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New Acura TL vs Used Lexus GS

dmeetridmeetri Posts: 17
i am thinking of buying a new 07 Acura TL but keep getting tempted by the idea that the best deal is to buy a slightly used car rather than a brand new car as the car depreciates as soon as you drive off the showroom.

Therefore, I like to ask you for that what would you pick and WHY? - 07 Acura TL or a slightly used (less than 20,000 miles, 06 Lexus GS)?


  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    They're 2 completely different cars, so the only person who can answer this is you.
    What do you want in your car, and which do you like better?
  • dmeetridmeetri Posts: 17
    Well, I like the Acura TL but you know GS is a more luxurious car than TL. It has more bells and whistle. My wife just wants me to stick to TL, buy it and get it over with. She thinks that getting into a used car is a headache. So, I just want to know if everyone else feels that way and would buy a new ACURA TL instead of a used Lexus GS.
    To summarize, you are getting a bigger car for your money if you get a GS for around 35,000, where as in TL you are getting a car which is worth its price (no doubt) but still it’s a smaller car than the GS.
  • I'm actually weighing the exact same choice, but I might try to weight it out for the next gen TSX or A4. But if I had to choose now, I'd go with the used GS. You'll probably have to sacrifice the nav and bluetooth for the same price. Otherwise, the all wheel drive and nicer interior make the GS300 the better car IMO. Great size, speed and road feel. In the past 6 months I've driven almost everything out there in the ELLPS and if I had to choose today I'd go with the A4, but only because of the fuel economy. Otherwise, the used GS can't be beat.
  • dmeetridmeetri Posts: 17
    hmm, give up nav. and bluetooth.....well, i think you helped me made my decision......i was actually just browsing on the specs. on GS and you are absolutely right that with options it runs into 40s, therefore i would just stick to a new TL which is a good car....
  • dmeetridmeetri Posts: 17
    Snakendafield - In the past 6 months I've driven almost everything out there in the ELLPS

    although i will be buying next month, i am always hesitant to go for a test drive, thinking that they would start running my credit, which in turn will bring my credit score down for the actual purchase....

    Snakendafield - How do you approach the dealer when going for a test drive ????
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I drove the Lexus IS and Acura MDX last Spring.
    (I know... 2 completely different cars, but the IS was for me while the MDX was for the wife)
    Both dealerships asked for nothing more than a copy of my license, no credit check was done.
    This Spring, I've driven the IS again, the Acura TL, and the Infiniti G35.... and again, all dealers asked for nothing more than a copy of my license.
    Credit checks were only done once I decided on which was best for me and I was ready to purchase.

    Send an email into the dealership where you wish to test the car. They will set an appointment up for you.
    I personally think this is the best approach, and they set time aside for you, and you're not waiting in a corner like when you just walk in some Saturday afternoon.

    My first visit to Lexus was unannounced on a Sunday afternoon and I waited 45 minutes for some under-educated [non-permissible content removed] of a salesman.
    Only after I went home and emailed the Internet Sales Manager was I offered a test drive, and an apology.

    I sent an email into my Infiniti dealer and they made an appointment for me.... and I had 2 hours with the salesman, and a 45 minute test drive. (and no credit check was performed)
    I was very clear up front that I was only testing and that other models were also being considered.
    They knew I was not buying that day, and still treated me to a fantastic test drive and a wonderful visit to their dealership.

    Don't be shy.
    You're the customer and test drives are just part of the car research/purchase process.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Dealers will only run your credit if you give them (your permission) and your social security number. Test drives only require a copy of your drivers license.
  • dmeetridmeetri Posts: 17
    thanks alot , this gives me some comfort....i had just heard these horror stories......anyways, i will try to test drive TL and TL-S ......and see what the difference is....
  • hausshauss Posts: 169
    dmeetri, one other thing to consider is that while on paper the GS300 appears much larger it really is not. I have an '06 TL and just leased an '07 GS350 for my fiance. They're both nearly identical in size. The GS is slightly larger upfront but smaller in the rear and while the GS has a larger trunk the opening is smaller than the TL and makes it less user friendly. And like scottm123 said, they are two different vehicles and you have to decide which one you prefer.
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Posts: 151
    Do you notice any significant difference in acceleration between the two cars.I have seen where people are saying that their V6 Honda feels faster than the GS350.I am on the side line right now waiting to purchase the GS but I just have a feeling the next generation TL is going to be something phenomenon.
  • Do you notice any significant difference in acceleration between the two cars.I have seen where people are saying that their V6 Honda feels faster than the GS350.

    I noticed the same phenomenon when I went from driving an ES 350 loaner to the GS 350.

    When I first drove the GS 350 I was expecting to be blown away by the extra 30 HP and was surprised that it didn't have that same sensation of power as the ES 350.

    Although I can't speak about the TL I can say that the ES 350 and the TL do have one thing in common: they're both front wheel drive vehicles.

    The torque steer on the ES 350 isn't really an issue per see but everytime I took from the light you can really hear the tires squeak if go full throttle.

    Also the power delivery feels spontaneous and if I had a clear light I could be at the next stop light by the time most people where at the intersection.

    It could also be a gearing issue as well the GS 350 doesn't seem to have the same power off the line.

    However once you do get going there certainly is potential to get into trouble in the GS 350.

    I think the mid band power delivery is smoother in the GS 350 than the ES 350.

    But there is an amazing thrill with ES 350 because you can get so much power so quickly , at least compared to my old car (IS 300).

    People say that the ES 350 is a glorified Camry and maybe it is but its still a very quick car off the line. Then again people would probably say the same thing about the TL. In fact I don't think most people would push an ES or even the sportier TL near its limits.

    Sure the GS 350 is better at true high speed driving at 80+ mph but the ES 350 won't let you down either and has remarkable composure at high speeds 80-90 mph in sweepers.
    But then again I image the TL would ultimately prove to be a sportier can in absolute terms.

    The GS 350 being a RWD car and sporting larger and softer tires has some incredible performance. Aside from the small tight corners the limits on the GS 350 are noticably higher than the ES 350 but those limits are so high that you really have to be interested in going outragously fast before they become an issue.

    If you really enjoy driving fast on sweeping roads and corners all the time I think the GS would suffer from less tire wear than either the TL or ES 350. However we are really talking about some very high speeds or windy roads or sweeping curves that most people will never have the courage to test.

    True you didn't ask about the ES 350 but I feel for the vast majority of drivers its really a more appropriate car thsm the GS 350. Its bigger has a roomier interior and has a wonderful sensation of immediate power.

    Although I haven't driven the TL I can tell you that ES 350 has more than enough performance for most people and its limits are both fairly high and readily accessible. Despite my experience in the IS 300 I feel like I'm still coming to grips with the GS 350 , yes its a fast car, but the limits are so high that it really does take time to get a feel for the GS 350. Also the GS 350 is not as forgiving as the ES 350,especially when you want to apply alot of power very suddenly during a turn at lower speeds. Lol its probably just a bad habit that I developed in my IS-300 and previous experience with FWD vehicles. However on high speed corners the GS 350 is truly composed and fairly forgiving.

    Although I can't be sure I would imagine that TL would probably be a better vehicle for tight corners.
  • hausshauss Posts: 169
    To be honest the GS350 is the primary vehicle for my fiance and not myself. My test driving of it was limited to one late hour test drive with the salesperson in the car and I didn't get to hop on it a whole bunch to see what it was capable of. Our car right now has only 600 miles on it and I'm patiently waiting for it to get through the break in period so I can take her for a real spin. Now, in one test drive without a salesperson in it I asked my fiance to stomp on it a few times. She's a bit more of a timid driver but when she did I could feel the car pulling but not as much as I would in my TL. I'm not sure if that's a result of how much she stomped on it or the GS's setup. Overall, I think that the GS is more refined and built to have a smoother ride. That being the case it's going to isolate the driver more from the road and you'll feel things less than in another firmer car. But I'm confident that it is a quicker car than the TL (auto base version only) because of the number Lexus states for it. An '04 - '06 TL with a manual or an '07 TL-S would be equally as quick if not quicker.

    As for which vehicle to get that's a personal choice. If you like a sportier firmer ride then get a used '04-'06 TL (base '07 TL is more compliant - models with 6MT are even sportier) or even an '07 TL-S. If you like a refined, ultra quiet, smooth ride get the GS350. IMO, both cars are stunners to look at with the TL being sportier and the GS being more luxurious. The current rumor is that the 4th gen TL won't be out until fall of '08 as an '09 MY. That 17-18 month wait might be more than you're willing to hold out.
  • To be honest the GS350 is the primary vehicle for my fiance and not myself.

    If that's the case then I would probably opt for a TL or Lexus ES 350, with an emphasis on the E 350 since it has lots of space so a woman can carry her things and friends around.

    When I bought my Lexus IS 300 my sister got a one too, it was the wrong vehicle for her.

    She doesn't enjoy driving fast so she was never able to use it her advantage. Being a hard braker she burned through her brakes faster than I burned through mine and sometimes upset the car.

    She also hates the soft compounds that her IS 300 uses because she has to replace the tires more frequently.

    Also rear wheel drive vehicles can be very unforgiving in low traction conditions and during improper application of the brakes or throttle. It takes more attention to properly operate a RWD vehicle and more things can go wrong if the driver isn't up to par.

    Although I haven't driven the TL I would imagine that its probably lower and has a harsher ride than the ES 350. Sure you or I can appreciate that but I seriously doubt that most women would.

    But the TL is probably smaller so its probably easier for most women to manuver around tight spaces in traffic or parking structures. I feel that most women just don't have the same level visual perception that men do in tight spaces.

    Women though can be very silly. My sister passed up an oppurtunity to get an ES 300 even though it was by far a better car for her because the car didn't look "nice". My friend's wife wants a G35 because it looks cool, even though I think her safety would probably be compromised in a sport RWD high powered platform.

    Get her something that won't bite back and can carry her stuff and friends in style. That's my advice. What she wants and needs in a car is very different from what you want.

    Me personally I am happy with my GS 350 but if I had a fiance I certainly would be wary about getting her one because it can bite back hard in the wrong hands.
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Posts: 151
    I had the previous generation Type S- got rid of it back in September 2006.The current generation TL does not interest me not even the S model.I am stepping up to a different class (upgrade) but I am skeptical about the new generation TL.I might have buyers remorse if I pull the plug on the GS, the new TL might be a killer.I am in no rush, currently in our household, we have a 04 Accord and 94 Camry getting us around.
  • hausshauss Posts: 169
    Thanks for the concern but we had already gotten the vehicle for her when I made that post and we are confident it was the right choice for her. For one, I already have a TL and we didn't want two of those in our household. For another she wanted something that was geared more toward luxury than sport. We tested every car in the GS350s class and we both determined it to be the best vehicle for us.

    As for which vehicle is easier to manuever in tight spaces that would be the GS easily. It's RWD layout gives it a tigher turning radius than the FWD TL. Also, these vehicles are in the same size class (Mid) and are virtually indentical in size externally and internally. The GS350 is 190" long and the TL is 189.3" long. Inside the GS has more front seat space, a smaller back seat, and less headroom than the TL.

    IMO, the TL and GS350 are not really comparable as they are designed for different purposes.
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    TL is wrong wheel drive vs the GS which is right wheel drive.{RWD} I won't own another FWD car.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You might think differently if you live in the snowbelt. But in any case, the AWD option in the new TL resolves the "wrong wheel drive" issue. But of course, they've now made it in the "wrong size". :mad:
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    I'd take AWD over FWD in any weather.
  • "Sure you or I can appreciate that but I seriously doubt that most women would.".... are you serious?

    This and other similarly ignorant comments in your post should give anyone reading it pause. Normally, I would not bother to take time to reply, but it was too atrocious to allow to go unchecked.

    I owned a Lexus GS300 and loved it. Women are not inherently worse drivers than men. Folks, do your research but be mindful of who you "follow".
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    It's doubtful that the member will ever see your comments, as the post you responded to is nearly 5 years old and the member has not been back since around then... just FYI.


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