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Honda Pilot Child Seats

fred01fred01 Member Posts: 1
We have 2 two year olds and are expecting another baby. Has anyone been able to put three car seats in the pilot on the 2nd row? We presntly have britax and a graco infant seat. Or if not where have you located all three car seats and how did you get the babies in?
We don't want to go minivan but may not have a choice.


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    jay_24jay_24 Member Posts: 536
    Yes and no... We tried three across when we test drove a Pilot. They fit but it was close. It was better than other midsized SUVs at the time. Once the kids get a little older you can look to get narrower booster seats. BEst way is to try it yourself.

    Once the kids are 4 or 5 years old they can buckle themselves in booster seats in the third row too. An adult climbing into the third row just to buckle kids is a pain in any van/suv.

    Minivans are not a better option in many cases. Most only fit 2 in the second row.
    We opted for a Tahoe for more more 2nd row space and for some other reasons.
    Keeping an eye on the Pilot and now the GMC Acadia for the future replacement to the Tahoe.
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    ravenman2000ravenman2000 Member Posts: 1
    I rented a 2006 Pilot EX to see what kind of child seat arrangements could be made before deciding to purchase (planning on purchasing this summer). I found that an infant car seat (the new large Graco that passed the consumer reports test) fits in the third row on the left side or center, but did not fit on the far right of the third row. Booster seats should be fine in the third row, but my two-year-old's child carseat wouldn't work.

    This is going to work well for us in a year or so when we have three children in car seats (one booster, one child carseat, and one infant carseat) and have a third or fourth adult passenger: two adults up front, toddler, baby, and adult in second row, and an infant (and if needed, also a smaller adult/child) in the third row.
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    giventoflygiventofly Member Posts: 10
    Just bought an 07 EX-L and discovered it is very difficult buckling a booster seat in the third row on the passenger side. The belt clips are recessed in between the side and center seats which does not allow for any play. Anyone else have this trouble?
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    inderpalinderpal Member Posts: 1
    I am having same problem of fixing booster seat in third row of pilot. The belt clips are recessed between the seats, do we have some connector or extender to try ?
    help will be appreciated
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Often the local fire department (or police department) has a Car Seat Safety Program with people trained in fitting car seats. Usually it's free.

    Find car seat check up events near you
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    kelly30kelly30 Member Posts: 1
    Any resolution to this? We just bought a 2006 Pilot and my daughter, who's in a booster seat, is having trouble buckling herself as well.
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    mackenzieellanmackenzieellan Member Posts: 1
    Interesting thread about the booster seat. Car seats is very important especially if you are carrying a child on the car. I guess, children must be in a booster seats until they are eight years old or 4’9’ or taller. Currently, I read form this article Half of booster seats unsafe says insurance group that booster seats are unsafe according to IHS annual survey. This year's child booster seats study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety discovered that up half of tested child booster car seats aren't up to safety specifications. The tests show around half of the seats made the seat belt not fit properly. This increases the possibility of injury if not altered to fit correctly.
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    robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    Car seats is very important especially if you are carrying a child on the car.

    Are you Mitt Romney's redneck cousin?

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