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2003 RDV CX Model / turn off it auto lights???

spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239
edited March 2014 in Buick
Bought a new (new to me) 2003 RDV FWD CX Model 4 weeks ago and it runs great. It's the basic model (re: no Advanced Insturment panel, no GPS, no roof rack, etc. etc.) but it does have auto locks, power windows and auto "when dark outside" lights and front fog lights.

I "tried" to read its manual several times and its subjects bounce all over the place. Too small of print and too much jumping around to different pages for my liking.

My question is... How do I disable the auto front lights when I exit my vehicle in the dark?? I don't mind its interior light but its auto front driving lights shine directly into our bay window - where my wife is. When I turn its ignition key OFF, I would like its front (and external running lights) to turn off as well. Back to the basics of how a normal vehicle should behave. LOL!!!!

In simple bullets, how do I disable this "auto front lights on exit" feature on my 2003 RDV CX "basic unit"?

Many thanks.


  • intrepidcubintrepidcub Member Posts: 60
    do you have the DIC? the display that shows the temp and fuel milage etc if you do with the ignition on and in park scroll through the menu to the personlization and follow the directions choose driver etc. and the setting is in there
  • spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239
    Do I have a DIC in this 2003 model? I don't think I do. (???) Perhaps that's why I'm so confused (frustrated) when reading their factory manual on how to turn this feature OFF. Of course my need for glasses to read fine print doesn't help either.

    To view what the dash in my 2003 RDV CX looks like, surf:


    Select dash picture in its top right corner of its photo blocks. Once selected, you can zoom in/out or pan around the dash area. This is exactly what my 2003 RDV dash looks like.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239
    OK - I found what the DIC is suppose to look like. NOPE - my 2003 RDV does NOT have this feature. Which is probably a great thing because I hate gadgets. Especially too many electronic gadgets.

    In the manual, I found the programming on its page 2-46 and it goes to page 2-51. This section is for programming a RDV without a DIC.

    Every time I read that section, I feel like David H on that old Night Rider TV Show, who's always playing with the buttons in his KITT car. Sure wish they made things more simpler these days. Perhaps if I ask my 12 year old son to program it, he'll figure it out. After all, he fixes our home computer all the time. Especially when it comes to building Web Pages. Adn he changes both clocks in our vehicles when our Time Zone changes. LOL!!!!

    Wish me (wish us) luck re-programming "without a DIC system"!!!! Sure wish they made things simpler these days...

  • intrepidcubintrepidcub Member Posts: 60
    The DIC is awesome though tell you your fuel milage, compass, various other messages, you can program your door locks, headlights, mirror tilt, etc. its alot easier to reset your oil minder its jsut a few presses of a button. also im sure if you go to a dealer they may do it for no charge its their technology so they should support it and programming that is easy thing for them sinc ethey know how/
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