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Good Morning,
I have inherited my Father's Dodge Ram 250 (i think) It is a 1986 with 38,000 original miles. The vehicle has always been garaged. Thought my husband would love it but he has decided to see if my brother wants it.
It runs very rough and looks kind of like a grandpa truck.
I'm thinking it might be fun to drive if I can get it running nicely.
What is my first step?


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    Could someone please direct me to where I might find a real up-to-date service manual for 2004 diesel pickup, Chiltons is terrible unles you have a 1/2 ton gas pickup.
  • grady24grady24 Member Posts: 2
    If your truck sat for a long time it more than likely just has gummed up carburator and fouled plugs. Try a general tune-up. Plugs plug wires, distibutor cap and rotor. Start small then get a mechanic.
  • boots9boots9 Member Posts: 1
    on a 1979 or 75 dodge 5 speed trany cuz i wanna sell it ca ya help me?
  • mnestermnester Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1988 ram 250 and recently my headlight will dim as I am driving and I get a faint smell of burning plastic. My gauge light also dim and radio will sometime cut off. The headlights will get so dim I will barely be able to see. Any help would be appreciated on where I should start looking.
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  • 2sonazgirl2sonazgirl Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1988 dodge 150 318.....we are trying to change over from throttle body to carb....is there something in the starter that needs to be by-passed....any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....this is my only means of transportation to work....have an hour of travel time....I also heard that you might have to change the fuel pump....Thanks....
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    Good Afternoon-
    I have the listed Ram 250 and here's my problem.
    I start the truck, put it in gear, then about 100 yards further, the transmission just disappears. No sounds, no clinking no grinding...no forward movement.
    It just disappears.

    I can stop the engine, re-start....and it picks up again....only to travel another 100 yards then.....yep...it starts coasting...

    I can put it in neutral, stop and restart the engine, and we're off again for another hundred yards (further if downhill)

    I am on a fixed income with limited sources.
    Can someone tell me what I should be looking for before I have to take it to a mechanic?

    Thank You For Your Attention.
  • charlie41charlie41 Member Posts: 2
    I think I may have to replace the rear view mirror. It looks like it has a cover over the attachment to the cab ceiling. Does this pop off and can mirror then be removed? does a new one just screw in? I don't want to break it trying to figure it out so just wondered if anyone knew about how it's done. Thanks
  • charlie41charlie41 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem, did you ever find out?
  • dlb2002dlb2002 Member Posts: 4
    check out your amp gauge and wire leading in when they get loose they can cause this problem.
  • dlb2002dlb2002 Member Posts: 4
    sounds like your value body is full of crud from not being changed or your filter on trasmission is picking up crud from the bottem of the pan or your torgue converter is stopping up from grud.
  • offshore2offshore2 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 89 D-250 with a cummions diesel my fuel injector pump is leaking around the area where the injector pipes tie into the injector head. Is there an O-ring around that head? There are 4 star bolts holding it to the pump. It's dripping from that head area looks like a seal where those two parts come togather.
    need help
  • jeffreys1967jeffreys1967 Member Posts: 1
    i have a ram 250 van with a 318 motor in it ,it was over heating so i took out the stat and put a new water pump in as well but it is still over heating what els should i do ?
  • jcsalsajcsalsa Member Posts: 1
    My dad owns a 1986 Dodge Ram 250 3/4 ton with 318 engine 2 wheel drive. What I need to find out is if I bought this truck brand new what was the gas mileage be?
  • mechmikemechmike Member Posts: 2
    i have an 85 dodge ram with no spark. I was driving down the road when my truck acted like it was running out of fuel and died. my battery went out so i went and got a new one and put it in. I tried to start my truck and it wouldnt start. I got it towed home and replaced the coil and the pick up in the distributor and it is gapped right and still no spark but the coil gets so hot i cant touch it. i checked for power on the pos side of coil and i get full power but on the bottom post of the coil i get and real dim light. i removed the wire from the bottom post and checked it again [with the wire removed] i get full power. What is going on? please help!!!!!!
  • rhinocrhinoc Member Posts: 1
    I have an overdrive problem with the above vehicle. In and out, in and out of overdrive. It's hooked up to a Cummings 5.9 if that helps. Someone mentioned a speed sensor but I have no idea where it is or how to test it. Can someone help me before my neck gets damaged?
  • carogatorcarogator Member Posts: 1
    4 speed o/d with 318 in 2500 van. sometimes ok at start up, other times have to put in 1st to take off. when in regular start and not working right it seems as if you put the brakes on as soon as put in gear. any ideas?
  • datrollmandatrollman Member Posts: 3
    hey i have a 86 D250 here is the problem when i press on the brake no right rear brake light, but when i turn the truck on the break light comes on. i trailed the wire harness to under the hood and found where its conected and its hot when key is in on psition so if ya have had similar issues and fixed it Help me out please.
  • cs75cs75 Member Posts: 2
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    yep you will need to replace your alternator and voltage regulator. The second is probably causing the smell.
  • pwrrm89pwrrm89 Member Posts: 2
    I have an 89 power ram with a 360 in it. I had a tune up done about a week ago, since then if I drive it at a high speed where I'm constant on the gas for a long period of time, then I come to a stop where I left of the gas then put my brake on, right before it comes to a completen stop it dies. It does great around town and I have no problems, its also running rich.. what could that be?
  • pwrrm89pwrrm89 Member Posts: 2
  • lrpaytonlrpayton Member Posts: 1
    where do i find information on the reliability of the engine/trans/etc for this van.. i just came across a full page of dodge trucks/vans with trans probs. in particular.. am wondering if this is chronic prob. i should sell now while has low mileage?
  • dodgegregdodgegreg Member Posts: 1
    I have an 85 dodge ram D250, and have some brake problems. I have replaced the master cylinder, proportioning valve, and all new lines. wheel cylinders, and calipers are fairly new too. The problem i'm having is i have brake pedal when the truck is off, but when I start it, it goes almost to the floor. Also, when I was bleeding the front brakes, the pedal went half way to the floor and stopped. The rears went right to the floor and work well. anyone have any advise.....
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