Towncar: traction in snow/rain?

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Please share you experience of driving Town Car in snow/rain. I wonder how stable is it being rear wheel drive? How helpful traction control is?


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    We have been an Alpine skiing family for decades and when we go up to the mountains, we take the Town Car with it's standard traction control. Always carrying chains because when the "Chains Required" sign is up - you hang iron.

    Howver in the 13 years we have been driving this Signture, we have never installed chains. Living in the NW we get a lot of wet snow and the TC handles that very well. I refuse to mount studs as thy are noisy and wear the road too much.

    As for handling on the level, the TC does very well in starting, stopping, and driving on compact snow.

    The best reason for driving a TC in the snow is you don't have to chain up the "steering" wheels. Similar car to the TC is the Crown Victoria and the WSP raves about their cars.
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    just got a reject sticker from NJ because "visible smoke" was present during the inspection of my 1991 (125K miles) TC. The car runs great and really want to keep it. Any one have any thoughts on what the problem might be? Don't want to get shanked by a mechanic

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    A quick temporary fix is to change the oil to a weight of 20/50 & that may slow the flow of oil going by the valve stems enough to pass the test. ;)
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