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Dodge Ram Braking Questions

dmab65dmab65 Posts: 5
Do all 98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4's have 4 wheel ABS?



  • ff1825ff1825 Posts: 7
    I have been looking at full size Chevy/GMC, Ford and Dodge extended cab trucks and cannot understand why Ram's only come with REAR ABS and Dodge makes a buyer pay extra for 4 wheel ABS.

    From what I can gather after a LOT of research is that on the Ram 1500 4 wheel ABS is only available as part of the Stability Program Package and I have not seen a single 2007 Ram 1500 that has this option. (I've done a lot of on-line inventory searches.)

    If there are any Dodge salespeople who read
    read these posts feel free to e-mail at

    P.S. Does anyone know when the cut off date is to order a 2007?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Actually, on a GM or a Ford you are paying for the 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, its just part of the base price.

    There is some contention in the industry about the effectiveness of 4-wheel anti-lock brakes as well as the increased cost of maintenance and potential for failure. GM in particular has had reliability problems with the wheel sensors and the brake controllers.

    Testing across various automotive platforms indicates that stopping distances are longer on vehicles equiped with 4-wheel anti-lock brakes. In addition, some will point out that on a light duty pick-up where the majority of maximum laden weight is on the rear axles, rear-wheel anti-lock is just as or more effective as 4-wheel.

    Dodge gives the buyer the option to "option-out" of 4-wheel anti-lock brakes.

  • kenromanskenromans Posts: 1
    1997 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 extended cab diesel automatic LEMON. Latest problem - brakes locked up and almost caused an accident. Every time the steering wheel turns the brakes lock. Harder I turn the steering the harder the brakes go on. Can watch the pedal depress as I turn the wheel. Happened suddenly and almost caused an accident!!! Had to "play" with the steering back and forth to get the truck moved out of the path of other cars. Any suggestions to what this latest problem is with my LEMON truck. (Lots of weird problem stories with this truck).
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Sounds like you blew a brake hose. I lost one on my 1996 3500 Club Cab dually in February 2005... right front brake would lock up at very inopportune times. New brake hoses, new caliper, new pads, resurfaced rotor, and all was right again.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • goaliegoalie Posts: 16
    I have researched pads on-line and was confused at first #758 fits both vans and pu's....#842 is for pu's ONLY. Finally learned that BENDIX pads have a clip that is universal to all pistons, so they use the 758 number for all Dodges, while all other mfgers. have a different clip conf. so vans are 758....and pu's are 842. Don't make the same mistake I did and order the wrong pads.
  • goaliegoalie Posts: 16
    Has anyone been able to find a brake pad that emits little or no brake dust? Cleaning rims is a paind.
  • We are having a problem w/the brakes on our 94 Ram. When we hit the brakes it takes off to the right and we have a ton of brake dust on the front right brake. The brake pads, calipers, hoses have been replaced and the rotors have been turned. Does anyone have any suggestions to correct the problem?
  • First check for loose suspension components and if all is tight and in place then check for a stuck piston in the caliper. Also be sure the caliper slide rails are lubricated.
  • Thanks for the response. The suspension has been checked and the calipers are all new. Pretty much everything was replaced. And the slide rails are lubricated (brand new). Would you have any other ideas? Thanks.
  • Check the hydraulic system. There is a metering valve that balances the force between the front and rear brakes. To check the metering valve have someone apply the brakes while you watch the valve stem (the small black button on the front of the combination valve). The stem should extend slightly when the brakes are applied and retract when the brakes are released.
  • myobmyob Posts: 51
    I realize that the post this relates to is an old one, but I need to comment on the fairly apologistic comments made.

    1. A feature experiencing reliability problems isn't a reason to nix it. It is a reason to FIX it. And if it IS unreliable, why include it on ANY Rams? Certainly those paying extra for added safety deserve to actually get it.
    2. I had two minor accidents due to a pickup with rear ABS only locking up the fronts under heavy load and sliding. I sold the truck because modluating the brakes sufficiently to stop in panic situations when loaded was not possible. So I'm a believer in this technology and can attest that having no front ABS is not an advantage. I've later had to make very similar stops in a 4 wheel abs equipped Ram and a Toyota Tacoma and had no problems. It sure works for me.
    3. Dodge effectively does NOT give the buyer much of an option, as the package containing the 4 wheel ABS feature is virtually unavailable, and usually not w/o special ordering (where one risks losing rebate offers upon delivery) or buying a heavily loaded model.
    4. The majority of the braking, even in a laden truck, is still done by the FRONT brakes. And what about when the truck is not loaded? These are front heavy vehicles. Rear ABS is important but so is front.
    5. If it's so unreliable why put it on the rear axle at all? Perhaps its a govn't requirement? But if it fails in the front wouldn't it fail in the rear also?
    6. Tests show minor differences in stopping distances favoring no ABS. But this is not a factor in the real world, especially when done by non-pro drivers in panic situations. They are unlikely to be able to modulate braking sufficiently to equal the ABS computer.
    7. The 4 wheel ABS WAS an option easy to get on previous models of Rams. Again, why limit the choice at all if one is pro-choice?
    8. If they were interested in safety and choice, they'd make the stability control more widely available. Finding zero trucks on a lot with it isn't much of a choice.

    Sorry, but it sounds like Dodge blew it on this decision. My brother in fact just wrote me that he nixed a Ram purchase because of this feature missing on in-stock models available with big rebates.
  • tjachtjach Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 ram 2500 diesel and the front left brake hose has sprung a leak, I tried the dealer to get a new hose and they quoted me about 800.00 dollars. this seems a little high to me, im looking for other options but its like pulling teeth to find any other solutions, any help would be great.
  • cbovecbove Posts: 2
    I have a standard 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 V6 with about 110,000 miles. I always use my emergency brake when I park, and just yesterday I pulled the release and it sounded like the brake released but the pedal stayed down. I know it released b/c there is no resistance when I drive but there is no way to engage the emergency brake now because the pedal is stuck down. Is this an easy fix or should I take it in. Unfortunately I don't know much about vehicles, but I am handy.

    Also, just fyi, b/c I don't think it's related, but for quite some time the brake light would remain on even though I disengaged the emergency brake and it just comes and goes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Today while driving home, doing about sixty with cruise on, my truck shuddered and the ABS and brake lights lit up for a bit then went away. About three minutes later both lights came back on and have stayed on since. Anybody have any ideas what might cause something like that?
  • Ceramic pads are more expensive but cool faster, brake better and emit less dust.
  • I have an 04 Ram 1500 4wd. My ABS and brake light came on and I had it checked. The computer read that I had an erratic signal in my rear abs sensor. I changed the sensor along with the front brakes and had the computer reset. The light came back on and is reading the same error code as before. Has anyone experienced this and or know a solution besides removing the bulbs?
  • dcpkydcpky Posts: 1
    Had brake line break going to back brakes the abs and brake lights came on had line fixed lights still on tryed un pluging the brake box under dash have tryed everything i can think of My truck is 2001 Dodge Ram Sport4x4 5.9 70.000miles help please
  • what should i do about shake in brakes when applied? guessing warped rotors,considering dimpled or drilled rotors. is this a waste of time or a conceivable solution? its on a 2006 dodge 1500 4x4 quad cab with the 5.7 in it.
  • What is the square box mounted on the firewall adjacent to the master cylinder (they are connected by brake lines). The box is making a humming sound even after the ignition is shut off. It is causing the brakes to go squishy and actuating the brake lights intermittantly... Help
  • Im havin a brake problem with my truck and was wonderin if yall can give some guidance. The truck started out with a squeak in the brakes and I thought they just needed to be clean cause I just put new pads in. Now that squeak has changed pitch and sometimes sounds like a rubbin sound. I also lose breaking power when I turn it to the right. It becomes harder to brake and there is play in the pedal. Thanks for any help.
  • Brake squeal is caused by a high pitched vibration. Did you turn the drums when you replaced the pads? Wet the pads see if this helps,check to be sure all bolts are tight, replace the caliper hardware, be sure any shims are in their correct place, be sure nohing is rubbing against the backing plates, did you use semi metalic or ceramic pads, lubricate the caliper slides and pins. Put the truck in drive and sit there for a few minutes with your foot on the brake, the pedal should not sink to the floor.
  • I was installing new shocks and when I removed the drivers side rear a rubber hose with a bracket tha mounts to the frame fell off.This hose goes to a junction block thats on the rear axle. This has the brake lines coming in and going out to the rear wheel cylinders.This hose is by itself and has a plastic fitting on the end of it. I have looked all over and cannot find where this hose connects too.I have rear abs and have no idea what this hose is for.Any help would be great
  • silkytsilkyt Posts: 1
    Having the same problem. Let me know when you find out. 2001 2500 Ram
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