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Hello, I recently purchased a 2002 RR HSE, and I want to purchase extended warranty, any suggestions on where I should get this.


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    You may also want to visit Extended Warranties.

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  • gigi1219gigi1219 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone had any experience with Warranty Warehouse. I'm looking to purchase an extended warranty for my RR 4.6HSE.Thanks!
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    It's an old discussion though so who knows how they are doing now.
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    I'm getting ready to purchase an exteneded warranty for my '04 RR HSE. Anyone have experience/recommednations they can share? Best to go with LR factory or independent? Thanks!
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    if you bought the RR from LR then you should go back to them, they are the only company whose warranty will completely cover your car. I have a 2003 RR, and trust me once the factory warranty was up, i didnt get the factory warranty, and now that has cost me almost 9,000 dollars.........
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    I have a 2005 LR3 which is about to go out of warranty. The quotes I am getting for an extended warranty are about 4k. Despite all the peace of mind messages the warranty companies give, does anyone have ROI or $$ examples of why this would make sense?
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    Get the factory extended warranty if you can. It is the only one that covers the entire car. I was just contacted by my dealership and told pricing is about to go up by 70%+ on these however!

    If you're car is eligible now is the time to buy. The price I was quoted is going from the current price of $2,200 to $5,600 in a number if days. If you have been on the fence, now is the time to act.
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    My questions for someone who may have an LR3 2008, should I purchase an extended warranty for a loaner LR3 2008, which type, what does it cover and how much should I have to pay from dealer?

    My current useage on this vehicle is outside sales road warrior,place many miles a week, on average, 300 miles a wk.
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    '08 LR2 has 47,000 miles need to get extended warranty
    Which is best one & how much should it be??
    From dealership?? Check different dealers??

    I bought it new from dealer, 2008.
    Was stranded with it (had 24,000 miles on it) between Texas & California, they towed it to different dealerships, brought it back to me once on my trip. Check engine light was still on, they kept it in California & I paid for a rental car the whole trip & all the way back to Texas. They shipped it back to me from California to Texas. Luckily I did have a credit card to charge the rental car on, $2900, & I was reimbursed later for that. They DID NOT pay any of my hotel or food bills, though I don't know why, it was definitely "TRIP INTERRUPTED"... they will not even talk to you, I sent the bills over and over & the only thing they gave me was the rental car money, & never really could figure out exactly the problem with the vehicle... long story, but it was a big nightmare. I had to drive the whole way, my two kids were too young to drive the rental car...
    It ran fine until this summer started back on same exact route & had car trouble exactly same location, New Mexico, same date to the year... it is only minor, but we could have been stranded, gas gauge is sticking at half tank. We never have been anywhere except those two trips... never dreamed we would have car trouble last year, with a vehicle that new...
    Anyway, would be afraid to drive it without a warranty & roadside....
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    I think the comment above yours pretty much sums it up, no? Land Rovers, although beautiful, are ridiculously expensive and very unreliable beyond 50K. The coverages are not cheap at all but may still save you tremendously if you plan to keep it.
    EasyCare/APCO is the Administrator for Land Rover and offers the peace of mind with factory-backed coverage. Cheap plans will leave you stranded. Look at the horror stories in the industry.
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    Can't believe no one even responded to this!
  • tredferntredfern Member Posts: 20
    2008 LR 2, 48,000 miles. Warranty from dealer $3700. $200. deductible. 48 months...
    I know u can get a cheaper warranty from other companies, etc., but is this the best?? But, is the dealer giving a good enough price or is this just too high???
    Anyone, please?
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  • gibeachbabygibeachbaby Member Posts: 9
    [email protected] ck this out I had a difficult time digesting the pricing for extended warranty and felt this to be my choice, you may investigate all companies as there are l;ower pricing out there but they can be fly by night companies.
    look-up BBB on all companies.

    Good Luck!!

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    My LR3 is now at 63K miles. I've had two major repairs since 50K that were covered by the warranty and paid back double its cost (bushing replacement and transmission oil pan).
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    I have a 2006 LR3 SE with 34k miles. I was quoted $3,400 plus tax with $100 deductible for an extension to the 4 year factory warranty to 7 years and 60k miles. To date, I have not needed to make any warranty claims.
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