Volkswagen Passat Bluetooth Questions

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I've heard that there is something out there that you can buy to turn on the Bluetooth feature in my 2006 Passat. Does anyone know where I can purpose this?


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    Quickconnect Products and Paser have products that work with the Parrot CK3000 bluetooth system. Only use the Main unit not the little controllerthat comes with it. Works perfectly with the Multi info display and the button. These units do require the Parrot CK3000 system. This kit even includes a no solder harness for easy installation. A plug in play install. Just search for Quick Connect Passat or Paser Bluetooth module. But yes you can activate that button.
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    Just found out that the Skoda Octavia unit works. This unit is a very nice unit from Europe. It fully integrates with the phone button, MFD, and a new navigation system called the RNS-510. The RNS-510 integration allows for touch screen dialing and 6 presets for emergency/common numbers. Also there is an RCD-510 that allows you to have a touch screen radio but no navi. That unit will also integrate with it. US RNS-510's are floating around but no maps. They will eventually come out but 09 model year will have it. Perhaps this bluetooth module will appear for the 09 Passat. VAG-COM programming will be required in order to make this work.
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    Do you need to have the navigation system for integrated bluetooth kits to work?
    Are they cheap enough and easy enough to install to be worth installing in a leased car?
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    No not with the VW/Skoda kit. I have seen bluetooth kits that don't need a navigation system. The skoda/VW kit is the Basic module in Europe. Expensive but some what tricky to install due to wiring issues. Also requires programming. I have seen a european store selling it. The alternative kit is to get a Parrot CK3000 and use an adaptor by That will give you the integration but no caller id. The Skoda kit has that feature. The skoda kit will remap the mute button so it can have voice dialing. Hope this helps.
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    Bizzare that VW doesn't just install the same European Skoda kit at the factory.
    Who wants to buy a car the price of a loaded Passat that doesn't have bluetooth?

    So, what kind of prices to expect for either kit professionally installed?

    If the Parrot is much, much cheaper, I suppose you could get some kind of phone mount (such as an air vent mount) and look at the phone's screen for caller ID.
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    Still not sure on the Skoda kit having caller id. Apparently kufatec sells this with a wiring harness. It's expensive at 549.00 EUR. The Parrot will run around 300 for the kit. The parrot works if you just want bluetooth. There is a premium rSAP bluetooth which is also more. Kufatec only sells that for 839.00 EUR.

    They could have had the Skoda module installed at the factory but VW decided not to pay for the royalties or decided not to. Startac makes the unit for VW. It's also used in Audis and European BMW's.
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    Bluetooth is finally coming to the USA market. This kit will be similar to the Skoda kit but maybe some changes. Perhaps it will be cheaper. The downside is that it will come out within 6 months. The new kit will integrate with the new RNS-510 touch screen navigation system. The RNS-510 integration is quite good. Touch screen dialing, contact list, answer/send calls with touch screen or phone button, voice dialing, bluetooth settings, Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP), hands free calling, and finally 6 phone number presets. 2009 models will get it but they will make a retrofit kit for older models. Hope this helps.
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    If you want to have MFD/MFI integration then you will need either the Skoda or the Nokia kit. The Skoda kit costs around $525 USD at There is a link on how to install it but the Passat has some modifications. Also a copy of VCDS 805 aka VAG-com will be needed to program the skoda kit. The kit can be programmed at your local dealer. Perhpaps they could install it if you gave them the right directions.
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    A new USA spec OEM bluetooth is coming soon. Late July to Early August. Part number is 1K0 051 437. You can get it for less than 400 USD and takes about an hour or 2 at your local dealer. You need an installer who has VAS or VAG-com. VAS is the official VW programmer while VCDS aka VAG-com an unofficial way of programming your VW. The new kit supports the phone button and the MFI so if you have the MFI and the phone button then you can have OEM bluetooth. The unit works on other VW's as well. No Touareg or Beetle bug support.

    This unit will be optional on the 2009 models but can be installed in 2006 and up models. 09's that don't have it can also get it.
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    You can now purchase 1K0 051 437 at It's in stock. Dealers can also purchase this part number as well. This is the new rumored bluetooth kit. All passat's with the MFI and the phone button should be able to use this thing. The dealer can easily install and program this thing. Should be no more than 350 USD. Most stores can have it for 300 to 340 USD. This kit should be an option for 09's. All 06-08 models can have it.
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    No ETA on 1K0 051 437. May not be for another month or so. This is the OEM USA kit. Should be integrated as much as the Skoda kit. This kit will also be on the 2009 Passat and Passat CC as an option. Most likely that will be the same kit as a dealer option. Some say it will be a factory option but more likely that it's a DIO kit.
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    1K0 051 437 is now available. Not in stock yet but you can order it now. Now you can finally add bluetooth to an 06-09 Passat.

    Edit: This kit does offer A2DP but works like a Parrot kit that's OEM. It doesn't have any MFI integration. If you want MFI/MFD integration than get the latest Skoda kit. The Skoda kit has no A2DP though.
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    What a disappointment :(. This kit has no MFI/MFD integration. No RNS-510 touch screen integration. Skoda kit is better but no A2DP and more expensive.
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    I just don't get it...what is VW's dysfunction, that they can't understand the utility of full BT integration for their US customers.

    My dealer is telling me that he's had customers complain about the Skoda version of the BT interface, so I had high hopes that VW was going to "right a wrong" with this newly released accessory. But if there is no MFI/multi function display interface for caller ID, phone book, etc. then what is the point of a "new" accessory?

    Seems retarded to me.
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    Really the Skoda kit is the best you can do for now. The Only other fully integrated kit is the Premium rSAP kit. That kit is very expensive and only a few phones can use it. It supposedly has HFP but I haven't confirmed that. The Premium kit takes over a phones SIM card if it's compatible with rSAP. The Premium kit is a fully featured cellphone. It works on the European GSM frequencies so it's useless for the states. Requires an incar GSM antenna. Has text messaging, RNS-510 touch screen integration, Voice commands, you name it it has it. There are some more bluetooth profiles that the Premium kit has. If it did work in the states it would only work on T-Mobile and Cingular.

    It would be nice if it had the Multi Function display integration. The skoda kit is the only one other than the Premium kit that has it. VW was using a Motorola kit as an interim solution until the Nokia/Novero Volk-L kit would come out. Some people are happy using Parrot kits while the Skoda kit seems to be the number 1 kit for now.

    Hope this helps.
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    One good advantage of the Volk-L system is that it doesn't use the mute button for voice dialing.

    However this kit may just be an interim solution. An even better more featured kit may be in the works. In Germany there are 3 modules for bluetooth. Plain which is like the Volk-L but without bluetooth audio. Basic is like the Skoda kit and finally premium which the fully featured rSAP kit. The USA RNS-510 works very well with the Skoda kit and VW might just release a new kit that has A2DP and fully works with the MFI/MFD. Also this kit should have RNS-510 integration. It's sort of like the VW iPod adaptor. It was terrible until a new adaptor was introduced with the RNS-510 called the MDI. The MDI only works on the RNS-510 in the USA for now. Until this Premium 8 radio is introduced. Premium 8 is likely the RCD-510 which is a touch screen cd changer without the nav system.
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    All we know is that VW also offered a motorola kit which is also an interim solution. I'm sure VW will release a new kit that is superior to VolK-L in every single way.
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    When I bought the car, I thought the bluetooth function is available / enabled (included in the basic / original package) - particularly after seeing the "Phone" button available on the steering wheel...Now, after wasting one hour looking for info in the car's book and another 30 minutes searching for a bluetooth enable option in the car's MFD (multi functional display), I think I was wrong. Please help me a bit here: is the bluetooth an option at this point in time?
    Ted ;)
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    There is a bluetooth kit that integrates with the MFD. It's about $525 to $550 shipped from europe. It does require a laptop with VCDS and a USB dongle to program it. You do lose the mute button for voice dialing but everything is fully integrated. Even your contact list. There is a cheaper kit but thats akin to a bluetooth headset that is integrated within the car. This kit that I'm talking about is made by Skoda. It's a Harman kit that uses a very good star[rec] voice recognition system. Part number is 1Z0 035 729 though the B version works as well too. You can get one at and email them about it. There is a section on the bluetooth kit. Skoda is owned by VW so it works fine.
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    Is this the system that the dealer uses? They quoted me $650 installed - is that about right? The dealer also referred to the system as Volk-L. I am trying to get this installed for my husband for christmas and want to make sure I buy the right system. Is Volk-L what I want installed in my 2009 passat?
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    The skoda kit is a Europe only kit. It's a factory part number. People have retrofitted it. The part is rather expensive from Europe. It does work with a passat though. About $550 just for the kit. Volk-L is the just the basic kit. It has no integration at all with the MFD. It doesn't remap the mute button as a voice button. The skoda kit isn't really designed with the 1 phone button but it does work with the mute being the voice dialing. VW supposedly is adding a factory bluetooth kit in the US that will act like the Skoda kit. It will probably add A2DP for the new touch screen nav called the RNS-510 thats available in 2009. The US parts database does mention some part numbers that are similar to the Skoda kit.

    Edit: It appears that the Skoda kit is now in the US parts system. It's even mentioned in the ETKA. The part number is 1Z0 035 729 A but it might have the B version. Also the CC has a part for bluetooth as wel. The ETKA is a VW parts database that the dealers use. There is a 2nd part for bluetooth as well. Part numbers are 1K8 035 730 and 1K8 035 730 B. Your dealer might be able to order this.
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    Thank you for your help, I am not technical nor do I know much about cars! Should I ask my dealer about this new Skoda kit that is available in the US - would this be better than the Volk-l?
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    There is a US part number on 1 revision of this unit but it's not for sale right now. It's listed in the ETKA. The ETKA is the VW parts databse. Yes it does have more functionality. There is a voice dialing system where you can call people by voice. It has full English support. You can use voice tags like Call so on and so forth. It does need programming which reassigns the mute button to voice dial. It also has MFD integration which you can access your phonebook right in the MFD. For those with the new RNS-510 which is the all new Navigation system for 2009 you get integration via touch screen. It works just fine without a nav system. Everything is integrated in the MFD. The guy in the UK is selling the parts as a kit. You could find 1Z0 035 729 A but that might just include the module. You would have to buy the harness, and all the other required things. Hope this helps.
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    I think a dealer can install the Skoda unit. Installation wise it's similar to the VolkL kit which means it can be done at a dealer. A car stereo shop could but then you would need VCDS to program the unit. Dealers have VAS the official tool that runs on their tablet. VCDS is a 3rd party consumer diagnostic software that runs on a laptop or a PC with Windows.
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    A factory bluetooth system has been released. Cars made after CW 45 will get a factory bluetooth system. CW is Calendar Week. It will have MFD integration and it will integrate with the new RNS-510 navigation system. VW has made a revision to the RNS-510 that has the Mute button replaced with Phone. Phone will enable a touch screen menu. Mute is also the Phone button on the older RNS-510's if this unit were to be installed. It will have bluetooth audio streaming and all that jazz. Finally VW is going to make it available but it will be an expensive retrofit.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076 now sells the USA Skoda module for $554.64. For CC owners use 1K8 035 730 B which is also the same price. Part number for the US Skoda module is 1Z0 035 729 A. Both units are the same price. No word if it's a kit. Should provide better integration than the volk-L but who knows.
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    Looks like 1K8 035 730 B is used by the Volk-L kit.

    Here are the recommended parts

    1Z0 035 729 A
    1Z0 035 729 B

    The A revision kit is for White dot display cars which is the Passat CC. For the CC you must use the A revision or else it won't display right. The B version is for the red dot display cars which includes the regular passat.
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    Had dealer install one in my 06 VR6 4Motion Pack #2 and it works super. Check out the list of compatible cell phones prior to purchase and you'll be fine. Nothing better than to be able to say who or to just do a voice activated dial by number. It handshakes and uses the address list within your cell. Don't have to take my eyes off of the traffic or stick an earpiece in my ear. Took them longer than it should of - but it's a good product and it's OEM.
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    I just purchased a 2009 Komfort Passat the MFD in dash is white so I would get the Skoda A kit is that correct? I keep seeing everywhere that it is for the CC not the Passat B6
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    Which part did you actually install? Is your car a CC or Passatt? Does it matter? Also, which dealer did you take the car to? I would like to get the Skoda BT kit installed in my CC. Thanks!
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    We recently purchased a 2009 Passat wagon and with some help from the dealer figured out how to make calls using factory installed Bluetooth capability.

    We have not been able to use the steering wheel controls or access the Phone menu through the MFD. We can access the main Phone menu but cannot scroll through the options. The phone controls on the steering wheel simply do not work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Hi 2006vr6!
    What exactly dd you have installed? Do you have any part number including the ones for cables and such? From what you wrote it sounds it works with your MDF without any problems....
    I have a Passat 2006 as well and am interested on installing an integrated bluetooth solution.
    Also, does this give you any navigation/maps etc. or just the phone functionality with the bluetooth and MDF. Pardon my ignorance:)
    Any info is apreciated!
    TY! :)
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    For the white display you can use 1Z0 035 729 A/C/D/E. 1Z0 035 729 E is the latest version of that kit. You can get it one ebay, and make sure you tell the seller if you have MFSW, NAV, Non NAV, and the general vehicle information.
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    If you want fully integrated bluetooth you want the Skoda B part but that one is getting harder to find since they are no longer making that unit. 1Z0 035 729 B is the latest part number for the 2006-2008 Passat with the red display.
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    A new BT kit is coming out for those with white indash displays. Part number is 7P6 035 730 C. It's the best of both worlds combining the 9W2 kit and the Skoda kit. You get the A2DP and integrated antenna of the 9W2, with the MFD and head unit integration of the 9W3. This kit is known as 9W7.
  • opfietseopfietse Member Posts: 1
    Hi Floucka,

    I appear to have the same issue as you had 2 years ago, my steering wheel buttons don't work in the phone menu.

    I was wondering if you ever found a solution for this problem?

    Thanks for your reply.
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