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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the Touareg 2 will come with Bluetooth?


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    Not initially. It will be a late availability option but as far as how late, that's uncertain.
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    A new Navigation system is coming out in 2009. This new RNS-510 will have a bluetooth kit that integrates with it. The new RNS-510 has a touch screen dialing, 6 number presets, Hands free phone, and more. The bluetooth is a module that plugs into it. The Bluetooth module also works with the info display and phone button. Requires dealer or VAG-Com programming. More RNS-510 info can be had at the 2009 Touareg 2 thread so check that out.
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    You will need this in order to use this bluetooth module. This won't replace the cruise controls. This unit will just replace the audio controls. Hope this helps.
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    7L6 959 538 E

    Required to have full bluetooth functionality. Works with the kit or the Skoda kit. This is the same button as the one shown above.
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    Touareg and the all the other models should get bluetooth within the next 6 months. As a factory option or a retrofit. Touareg will require that phone button/audio controller kit. Maybe the Touareg version will include it. If not then you have to spend 150 to 250 USD on one. Phone button requires some minor programming. This new kit will integrate with the new RNS-510 touch screen navigation system. Same as the Skoda kit. Also you get touch screen dialing and 6 phone number presets. You can view your contacts on this new module. Hope this helps.
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    09 models in Sept and Oct. should get bluetooth as standard. Touareg is not getting it but some German company has the European startac kit. Requires the phone button part. Maybe the nokia kit does work but they refuse to put that phone button.
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    Bluetooth is finally here. Option code is 9W3 and it's a variant of the Skoda kit. So now you can order a Touareg with the convenience of Bluetooth hands free. The price for this option is $275 and it comes with a different right side steering wheel stalk. This new steering wheel stalk has a phone button in addition to the other functions. It's on Now the most requested feature apart from full iPod integration is now here.
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