Chevrolet Cavalier Real World MPG

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My cheverolet cavalier isnt getting good gas mileage.

I filled it up, 3 times...and its only getting 260-270 miles per tank. Isnt that a bit low?


  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    About right for around town.
  • georgecavaliergeorgecavalier Member Posts: 54
    Is it the 2.4 liter? If it is that's about right. The smaller 2.2 motors can get almost 40MPG but the 2.4 gets an average of 24-26
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    there is no way they get 40mpg. i fill my tank on friday, and by monday im already at half tank. i do drive a bit, but probably about 40-50 miles. i dont see how it can get 40mpg.
  • georgecavaliergeorgecavalier Member Posts: 54
    My grandfather has a 2002 with the 2.2 liter and he drives with a really light foot. He calculated about 37 or 38 MPG. like I said almost 40MPG. For those of us who drive real world speeds, you're right, yoou'll never see close to that. When I drive his car, I get around the high 20's at best.
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    If you're running it to empty, then yeah, that is pretty low (less than 20mpg).

    I have a 98 LS sedan with the 2.4L engine, automatic. 22-27mpg is pretty typical, with a lot of short trips.
  • georgecavaliergeorgecavalier Member Posts: 54
    I have an 01 Z24 with that motor and I clocked about 24.6 MPG. The dealer said 40 for my car but I knew that would never happen. Those 2.4 engines aren't too fuel efficient for a small car. My old 1992 Cavalier with the 3.1 V6 got 30MPG.
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    have a 97 cav gets 40 on highway with new plugs ,ignition module,coil packs.wires and plugs..tune your car up and it will get factory specs,also use luckas fuel system treatmant with every tank,also I drive in town and will get about 29 to gal. there is a different with highway and city,in the city every time you are sitting still it uses more gas. I have never gone over 60mph, when you drive fast you loose gas mileage.. but I drive lite it's only a 2.2 liter.30 dollars to fill up and get about 425 miles with tank and I have 167,000 miles on it.
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    I have an 02 Cavalier. I can get 40 on the highway if I drive the right way.I don't do much highway driving;mostly 45mph zones with stop light. My last tank went 457miles for an average of 35.88 mpg. This is not on any long trips; longest drive maybe 20miles. I practice what's called "hypermiling" ( includes higher tjre pressure, swithching car off at long lights, etc) and also did some aero-dynamic modifications( nothing expensive, just soda bottle, aluminum cans and duck tape I have gotten over 500miles on a tank during the Summer. I used to be lucky to get 27mpg before.It may not be for everyone,but it's become a game for me.
  • georgecavaliergeorgecavalier Member Posts: 54
    What sort of modifications do you do with soda bottles, aluminum cans, and duct tape?
  • hatefulhateful Member Posts: 4
    I reshaped the nose and extended down with an air dam inches from the ground.Covered wide open area in wheel well;more in the back as they don't need room to turn. The pinch weld along the bottom sides has a duck tape side skirt with cans and bottles to form a slope to divert air around the back tire. The stock plastic hub caps are taped ( covering opening).Coke bottles cut up and screwed into vent in front of windshield to block wind from wipers. Also have aluminum window screen covering the entire underside.">
  • georgecavaliergeorgecavalier Member Posts: 54
    Very interesting. I would love to see pictures of it.
  • hatefulhateful Member Posts: 4
    I just uploaded some pictures to my gallery; New to site and still learning the functions.
  • georgecavaliergeorgecavalier Member Posts: 54
    Well, it's not too attractive but if you get the mileage that you say you get it might be worth it especially with prices that are going to creep up to $4 soon.
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    I get around 24 mpg in the city w/ the 2.2 L, though I have a pretty heavy foot. Cruising on the freeway though between 75 and 80 I get around 40 mpg, w/ an all time high of 41 so far.
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