Ford Excursion Gas vs Diesel

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I currently own a 00 EX with a V-10.. Get 10 -12mpg not towing. 7 towing 9,000pd Trailer with AC On. Looking to go to Ex 6.0 Diesel or F-250 6.0. Anybody have any accurate or "REAL" mpg estimates for the 6.0 EX.. Not planing on making any modifications


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    I own a 2004 ford excursion 2wd diesel limited and I have 118,624 miles on it. I am the 2nd owner and i have towed a 26 foot ski boat weighing in at 8,000 lbs about and was doing 86 mph and was getting 19.6 mpg. my city mileage is 16-18 mpg driving my truck hard in a 40 mph speed zone. my highway mileage is 19-27 mpg doing a range of speed between 60-97 mph(27 mpg was achieved doing 62 mph with no passengers or cargo and wind was 0 mph).the 2 biggest objects ive ever pulled with this truck was a 60 foot fema trailer that looks like a mobile home 25 mph and transported it 6 miles. it performed very well with such weight behind it and plenty of power still with the trailer, and great braking power too. the second object ive towed was a 2003 gmc 30 foot dump truck with duel axles on it and we did 38 mph on the highway and were getting 11 mpg pulling a truck thats in the 20,000 lbs class. we pulled it with 3 heavy duty tow straps for a distance of 52 miles. the truck has had 1 thing break on it and it was a hole in the turbo exhust pipe which was an easy fix. i also used the truck during the cleaning up of hurricane katrinas mess and it was the perfect truck to get to those houses with 1 foot of mud in their streets. i also use the truck to drive to and from california during the summer and it is a great truck for long trips. over all i love this truck and it has out performed my chevy suburban i had previously owned in every thing i do. also i paid $16,500 for it. what a steal! hope this information helps u out.
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    "REAL" MPG numbers from a diesel truck/SUV is an oxymoron.

    I'm not sure it's possible as evidenced from your 1st response.
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    I also own a 2005 ford excursion 6.0 diesel. it has 130,000 miles and is chipped. I am only getting 10-14 mpg. What mods did you do to your truck to get that gas milage?
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    I have a 2 excursions which we made into a limos the diesel limo gets 10mpg even with 20 people in it. We have a gas v 10 Triton also, and it gets about 4-6mpg. So the diesel if by far the way to go. I had tried to post a link here so you could see the two, but links are not allowed. But both limos are the exact same size and pound for pound the diesel is much stronger and does over twice the mpg. I also have over 180000 on the original diesel engine and it is still running strong.
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