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Grand Cherokee CRD diesel



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    winter2winter2 Member Posts: 1,801
    I own a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD and put a K&N air filter on it at about 17K miles. The first thing I noticed was a significant decrease in turbo lag. Fuel economy did not change and the filter needed to be cleaned yearly.
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    10speeddiesel10speeddiesel Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    I have a 2007 Jeep grand cherokee diesel, 49.000 miles. The chrysler service center tells me I need to replace the turbo, that it is getting ready to fail. Thay showed me the intake side of the turbo and ask me to put my finger on the end of the shaft and try to move it. I did and the shaft did move slightly. Was told there should be no movement at all. Dont know! Other than that it all looked good. It is a $5,000.00 repair. Should it be replaced, the jeep runs good and no sounds.
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    stefantstefant Member Posts: 1
    Did they find the problem during servicing or was there a problem? What was the result? Do you have any idea why the turbo failed so early. I am considering buying a used CRD and wondering what issues I should be looking for.
    Any help would be appreciated,
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    coolridercoolrider Member Posts: 84
    Well its 2013 and my 07 GC CRD is doing great. Never been to the shop for anything. Everything still works which is saying a lot in Fla and the corrosive salt environment. All the trim still shines along with the paint. Fuel economy has paid for the diesel and then some. Can tow anything on wheels. Much better experience than my Liberty CRD, still miss it though. I was reading about turbo failures and that's scary, mine has no leaks so far. I have maintained its oil carefully with only the prescribed Mobile One Turbo Diesel Oil now at some Walmart thankfully. Never had an all wheel full time system before and have grown to appreciate this great feature in sand and ice/snow as well as wet oily highways. Once left an Escalade 4x4 at the bottom of a long snowy incline, it made me proud of my oil burner Jeep. Wish I had waited for an 08' with the fancier nav system but I will trade that for a trouble free vehicle anytime. Now here comes the 13' GC Diesel again by Fiat. I have never liked Fiat because of the X19 and overall cheap look of older Fiats. If Hyundai and Kia can change then maybe Fiat can too!
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    vermontlanevermontlane Member Posts: 1
    This is the notice I sent to JEEP on Oct 20:
    “Within 2,598 miles the “check engine light” indicated a defective EGR bypass actuator. The part had to be back ordered, arriving one month later, requiring my Jeep an overnight stay at the dealership. A loaner was provided. In July of this year the Jeep began to exhibit symptoms that “Service Bulletin 09-006-15 ENGINE” describes. It seems some owners are subject to an intermittent “rumble strip” vibration emanating from the engine. I have now been waiting since July for the dealership to receive the parts necessary for repair. Each time I inquire as to what parts are still missing I receive different answers. First it was only head gaskets specific to the 3.0 liter turbo-diesel. Then the back order parts grew in number. I still don’t know what exact parts are still coming. In the meantime I am relegated to only use the car close to home, not feeling comfortable to take longer trips. When the engine parts do arrive I’ll be the owner of a one year old vehicle with less than probably 8,000 miles with a rebuilt engine. A rebuilt is never the same as the original that came with the car from the factory. I have never, ever had problems like this with past new car purchases which enforces my reluctance to purchase another Jeep product. I truly cannot recommend this vehicle to anyone. I should have listened to Consumer Reports when they gave the diesel Grand Cherokee a worst reliability rating”.
    Now I positive this doesn’t happen to every Grand Cherokee since two well known car magazines did long term tests, one on a 2014 Grand Cherokee diesel and the other a 2014 Ram with similar diesel. During the 23,000+ mile tests not one hiccup. Looks like I and some other buyers were the unlucky ones with purchasing lemons.
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