Buying Used Mercedes ML320

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I need your input on the general problems and costs of repairs of same for the above model.

I have just moved to New Zealand and am considering this vehicle but before I make the purchase I need some user input.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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    Others will tell you about general problems and cost of repairs but I'll just note that this is an extremely low mileage vehicle! A typical eight year old vehicle would have close to 100,000 miles on it.

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    This vehicle was imported from Japan which is not unusual for New Zealand. Many vehicles are imported from there, but I have not a clue as to what was repaired/replaced on the vehicle. It will not have a warranty and I want to make sure that I am aware of whatever potential problems are ahead before I make my decision.
    I need transport for under 20k NZ Dollars which equals about $15k US. They are asking $24NZD but they will come down

    We have just moved here unexpectedly and I truly miss my Mazda CX-7.
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    I am considering either an '05 or '06 M to replace my Cadillac SRX which has been nothing but problems.
    Other than body style, is there a compelling reason I should consider one over the other?
    I have heard that the '06 reliabilty rating is poor. After my current nightmare car, I don't want get another headache.
    Thanks for any help,
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    I have commented on this and similiar forums on this site to many other posts that have had the same problem I have had. I am asking them to respond to me with paperwork about their problems. It does not show their email addresses! When I respond does your website forward my comments on to their email address or does it just stay on this forum? The one post who I am most interested in is Susan on 5/14/10 who sued MB and won. I would liken to get the court records as her situation seems to be the same as mine.

    I am having many problems that other people are having with the same year model and I must prove this to MB. I am having the exact same key, ignition, replacing the whole switch box 3 times in order to work the windows and other electrical problems such as the sunroof. I am also having other rear squeeking issues and excessive wind noise.

    MB is telling me than my problem is rare which I am finding out is not true. They are also trying to charge me storage fees and want to charge me $6,000 to change out the whole system, as well as, repurchase more keys in order to use the new system. Eight keys have already been used up in vain.

    If you could please contact me as soon as possible and if you have any other ideas how I can obtain copies of other peoples repair records or reports I will be very appreciative. I also noticed that there has not been any posts since 2010, why is that? I understand they do not make the same model but there are used one still being driven on the road and there must be owners out their with questions? Can you recommend other sources that I can investigate to find others with the same issues since I have accessed Edmunds already? Thank you for your time.



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    If members don't mind being contacted off the forum, they will make their email public in their Profile. Click on a member's name to get their profile.

    Many members, but not all, choose to get an email notice when someone responds to a post. Just depends on how they set their account up.

    Try searching the net for "ml320 lemon".
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