2001) Sequoias had a different system than later models. I think that Toyota knows that the early system was problematic.When our car was 1 yr old with 16000 miles this problem appeared. I thought that it would be a warranty job so I went to the dealer. The service manager told me that the brakes were worn and that was my problem! He told me that it would cost $825. I argued how could it be the brakes with that mileage? I got him down to $325 and told him to go ahead. They fixed the problem, and the check engine/vsc light went out. However, my mechanic tells me that the dealer replaced the computer module as
    well as the brakes at that time, but they did not tell me that they replaced the computer. My mechanic says the date is on it. He did not know about this visit to the dealer until I told him. What probably happened was that the dealer was double dipping, ie.- he got me for the $325 and he got Toyota for the price of the computer(warranty). This car has not lived up to our expectations and the dealer service dept are not to be trusted. So much for Toyota. I'm going back to GM. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I have to decide whether I want to take a chance with the new Throttle body for $1036 or try to get rid of the car. Good luck with yours. Let me know.
  • As of yesterday, my fuel/cutting out problem has been resolved by fitting the complete throttle body assembly. There are a few seperate working parts on this assembly including the throttle position sensor, idle speed control valve the throttle housing itself, etc, which can be bought seperately, yet the dealer sells this assembly complete. I don't know why this is the case but they must have a reason. My mechanic tried some of these parts sperately but to no avail. In any case, replacing the entire assembly seems to have cured our car. (Fingers crossed). I agree with you that this is an expensive part (or collection of parts if you like) to have to buy, buy it seems this is what you have to do. I would like to know myself why individual parts in this assembly cannot be replaced to rectify a problem within the assembly, and why the dealer sells this assembly complete and already put together.
  • jthaojthao Posts: 1
    today my 2003 Toyota Seqouia is acting funny. I don't know what is wrong. Recently got my car vandalized and they stole both my catalytic converters and cut through two exhaust sensors. This morning I wasn't able to lock my car with my key and when I try manually lock (using my power lock) it didn't work either. I had to start my engine to have both key and power lock work again. After I start my car then I can continue to use the key or use the power lock on my driver door. I called the car shop that worked on my car and they said the repairs they made had nothing to do with those issues. The sensors were for carbon monoxide. please help me..
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