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Blazer/Jimmy Steering and Suspension Problems

97jimmyco97jimmyco Posts: 5
So I didn't realize that I had to extract the steering knuckle to replace the lower ball joint... I already disconnected the tie rod end, removed the caliper and rotor, removed the upper ball joint, freed the lower(but it won't come out until the axle is out of the way. I have removed the 36mm hub nut, and the three 18mm back nuts, but the whole thing is free-floating. Is this all I have to do to remove the hub assy? Should I just put a big gear puller on and push on the spindle while pulling on the hub?


  • I have a 97 Gmc jimmy that looking at the rear bumper seems to be lower on the left hand side. Vehicle has new tires brand new shocks all the way around and cab mounts seem to be okay. Also I dont see anything wrong with the rear springs.
    I also adjusted up the torsion bar on the left side by three turns which made a minimal difference. Im trying to resolve this so that I can set check the ride height and get this vehicle aligned. I work in an independent shop and see a lot of blazers and jimmys but have never come across this problem.

    Also when I hit the brakes I hear a loud groan under the front of the vehicle. The front end is tight I was wondering if its possibly the front sway bar bushings creaking.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Alignment shop should find why for you - probably a bad bushing or you torqued the torsion bars unevenly and if a 2dr the spare inside. Front end noise on 4wds could be the lower ball joints or steering linkage - or the sway bar bushings in the frame mount brackets - or a whole list of things.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Yes, a large 6" 2 jaw puller works best or a block of wood and a 3lb hammer is the backup. Then I usually pop the top ball joint off with a pickle fork and do the lower when the knuckle is off. Unbolt the ABS line also.
  • Thanks! not quite sure how you would use the wood and hammer without offsetting the hub and jamming it, but the jaw puller eventually worked. Its amazing what having the right tools for the job does.
  • copydoccopydoc Posts: 1
    My 2001 Jimmy has 84,000
    I have new OEM shocks all around and New tires. My problem is that the vehichle rocks back and forth either by the wind or any small or large bumps,rocks, holes ect. Front end alignment seems to be a tiny bit off. Does anyone have this problem or ever had this problem? Oh it is a 2wd 4 door. Thanks
  • My father just bought a 2000 Jimmy. It seems to be in good order but, I noticed the body kinda wobbles when the steering wheel is turned. It doesn't feel safe, kinda like you are gonna roll over. I figure that the suspention needs a little tlc. Seeing how I'm the one thats gonna be doing the work on it, I should know a little about it. I do know it has a rack and pinion style front suspention. I haven't seen this on a 4x4. Is there still a tracbar? Antisway bar? Shocks and coil springs or struts? Any info anyone is willing to send would be a plus. I can't get underneath the truck for a couple of days, so having an idea about what i'm gonna be looking at when i do would be awsome. Thanks.
  • Does anyone know what might be causing loud squeaking sound during steering or going over bumps, especially at the front of the car?
  • It most likely has somthing to do with your Torsion bars. Either over/under torqued or a bad mount.
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