Volkswagen Rabbit Accessories and Modifications

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I'm seriously thinking about buying a Rabbit in about a months time and also thinking about some accessories such as the i-Pod adapter, the base carrier bars and bike attachment. What Volkswagen accessories do you have? Do you think it's better to get them from Volkswagen or get them 3rd party?


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    Does anyone know if an '07 GTI of Jetta steering wheel with audio controls can be added to and '07 Rabbit? Not sure if the right connections are available on my 4-door that has 6-disk changer stereo.
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    If you go to you can look up in their rabbit/gti forums, you can find a step by step (with pictures) way to do it. The jetta gli wheel will fit, as will the gti since they are the same wheel. I think that there is a way to get it to work with the audio controls fully functional, but i also know that some people just like the feel of the wheel and kept it off.

    The wheel itself is a bit expensive and i would never attempt it myself, i'm not good at that kind of stuff, and if you are anything like me, you will have the added cost of having to have someone else do it for you.

    I went to the vw dealer in asheville, where we purchased our rabbit, recently to look at some jetta tdi's just out of curiosity and i noticed that they have the same exact steering wheel as in our rabbit, but it is leather wrapped AND has audio controls. Maybe this would be a cheaper alternative? That is the route i (and may) would go.

    Hope this helps!
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    well, as of now, the only 'accessory' i have for my rabbit is the monster mats w/rabbit logo. Some 17's, the rear hatch spoiler, lowering springs and new center armest will follow eventually.

    As far as alloys go, i'd do my best to get them financed, since i think vw factory wheels look the best on vw's but they are also expensive to purchase after you buy the car. Some dealers have websites,(ill post em up, i think one is and they offer things at a discount. You can also check out, and they will give you the same accessories but at a little bit of a discount. (got my monster mats for 80 bucks after shipping and handling, vw wanted over 100 for em!)

    mtx tuning is another good website.
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    Since we don't have a general discussion for accessories and modifications for the Rabbit, I'll rename this one and we can use this as the start of one.
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    Thanks...and by the way, does anyone know if the kayak carrier can handle a canoe?
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    i don't see why may want to call vw directly or just go to a dealer, they could tell you! :)
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    is it just me or do the monster mats suck. every time i drive they slide up towards my pedals (yes i have them on the little hooks)
    they hit my gas the other day luckly i had the clutch in
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    whoa if you have them on the hooks, there should be no way they could slide! even without the hooks, mine don't move around at all...but just to be ont the safe side, did you turn the hook the opposite way to lock it in place? or did you just slide the mat on and keep it in the same position?
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    Has anyone found any sort of aftermarket performance upgrades for the 2007 Rabbit? I love it but I'd really like to be able to get a few more ponies
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    aside from suspesnsion and such there is very little that you can do engine-wise.

    Nuespeed actually built a turbo kit for it, but i've only seen it on an exclusive show car called the thunder bunny; it made 225hp to the wheels and it was only a stage 1 turbo, tuned realatively low. (that means the engine is probably producing around 245 horsies.) You could contact them and ask if they would undertake such a task for the average joe, so who knows?

    Vw themselves is re-tuning the engine for 2008, and very good sources have told me that this is actually an upgrade that can be arranged for pre-08 ; its an updated ecu and new intake manifold. It will give your bunny 7lbs more of torque, and 20 more horsepower. (redline increases to a still kinda crappy 6300rpms.)

    It essentially become the most powerful car in its class. I dunno how much the dealer will charge though. The old 2.0 engine in the previous generation golf/jetta/beetle, only made 115hp and i know they eveuntually (the aftermarket that is) released a chip for it, so i don't think the 2.5 is out of the question. ITs just a matter of waiting.
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    I just got the rabbit and the dealer didn't have the one I wanted with rims does anyone know a website i can get VW rims at.
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    You can Google to find sites, but here is one I found. There are also a couple of other sites that were previously mentioned in this thread.
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    if you go to and go to the classified forums, there are a lot of people selling vw rims, off their gti's and such. Ebay is great to go to, as are:
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    I just ordered a cold air intake made by Weapon-R, they call it the Secret Weapon Cold Air Intake. According to their website it will fit on all 2005-2007 Jetta and Rabbit 2.5 engines. cost is around $200.00, hopefully it will give about 10 more ponies, they say a lot more.....
    It should arrive in a week, I will let you know if it's worth the money.
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    well, since you already bought it, i guess theres nothing you can do, but weapon r is known for making cheesy, less than stellar products, hence there claim for more than 10hp.
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    Just got my '08 2dr Rabbit a week ago, already put on 600 miles. I love this car but there is only one thing I miss that I have in my Jetta. That is an armrest. Does anyone know where I can get one for the Rabbit?
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618 already have an 08? where does it redline?

    if you DO in fact have an 08, there was/is a fairly cheap upgrade/package that included an ipod connecter that features a nice armrest for your bunny.

    otherwise, you can fork out 200 bucks and buy one off of
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    It redlines at 6300.
    I was thinking of adding the iPod adapter but decided to save on my monthly payment. Figured I would just use the AUX port. But now I have my XM connected to the AUX port so the iPod adapter is looking like a must have now. I could hookup my iPhone since it is the same connector.
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    wow. i didn't realize the 08's were on dealer lots!

    i guess is the way to go; i'm all for the lowest carpayment possible! ;)
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    I just put my deposit down, with 5k down including my trade in, im looking at 235 a month. I drove an auto one and was not thrilled. But i imagine the manual will be better if they can ever find me one in United grey 2 doors and stick. I drove the jetta in stick and loved it. Now i hear the 08 Jetta has a 6 speed... :mad: not cool. haha Yeah i was hoping i could mod the car a little bit...
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    yes with any problem.I put a gti steering wheel to my vw rabbit 2008.
    If you want a oem gti steering wheel go to but my steering is from ebay and is a oem part.Fit all 2006 07 08 rabbit, jetta.
    And is not expensive.... i pay with installation 650$.If you go to a vw dealer you gonna spend 1000$ just for the steering without installation and steering controls.
    If you want see my rabbit with the gti steering go to look for Bigvic27 vw rabbit 2008 you gonna see pictures with the steering..
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    I just had my windows tinted on my 2007 4-door Rabbit and I must say, it really makes the car look sharp. 9 months and 11,000 miles and loving my Rabbit.
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    Just got my '08 2dr red Rabbit a week ago. I love this car but there is only one thing I miss that I have in my Jetta- is an armrest. Does anyone know where I can get one for the Rabbit? :P
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    A new iPod adaptor is coming out that also has a USB port for thumbdrives. Won't come out until the end of the summer or for 2009. This unit actually treats it as an iPod. Full integration and no 100 song limit and CD changer stuff.
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