Mitsubishi Lancer Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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I thought it was time to have a Prices Paid & Buying Experience post for the Lancer since there seems to be alot of people out there looking to get one of these 2008's.

I got a two quotes from local dealers and both are about the same. They're quote for a 2008 Lancer GTS CVT (with Sun + Sound Pkg) was $19610.00 plus ttl. I feel that we could get a better price if we bugged them little. Also there is 4.9% Financing for up to 60months on the 08 Lancers. I hope everyone enjoys there Lancers. Later Brian


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    Heya I was told I may wanna crosspost over to here.

    Ok I got my first quote and was wondering if it sounded ok to ya'll or if I could do better?
    They said their invoice price is $16,716.46 and would give it to me $250 more.

    Price: 16966
    Delivery: 699.95
    fl waste tire/battery fee: 8.50
    Tax: 1098.70
    Tag & Reg fee: 200
    Electronic filing: 17
    Title & Doc. handling fee: 198.55
    Total: 19,195.70

    So... whatcha think? I told them I'd call tomorrow morning after I spoke with my parents (I'm doing it all under my name but just making sure they happy with it), so any quick responses would be appreicated. :)
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    Also, they say their invoice was bout 700 more than what TMV says it is. Is that normal?
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    So.. nobody replied but I got great news! Figured out an easier way to understand the pricing, Out the door pricing! So I got the dealership down to 17.9 OTD after I told em that the other internet guy said he could give it to me at 18.5 OTD. Now if I can just get them to find me the dark grey color I want I'll be in heaven...
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    Hello all. I just bought a Gray GTS with sun and sound and tech package with navigation (fully loaded). The manager would not budge from the MSRP.. he stated that the MSRP is only $1000 above what his cost is and he also said this car will sell, so basically no reason to give me anything off. I did get a $500 instant rebate, however, for being a recent college graduate. So I paid $22,615 minus the $500. This was Maywood Mitsubishi on Rt. 17. I could have walked out and tried to come back another time and negotiate but I really have fell in love with the car and they had the exact color I wanted (the Gray)... it was really tough for me to walk away either way. Oh, and by the way he gave me 3.9% APR over 48 months which I thought was pretty good. Any thoughts? Am I really crazy for paying MSRP?!?!
    Illusionz... what trim and options are you talking about? ES? Manual? CVT??
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    Its the ES with auto, base model with nothing else on it. I called up a few Internet sales people and after repeated calling a few times I finally started getting some quotes. Told em I already drove it and working full time doesn't give me time to waste going in and being told a price I won't accept. Yes I think you're crazy but if ya have it go for it, specially if they have exactly what you want, who knows how much longer you would have to haggle if you were looking to get it right away. I'm trying to figure out how to get em to go get the color I want.. they have silver and that umm green/blueish color I don't like, so might do the silver. The 3.9 is the going rate they have with their banks, 4.9 for 60 months is what I'll be doing. Will be a lil over 300/month.
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    Good luck to you. Well I figured it out.. even if they gave me $1000 off the MSRP, over 48 months it would only mean a $20 savings per month, which is really pennies. That's the beauty of financing! Just as a reference, I put $9000 down and it's $348/month. I pick up the car on Sat, but from the test drive, the car drove amazing for something in the class; I think it is a great value even at the $22,615 MSRP!
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    2008 Black Lancer GTS, Sun/Sound and Nav Tech packages.

    Got mine from All Star Mitsubishi of NJ.

    Paid about 1200 under invoice, plus they did well on my trade. 4.9%/5.9% financing too.

    Overall now that it's all said and done I am satisfied. We negotiated a deal and then there was some 'mis-communication', but once the Owner was made aware he worked with me directly (including giving me his personal cell number) to get my business. Nice folks overall at All Star.

    The closest in Class is the Mazda 3 (something we almost bought before going back to the Lancer). But their dealers don't move much from MSRP and ultimatley the Lancer is the better of the two even with less power - and it's thousands cheaper.

    As for Mitsu dealers not budging from MSRP... walk away. There was, and still is, a number of dealers on both coasts charging a premium over MSRP even for the GTS. Don't do it! My dealer showed me their delivery from port papers and I know what they paid and they have plenty of room to get you in under Invoice and still make a pretty penny on it, especially if you are trading and they aren't overly generous.
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    So I ended up going with my first dealer, Longwood Mitsubishi in Florida. I was a bit disappointed that they had all weekend to go find the car I want (gray with sun & sound, ES auto) and didn't get back to me til afternoon on day it was supposed to be here. So I ended up with the red one. I can't really complain too much, still hawtness. :) So here's what I finally ended up with (if I had more time I prolly could have gotten it a bit less).

    Rally Red, ES Auto w/ Sun & Sound package.
    Total came to $19.5k
    Total before fees was $17,724
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    My priorities: Efficient, Affordable, Reliable vehicle.
    Did not need Sun&Sound, Navi or GTS extras. Even color did not matter to me; I think the car looks sharp in any of the colors. The warranty and the restyled look were the major attractions for me.

    I had a '96 Galant, which I loved. Never had a problem with it in 11 years, until I wrecked it last Thursday :(
    I would have driven that baby for another 11 years (it only had 87K on it) :::sniffle:::

    Anyway, I played hardball with the Dealer until they named a price: 16,514. I agreed to that. Then, when we sat down to draw up the details, I pulled my ace-in-the-hole: Customer Loyalty Rebate for another $500 off.

    Final price 16,014.
    + Tax 1,321
    + Reg/Title 150

    I think I did pretty well, considering the sticker price was 18,514 (included $1000 for rust protection and fabric protection and VIN etching)

    Salesgirl did not look very happy when I played the rebate card. But - hey, it's my money and I will scrap and claw to save a few bucks.

    My advice to car shoppers: Bring your own financing and negotiate the price of the vehicle only. The monthly payment is your own business and should not be a part of the negotiation.
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    Here in western NY state...Rochester, Buffalo indications of significant discounting. Those claiming to get $700 or $1200. UNDER invoice have had smoke blown at them. Why? Because they had a TRADE-IN involved! A shell game can be played when your trade gets involved in the negotiation. The $500. owners or college rebate is a stand-alone issue and is straightforward to me.
    Anyone aware of any dealer in western/central NY with serious discounting without a trade in, please contact me! The same also for any dealers in South Florida, Palm Beach County and Broward county too!
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    You're wrong.
    I DID buy the car for $700 under Invoice in ROCHESTER with NO trade-in involved (as I stated in my OP, my old car was wrecked).

    I think my advantages were:
    1. Inexperienced salesperson
    2. Worked the rebate angle only AFTER getting dealer to name a price I could work from.
    3. Brought my own finance deal (paid cash in the eyes of the dealer) The shell game is letting the dealer negotiate from the monthly payment angle.
    4. Did not have my heart set on a specific color or feature set (I was happy to work a deal on an in-stock model)

    Now, it should not be hard to figure out which dealer I went to, because only 1 of the 2 has any '08 Lancers in-stock. Look for the young, inexperienced salesgirl.
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    Wrong. They either don't care to deal with you or you have no clue on how to negotiate.

    I negotiated each SEPERATELY and refused to let them be linked. They pulled out a four-squre sheet and asked for numbers and I gave them ridiculous numbers so that we could get down to the real negotiating.

    I got an initial below invoice price on the car in writing over the internet before ever stepping a foot on the lot, then negotiated it down further (500 car show discount plus more on top - about $1200 under invoice as equipped).

    Then we dickered the trade and I almost walked twice until they got up to a place I was comfortable on the trade based on Edmunds and KBB values for retail/trade/wholesale/private-sale.

    Just refuse to discuss it or better still, if you aren't very good at this, just don't mention it and refuse to discuss it at all. Negotiate your price on the new car first then go at them seperately with the trade. If you can walk in with financing do so, but often dealers can get you better rates than your own bank can if there are any specials (at least a couple of tenths if not quite a bit more).

    NEVER discuss what you can afford or want to pay... NEVER. Leave the payment until the end after you get a price on the car and the trade (again, seperately). Do your research too before going in... know the product, know what it is selling for nationally and regionally, what MSRP and Invoice are, what rebates are available, the dealers rep online and with the BBB, and what the dealer likely has in hold back or seperation between invoice and what he paid (usually found with a pay service or at club websites).

    The dealer is NOT going to give you the car and he want's to make money... so remember these things:

    1) Rebates are paid back to him and are NOT out of pocket. Bring those in LAST.

    2) Dealers need to make money. The higher the volume the dealership the less he will be concerned with making on your deal... but he want's to make money so you can't walk in and say I want car x at y dollars below invoice if that y number equals zero or nearly no profit.

    3). No dicker dealerships will dicker. If they don't, leave.

    4) Visit more than one dealership if possible (harder to do with smaller guys like Mitsu). Yes, play them off. You will only get so low, but a great deal is to be had this way, even if it means more time invested in the negotiation phase.

    5) Walk out if you can't get there or you aren't comfortable; never let them keep your driver's license, don't give them a SSN until you are doing a credit check (though knowing your FICO is a major plus) or application, don't ever...EVER give them a credit card unless you have a deal in writting and it's for money down (And contrary to some moronic folks, do any money down with a credit card if at all possible in case there is a problem or the deal falls through since you most likely have fraud protection and additional services available that a check or debit card will not afford you).

    6) Keep your car and trade negotiations seperate and don't bring in or allow to be brought in trade into the negotiations until you have a price on the car settled. If the dealer refuses, walk away. And be realistic about what your trade is worth... you aren't going to get retail, not even close... but you should at least get auction rate if not a bit more... hopefully a lot more; if you are trading look for dealers who sell lots of used cars as well, they are likely to give you more than the smaller guys who just ship off most to the auction block. And if you owe a lot and can't get what you owe consider private sale or waiting it out; otherwise you will be rolling money into the deal on the negative side (and since a car drops in value soon as you sign, it only gets worse and you are into a negative situation far further than if you just bought the car straight up)...

    7) Don't allow yourself to get sucked into their game... know your limits, don't get overly excited, never name a payment you are looking for. And don't fall into a salesman's use of a four square or 4-T sheet.
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    I live in IL Chicagoland area. Just purchased an 08 Lancer GTS, fully loaded in electric blue for 22,243. Of course the dealership tried to sell it to me for sticker price, which I said there's no way in hell I'm paying.

    I don't believe I got a good deal, I got a fair deal. Included in the 22,243 was door guards, wheel locks, and scuff plates. The financing was 4.9% at 60 months, which I believe there is a special for until 5/31/07. I also had a trade in valued just over 5,100. After the trade in, I also was eligible for the 2 incentives bringing it down another 1,000.

    I just want everyone on here to know that Electric Blue is the most requested color out there. The salesperson flat out LIED TO ME.

    First he said they had 1 Electric Blue GTS at another location. After about 30 minutes of talking to his manager, he comes back and says Mitsubishi is having a problem with the blue paint chipping off and there won't be anymore blue Lancers until July. To top this off, he says that any other dealer would tell me this same exact thing. Next, he offers me a black or red GTS, which I said let me think about it. I pretended like I was on the phone with another dealership and just before I was going to tell him I would wait until July, he magically says they have one.

    Max Madsen Mitsubishi has poor salesmen. This guy spent more time in the manager's office than he did talking to me. It was annoying how they purposely extended the negotiation for no reason. On top of this, they had other salespersons acting as spies to try to hear pieces of conversation I was having with the person I brought with me. Be careful if you negotiate with them. This will probably be my second and LAST Mitsubishi I buy from them.
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    Kooly, your information and experience are much appreciated. Nice to hear from a local person. As your email address is private, I had to write you here.
    There are now only 2 dealers in Rochester. Carlisle Mitsubishi no longer exists, correct? That leaves us Marina and Cortese. I think I know which one. That would be the one closer to Lake Ontario, correct?
    Buffalo dealerships had plenty more in stock. The one off Transit Road is the one I stopped in at recently. Again, no clue as to what they would discount. The other writer in this forum got his for $1200. off factory invoice, which I assume also includes a port fee and advertising fee and financial reserve? These are numbers NEVER MENTIONED with companies like Edmunds or KBB, as they claim those numbers can and do vary regionally, except the port fee?
    Either way, please confirm with me which dealership and name of sales person privately. My email address will be avbl in my profile this weekend thru Monday evening.
    Also...why the Lancer over the new Nissan Sentra? Just curious, I was cross shopping them. Sentra does a bit better with fuel consumption, and is definitely quieter on the inside. Seats were great too, in the Sentra.
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    Also...why the Lancer over the new Nissan Sentra? Just curious, I was cross shopping them. Sentra does a bit better with fuel consumption, and is definitely quieter on the inside. Seats were great too, in the Sentra.

    In my entirely subjective opinion, the Sentra is UGG-LEE. :P

    I also was contemplating the Sentra, but once I saw how well styled the new Lancer looked it was no contest. One thing that really irked me about the Sentra was the elimination of Bluetooth and steering wheel audio controls on the SE-R. Why did Nissan have to decontent their sporty model? Usually when you move up the model ladder more options become available, not less! The only excuse I can come up with is that Nissan thinks the Sentra SL with the standard engine is their top rung model and gets all the gee-whiz gadgets.
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    My dealer paid Destination charges (which includes port fee if I recall, not sure). There are a lot of 'fees' and charges in there that are bogus and pad the dealer profit. You can usually get some or all taken off depending on their holdback margin and rebates. From what a few folks at dealerships who are in regional car clubs have said, assuming they are right, there is over 2800 in holdbacks and other money from invoice (And from what I saw of the dealer invoice sheet which the owner faxed to me during our re-negotiation process, that's about spot on).

    I can't stand it when salesman and sales managers and finance managers play games and drag it out. Honestly, the dealer I was at did a bit of that, along with a four square sheet, and out here I have seen it at other dealers (Ford, Pontiac to a minor degree, and especially Mazda). It's all a game... more often than not the salesman goes over to the business manager and they shoot the crap or discuss options to try and get you higher than where you want to be or otherwise discuss what the salesman has learned about you that is to their advantage... and they chew the fat and otherwise eat up time. The salesmanager knows his margin on the car, what he will offer on trade at most and what he would rather get, etc... and can punch it all into his workstation and get instant numbers; they are simply trying to figure out your weaknesses and where to attack while wearing you down.
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    okay, I realize i am a month late, but ellusionz..... that seems to be a great price!

    I live in the dallas area, but would be willing to take a road trip to florida :)

    Have one question as well: fees listed by you include $200 for documents and title, $200 for tags and registration, and $17 for electronic filing. Do you think any of these were optional? I mean, some only list $150 as total fees.

    And NOT saying its still not a great price! You did great!

    PS anyone in the Dallas area come close to this deal?

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    well, since ellusionz could not get back to me, I had to go out and negotiate it myself :(

    Black ES CVT no options at all, Stickered MSRP was 16,890 wioth an additional 625 destination charge for total of 17,515. My price was 16,716 , then had to add Registration fee of 72, title fee 33, State inspection fee 22, Document fee 50, deputy fee 5, and then a tricky little inventory tax fee that was never explained, but just "added" to my sales tax after the 6.25%.

    Nice thing was, no VIN etching fee or seat protection was added to EVERY CAR on the lot, like some high pressure joints. I hate it when they just add stuff and try and charge for it :P

    Not under invoice, but right at it according to Edmunds.

    Thanks for all the info though guys, without y'all help, I never would have thought it would even have gone this low.

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    Your price is invoice minus 46 cents. The only thing left for the dealer was holdback of $337 plus any money they will get for making their quota from Mitsubishi. They also got the doc fee of $ 50.

    I know this because the invoice is right in front of me.

    We sell them all day at invoice but not the GTS. We can't get them fast enough.
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    I got my Wicked White ES, CVT with Sun and Sound, fog lights and appearance package last week. The MSRP with the $625 delivery was $19,505. I paid $18,106 before trade, etc.

    I ended up going to RC Hill Mitsubishi in Deland, FL. Great people, and I would recommend them highly. I basically got the deal done before I went to the dealership, so it was quick and easy. Got 3.9% financing for 48 months.
    All in all, I am very pleased with the car, and the deal.
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    Just wondering if any has any price quotes on a 08'
    lancer GTS with the sun and sound & Navigation
    and Technology packages. I'm actually a canadian
    who wants to buy one in the states cuz ours here
    sucks the big one. I don't need financing because I will be paying cash for it. I'm looking for either maine or michigan dealerships. :

    Thank you to anyone who can help me
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    From what I am reading here, the ES and DE models can be had for right at invoice, but the GTS cannot, due to its popularity???

    I am looking at an ES that the dealer has stuck a rear spoiler on, and added side window deflectors. One of the things I have noticed is locally there are very few "unmolested" Lancers. All these dealers have added stuff to them.

    My dealer has 2 Lancer ES with leather interior - I had no idea leather was even an option.
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    All Lancer Models can be negotiated closer to invoice. I have spoken with several people where the sticker price for their 08 Lancer GTS was $22K, but the negotiated and got it down to the $17K range. It all depends on the local areas demand the what the dealer has in stock. If it is popular in the area you are buying and the dealer can only get its hands on 2, they won't be as willing to "wheel and deal". Opposite that, if the dealer constantly has 10 or more Lancers available and they are selling in that area, the dealer will be more willing to negotiate to move old inventory for new inventory, even if it is the same vehicle. It also shows well to Mitsubishi if the dealer can sell more cars than other Mitsubishi dealers in the area.

    As to Lancers that are bare stock at whatever trim level, the dealer purposely adds stuff as well as B.S. things like "Additional Rust inhibitors and Fabric sealants" to be able to justify a raised price. The thing to keep in mind is that dealers are trying to make as much money out of you as possible. Also, they have the ability to negotiate for cars with specific setups from other dealers in the state. The best way to get what you want is to know what you want, even if that is a trim level base bare from the factory, and request that one. If the dealer you go to doesn't have it or won't work to order from Mitsubishi or negotiate one from another dealer, take your business elsewhere. It is your money, don't compromise what you want.

    As for the leather option, it is NOT a standard option for any level of 08 lancer, however, many dealers have connections to local body shops and upholstery makers where can get customized leather seats installed. This is generally a bit of a pricey add on, again, that the dealer wants to put on there to be an incentive to a certain market of people where they can get away with charging more and not compromising on the sticker price as much.

    Hope this helped to answer your questions.

  • 1racefan1racefan Member Posts: 932
    The dealer has about 16 total on their lot. 2 have leather (both ES models). 1 is an ES with leather, but no sunroof. The other is an ES with leather, and a sunroof. They have several DE models, some with sunroofs and custom wheels. There isn't a single ES that hasn't been gussied up with something (either a rear spoiler, custom wheels, side deflectors, leather interior, etc...).

    I just thought it was odd to see a whole slew of ES Lnacers on their lot, and everyone has been modified to some extent.
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    You might find some aggressive pricing in the Boston MA area,
    if you wish to travel further south. Also, why not upstate NY? You share a common border there as well. Syracuse area,
    or Buffalo area. Go to the Mitsubishi USA website. I would suspect more aggressive pricing would be found towards Boston.
    More competition there.
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    I am just looking to buy the lancer gts something soon. Does anyone have any new buying experiences.
  • surfnix54surfnix54 Member Posts: 1
    Picked up my first Mitsubishi and also - first NEW car [fifth car though] last night. Amazing experience. I was between the Lancer and a Scion but it was in the end easy to decide after reading raving reviews online and seeing close to NOTHING negative anyone (yet) had to say!!! First 5 hours so far, wonderful!

    Got to work 20 minutes early :P (was so excited to drive it, left too early!) Boss is happy I have more inspiration to get to work!!! Total cost after my trade-in w/ sun & sound (includ. tax, etc.) - $20k I am financing (+ worth it!!!!!!) - Located on Long Island, NY.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,677
    congratulations on your new '08 Lancer! I have stated on the net a few times before that this new body design on the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer is my favorite car body design ever, along with the '65 Ford Mustang (which was my first car).

    I have no complaints after 7,600 miles of driving and 5 months of ownership. An uplifting car to own and fun to drive.

    I love that menacing SabreCat front's awesome! :shades:

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    The wife and I went car shopping today and came home tonight with a brand new Tarmac (Black) GTS w/ NAV/TECH and SUN/SOUND packs. We absolutely love it! Saw it for the first time just 2 days ago...and couldn't stop thinking about it. We are going from a 2 car household down to 1 and this is the one...

    The Nav system is tremendous. Beats the heck out of the after market Pioneer Nav system that I had put in my truck. Much much better!

    You get a lot for your $$ w/ the Lancer...we have been looking at cars for the past several weeks and this one by far was #1 after we finally found it. We even went as far "high end" as an Audi A3 and still preferred the Lancer over it! Maybe we are crazy though...and I surely never thought I would own a Mistu vehicle myself...but so great!

    My only question is how do you get the free 6 months of Sirius? What if you are a current subscriber? I may just cancel my current account completely (instead of adding this one to it) and have my wife start up a new account. Any feedback?

    You can get these for below don't pay too much! This was in SoCal (Norco Mistu on I-15)...
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,677
    I just called the toll-free number for Sirius that came with the paperwork. They'll activate it for you when you call them. We are now at the 6-month point where Sirius is trying to get us to sign up for good. $12.95/month and I don't think I will, we have so much good music on CD and the AM and FM work great on this Rockford Fosgate 650-watt stereo.

    Congrats on your new Lancer GTS for 2008, we love ours at the 7,665 mile mark! We got a '08 Rally Red w/CVT automatic and the Sun and Sound package. Sometime in September we'll go to the dealership for our 'Auto Butler' polish and protectant application. That comes free of charge with our deal. Beautiful new car from, you're not crazy! :D

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  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    Thanks...activated and good to go now with Sirius.

    Almost (only) 400 mile son the Lancer and everything is going great. Getting lots of looks...just need the windows tinted and I should be set.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,677
    factory or the dealer did for us. Our windows are tinted really dark...seems like it shouldn't be legal it's so dark. But we're glad since the hot Arizona sun needs to be muted as much as possible. That seems like something the dealer would do...tinting like that. At any rate it's something we don't need to go have done...this car was ready with what we wanted and we were set right at the dealership at the get-go.

    Anyway, go get 'em'll be happier I know.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    Congratulations mbunting

    I am actually looking to buy the same car. would you please share with us how much was your deal?

  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    My deal probably wasn't the best deal anyone out there got, but it was acceptable to me under my specific circumstances (lots of negative equity on my trade in / much of it subsidized by a large down payment)...I have heard on other Lancer discussion forums of people getting them for up to $1500 below invoice...but I cannot verify that could have just been someone fibbing...

    If you don't like to haggle...and aren't already a Costco member, just sign up for an Executive Membership ($100) - and use that to get a decent deal on the Lancer ($100 over invoice)...the dealership I bought from didn't even ask for my card (which I had brought with me just in case they did). You don't even have to keep your Costco membership after getting the car, they will give you a full refund on the price you paid for the questions asked.

    Also, check with your bank and see if they have any auto buying service, my bank (USAA) offers something very similair to Costco, at the same price ($100 over invoice for most dealers).

    All that being said, here is what my deal consisted of:

    2008 Mitsubishi Lanser GTS (Tarmac Black Pearl)
    w/ NAV & TECH
    w/ SUN & SOUND

    $100 over invoice (Costco Member) = $21438
    -$500 Rebate (Active Duty Military) = $20938

    So, $20938 + TTL + what was left from my negaitive equity trade-in :)

    As I mentioned earlier, I had alot of negative equity on my trade-in, a 2006 Nissan Armada, but I put down $9k in cash to make up for the majority of the negative equity amount.

    I also had trade-in quotes ranging from $18k to $23k for my Armada, and so I asked the dealer that ended up buying the Lancer from for $24k for the Artmada (and this was after I got the car for $20938). They countered with $23.5k (which I knew they would) for the Armada and I agreed to that with them being asked to give me my first 3 oil changes for free (I know - not much...but oh well) and they agreed. I was going to sell privately if I could, asking $25k, but the $23.5k was close enough to not have to deal with waiting 2-3 months to get something done. Plus, I wouldn't have to do the DMV paperwork and deal with potential buyers either - so...done deal, let's do it now!

    I'm so happy to be out of the Armada...GREAT truck...and I do miss the POWER...but again, I will not miss the $90 fillups a couple times a week...and that is completely worth it to me.

    BTW, got the windows tinted yesterday afternoon and what a difference. Car is even more beautiful now...
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,677
    I knew you'd dig the tinting. Beautiful car this new Lancer GTS for 2008.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    Can anyone tell me if paying $20,900 for a GTS with S&S,Nav & Tech packages is a good deal? I am dying to get this car they stated it is 500 under invoice. I know they are not going to lose any money but is it a good deal or not? Please help!!!!!
  • j12j12 Member Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me if $20,900 is a good deal on a GTS with Nav and S&S package. I went to other dealers in Miami area and they will only go 500 under MSRP please help!!!!
  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    That seems like a decent deal to me...I paid $20938 for mine just last week...that was using the Costco $100 over invoice program and also includes a $500 Military rebate.

    And did you mean $500 below INVOICE or MSRP?

    $500 below Invoice would be: $20838

    So, to me, $20900 seems decently good, just make sure that you don't let the finance guy tack on any bogus fees/charges
    and don't buy the extended warranty unless you really want it. And if you do buy that, don't just accept his first price quote....
  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    For those that have gotten your windows tinted in your 08 Lancer...did you have any problems with it getting scratched after you rolled down/up your windows a couple of times?

    This morning, I noticed a tiny scratch or line on my tint that I did not notice after having it done. I need to investiage it further, but it looks like a scratch to me...very small though (at least right now)...

    I know I have heard of some vehicles needing to be lined w/ felt (the window area anyway) to stop tints from being scratched...could the Lancer be one of those that need this extra protection to safegaurd the tint?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,677
    but they're not enough to bother me.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • mggarcia23mggarcia23 Member Posts: 2
    how much did you pay and from which dealership did you buy your GTS from?
  • jlwestbrockjlwestbrock Member Posts: 3
    I had my windows tinted in my new 08 lancer and I have scratches in my tint now from the weather stripping being too hard. I brought it to the dealership and they told me that the tint is too thick, and they don't cover anything to do with accessories like tint. They advised me to go back to the tint place that did it. I haven't because I know it's not the tint guys fault and if I have him replace the tint it will just scratch again because of the weather stripping. I was hoping there was more people that had the same problem enough to have the dealership get a fix for it.
  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    Yeah, Mitsu shouldn't really be held responsible for this I'm afraid...what you can have the tint shop do is to line the inside of the window area (or the weather stripping?) with felt. You have to do this with lots of cars/trucks actually. The tint is not too thick, it's just something causing the scratching...I don't think it's the weather stripping causing the problem though, as I think it's something else inside the window/door area...but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, the tint place should know exactly what you are talking about when you mention it...and if they don't...find another place.

    You'll have to have it replaced, and they should be able to add the felt this time for not too much extra (I'm guessing) maybe like $50?

    The scratches are driving me crazy as well...looks pretty bad from the inside of the car, but you can't really notice from the outside.

    Will probably have mine replaced eventually...just wish I would have read the scratching issue before having mine done.

    Good luck.

    Still loving our 08' Lancer GTS - I absolutely love the Nav system.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,677
    but it doesn't bother me enough to worry about having the felt put in and re-tinting done.

    I do have to buff a few dog claw scratches out with some Kit rub-on material. And I am picking up a paint stick from the dealer tomorrow so I can paint over an area where a paint chip(about 1/4" long by 1/8" tall) was taken off by a kicked-up rock. Those issues are more important to me right now. Don't wanna leave it to the elements for water to get under it, etc. I looked at the car pretty close today and couldn't really find any other nicks or chips, happily!

    I think that if the tinting scratching on the windows could be seen from the outside I would get it fixed but it can't so I'm not gonna do anything about it.

    Still loving my '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in Rally Red and CVT automatic. Mitsubishi hit it spot on with this new Lancer! The bodystyle is my favorite of any car all time, along with the 1965 Ford Mustang. Simply superb! ;)

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    I see an ad for basic 2009 lancer: $12,000 - the ad says they have 50 of them, and basic 2008 Outlander $17,000.
    Grand Mitsubishi, Chicago area
  • blu5092blu5092 Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. The inside of the weatherstrip doesn't have any felt so it's damaging my tint. I called the dealership and they will look at it. My llumar tint job is basically ruined. I am very upset since my tint was redone to get the bubbles out. I rolled the windows down and I hear a screech and there were many lines dug into a perfectly done tint job. I don't think it's happening with the rear windows. Hope this helps. The dealership should replace these defective door strips
  • icepoloicepolo Member Posts: 9
    Hello, guys. I am considering of purchasing a Lancer GTS 2009 (MT) model this year. I would like how much did you guys pay OTD for that model? Especially in Queens, NYC. How low were you able to negotiate on the invoice? What are the things to watch out in purchasing this car? Btw, Have they replaced the Dunlop tires? Thanks!!!
  • finzupfinzup Member Posts: 1
    I have been in the business of managing and selling cars on the internet for many years. One trend that has always held true is that customers that paid MSRP vs. under invoice always gave the best surveys. I always wondered why. Then I sat down and figured it out. The ones that paid MSRP never felt they got a bad deal. They loved the buying experience, it was hassle free. Then I thought about the ones that paid under invoice (w/o the rebate). That person still felt they did not get a fair deal. That is also the same person that is more likely to give a poor survey, even though the dealer did their best to try to satisfy them.

    It's interesting, on an ES Lancer, selling the car for $700 under invoice is a loss to the dealer. Hold back only averages $340. Anything is more than $400 under invoice is a great deal to the consumer, and not so for the dealer. Those figures are not including the rebate for the 2008's.

    Just something to think about.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    I've noticed that the less intelligent among us are often happier. These people are more likely to pay MSRP and give a good survey. I guess this means that, if your goal is good survey results, you should target your marketing to the intellectually challenged population.

    My sister, with an IQ of about 85, and her former husband who was not too bright either once, long ago, bought a new car. I think it was an Escort, they paid at least MSRP and bought many extras, such as over-priced disability insurance on the loan. They were happy and had no regrets.

    I'm tired of being surveyed about everything, myself. I want to say: "yeah, I was happy with the service, buying experience, or whatever until you bugged me to tell you how I felt about it by answering 20 inane questions." .
  • mdics911mdics911 Member Posts: 2
    We purchased an 08 Lancer just a few months ago. Aside from a very nice car, I wanted to mention to discount programs that worked out well for us.

    1) $500 college grad discount (even if you graduated 2 years ago)
    2) $500 customer loyalty. (Anyone that you know that owns a Mitsu works)

    Paying at invoice or a bit below is no problem at all.
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