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Kia Sedona Climate Control

dodedode Posts: 13
edited May 2014 in Kia
Had a nice warm day here in Wisconsin this week, and went to fire up my air conditioning. Nothing but hot air. It was going in to my neighboorhood mechanic (63,000 miles, out of warranty) to get my belts changed anyway, so I had him take a look. There was Zero freon or r12 in the system and upon pressure testing the system, it was found that the 3 lines that run underneath the car to the rear air system, had rusted through where the where bracketed to the frame. I have not had time to look at it yet as it has been raining, but what are those lines made out of?? I thought those where stainless or aluminum and should'nt rust. Anybody else have trouble with this. My Mechanic wanted $950 to replace and recharge. Suggestions?? I have not yet talked to Kia until I check out further. Will keep advised. ANDY


  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    This is a common problem with older Sedonas. I had a 2002 EX that had the same problem. If you search the Kia Sedona Problems discussion for "coolant lines", you'll find plenty of people who had the same problem. I think among the discussion we determined it was probably a problem of dis-similar metals. They didn't cover it under warranty anyway. Here's part of one of my old postings.

    #1147 of 1373 Re: Coolant Leak from Rear Heater Lines [spectraman] by times2 Feb 08, 2006 (7:59 am)
    Replying to: spectraman (Feb 07, 2006 10:56 pm)

    The dealer said that because the lines were rusted through from New York State salt, it wasn't covered. I asked about the 5 year rust through warranty, and he said that was only on the body. (By the way, if the body doesn't rust all the way through - it's not covered - I have the rear liftback rust under the chrome that they won't fix). He said the Kia Rep confirmed that it wasn't covered. I haven't fought it too much yet because I needed the van back. Yesterday, I got the van back. I paid for the repair plus a cooling system flush. Now - I have no rear heat. The fan blows cold air. I called them this morning and have another appointment on Monday (02/13/06). I bought the van as the second owner with 26,000 miles on it. I had the dealer who sold it to me (who was not a Kia Dealer) flush the coolant system when I bought it, but Kia is not denying it because it wasn't flushed by them, they're denying because of our use of salt during the winter.
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  • dodedode Posts: 13
    Took vehicle to my area dealership and explained problem. They talked to Kia rep and they offered to go half on the repair of changing the a/c lines AND the coolent lines for $800. ($400 my half cost) Not a bad deal compared to local mechanic who wanted 950 just for the a/c. Sounds like they know they have a problem and will meet you half way. Now if I can just keep people I know from dying and having to go to funerals and post poning my appointments, I can finally get it done.
  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    Good idea to check the following link to stay abreast of any potetial issues:

    Kia Tech Info
  • I think that dode is talking about freon lines...not the coolant lines.
  • dodedode Posts: 13
    I am talking about BOTH sets of lines that go to the rear. Just got it back today. They changed both the a/c lines and the coolent lines and recharged the a/c and flushed the coolent system. My cost was $400. I think I got a good deal, though they should not of rusted through this fast anyway. After dropping off the car my wife took the shuttle to the rental car joint, (by the way, Kia never charged us for the rental car either) she was talking to another guy who was in getting his coolant lines changed for the 3RD time. Thats ridiculous. Is there something I can spray on these lines now that they are new to help prevent this again. Rustoleum paint or spray on undercoating??
  • skulbalskiskulbalski Posts: 5
    I have had an intermittent problem with my A/C on a 2002 Kia Sedona as well. More often than not, it blows hot air. Can you tell me who you contacted to have them foot half the bill? I'd like to try as well. Thank you!
  • dodedode Posts: 13
    My a/c lines where rusted through and had no freon left. The dealer talked to corporate and got me the deal
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    I have had my new Kia Sedona at the dealership 3 times for problems with my AC. At times it works well. Other times it blows hot air out of the drivers side, COLD air on the right side and hot air from the floor vents, all at the same time.

    One time they said they "couldn't duplicate the problem". When I took it back again for the same problem they said it was low on freon and a nut was loose.

    In less than a month it was repeating the same thing. Took it BACK TO THE DEALER, made the service advisor sit in the car and showed him what it was doing. He kept the car 6 days. He called me and said "we had to talk to Kia about this problem. Your car is ready to go."

    I received a call today from a KIA representative who had been involved in this. She said the service advisor told her there was NOT a problem they could find. After talking to the advisor today I am very scared this will be the way the dealership handles all service problems. There are other dealers but they are 2 hours away and I would have to leave the car with them.

    What good is a warranty if they don't FIX what is wrong?
  • I bought a used 2002 kia sedona in Jan 2006. I always suspected that the AC wasn't as cold as it should be but my spouse and father in law kept telling me that it just didn't seem like it due to all the open space that needed to be cooled. Getting toward the end of summer 2007 and I seem to have warm air coming out of the vents. With temps in the high 90's and low 100's, AC is a must here in the Carolina's. I planned to have the AC problem looked at in the spring next year. I'm glad I will have something to go by. I would also like to know what the cost would be to repair the problem if that is the case with my kia.
  • dodedode Posts: 13
    With 65,000 miles on my 2002, the first hot day of spring, mine blew nothing but hot air. Took it local mechanic and he did pressure test and found rusted through a/c and coolent lines for the rear air and heat underneath the car. He quoted me 950 to fix and suggested trying Kia first. I took it to kia and they agreed to split the cost 50/50 and there price was 800 to fix both a/c and coolant lines. The 950 above was just for a/c as coolant lines where rusty, but not leaking. I think they know they have a problem. DON'T WAIT till spring, this will only add miles on and have less of chance of getting some sort of deal like I got. How many miles on yours?? Keep me posted on your results.
  • dodedode Posts: 13
    The 800 was the full price, I only had to pay 400 for my half.
  • I live in SOUTH Carolina so I definitely know what you mean about the hot weather. It has been a real killer here. The problem started BEFORE the heat wave hit and it still does it even at night when it is "cooler". There has to be something wrong. If I could get rid of this van I would do it today.
    Service after the sale SUCKS!! They cannot keep in Business with this going on but they seem to be flourishing in this area. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND A KIA TO ANYONE I LIKE!
  • Kia can kiss my you know what.... Fixed my rear coolant line issue for $45 today... Went to autozone and purcahsed 25 feet of heater hose. I did not remove the old rusted lines but instead used them as a guide and securing point to route the new heater hose underneath. I used plenty of cable ties and even more around the exhaust area.... PERFECT, NO LEAKS and I do not have to worry about it leaking again in two years time..... I really am fed up with Kia.. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. I went round and round with them 200 miles after my warranty expired on the AC system for a rotted out line. Warranty ended during the winter and first time using the AC in summer no good. They finally met me 1/2 way. Than the hood completely ROTTED thru and they really gave me a hard time and took me two months to get them to cover which is CLEARLY inder warranty. When I called Kia's 800 number to complain, they said they could not help me and there was no one else int he company who could give me any assistance. I do not care how nice that new minivan looks, NO WAY WILL WE EVER BY ANOTHER KIA........................
  • win3win3 Posts: 1
    My Kia Sedona 2002, overheated w/no heat. Took it to dealer and they state
    coolant line is rusted and is the cause of the problem. They want $900.00 to
    repair. I am going to Autozone to get heater hose. I too am fed up w/Kia and would never recommend this make to anyone. The car is rusting at 67,000 miles, in hood, along all doors, sunroof and obviously underneath.. Kia will not back their product.
  • vince17vince17 Posts: 19
    I own a 03 Sedona and upon preparing for a road trip I dropped down my rear spare tire to check inflation.After doing so I inspected the rear coolant line that connects to the rear heater fan and found it rotted.Rust was forming as well as over resonator. Now my Sedona is pristine and garaged (about only 20500 miles at that time).The NewYork winters havent been bad this past few years so road salt is not a big issue.Kia said I would have to pay a tech to inspect line but since it wasnt leaking yet I dont think they would warranty a replacement .I purchased the rear coolant line as the dealer was selling the replacement part regularly(114 bucks) Got a can of under coating and sprayed the new line like it was a hornets nest .Tech bulliten says you gotta drop the resonator ,(wasnt that over kill?) Anyhow I seperated the lines from the three quarter inch rubber hose connections(corked them lines to keep antifreeze from completely leakinking out of engine block) unbolt hard line clamps (2 of em)Disassemble rear splash gaurd , twist off connections from rear heater and wow allmost done.Now im soaked with anti freeze,bolt up new lines TAKE OUT CORKS FROM MIDDLE RUBBER CONNECTIONS ,open radiator cap so antifreeze gravity bleeds to rear line put radiator cap back clamp rear connection.and bingo rear line installed.Anyhow sent digi foto of rear line with invoice for part along with a dealer work order for some work the week before(showing odometer milage).Got a case number and Kias sending me a refund for part cost.I like this van I use to go on vacation,I thank this site cause I never would have checked that line.The others lines seem fine(oh and the spare tire was LOW.
  • I had the same problem as #9. It turned out that the "RR Heat" button was pressed by one of the kids. They thought it had to be pressed for the rear vents to work with AC. They were WRONG.
  • byyallbyyall Posts: 24
    Unfortunately this was not the problem with us. The dealer in Florence, SC was so accomodating about all of the problems we have experienced. Something is still wrong with the left side of the AC with it still blowing hot air. They also had a notice (they actually had another term for this) about the passenger back sliding door. They did adjustments and we hoped it was right; however, it is still not closing right and sometimes will open enough for the light showing that a door is ajar. SOOO, we will take it back when we can (it is 80 miles from us).

    The van itself is great. I don't like the steering to be so tight, it makes my hands tired. However, I still love the van. The gas mileage is great, 22.5 per gallon on a trip and still good around town.
  • hothandddhothanddd Posts: 2
    The ac in my van has a leak put a vacuum pump on and pulled 29hg turned off the pump after closing the valve. I let it sit for two hours still 29hg vacuum I replaced the high and low valves vacuumed and refilled. Check system with electronic leak detector and bubble solution no leaks found. The next day got in the van no ac just hot air, hooked up gauges low refrigerant. I put a can of UV dye in and refilled ran unit for two hours checked the whole system with a UV lamp still can't find a leak can any one help?
  • I had a similar problem where the pressure showed good while recharged and running, then if the van sat for a day or two and didn't use AC, the unit would blow hot air. I eventually found the high pressure hose that is located between the radiator and the motor had a slight amount of oil on it (has some foil wrap on it). I didn't see it until I removed the plastic shroud off the underside of the engine area, crawled under it and looked up. After changing the hose and the drier assy, recharged and worked well.
    It's important to install a new drier and o-rings to the fittings anytime you open and replace any part of the system. Also add a little AC compressor oil when you do this.
  • How many miles did you have on the van at the time? Mine has done this since I bought it new in June 2006. Our Columbia, SC dealer has just gotten a new service manager and I PRAY he will get the place in shape. It is a shame to love the van but it has problems they should have been able to repair. I sometimes feel they are waiting for it to go out of warranty!!
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