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Honda Odyssey Towing/Trailer Hitch Questions



  • I went with the wiring harness I linked to above from, along with this 4-pin to 7-pin adpater

    It is a nice kit with everything you'll need. Also recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller.
  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    I did my 07 last year. Re the harness, I agree with Shawkins (March 6). I also bought the same harness same price on line, instructions were good, kit complete. Note you need to add a fuse in the panel inside passenger front door, but this is explained. You need to add a fused power supply from your battery (install an in-line fuse next to battery) thru the firewall (find a grommet for other stuff and pierce in the edge) into the drivers side. This goes to controller. Also need to splice into the switched side of the brake switch above the pedal (tells the controller that you are braking). Then run a 12 ga wire from controller to rear compartment. You can stuff it under the plastic trim easily. It comes out beside the spare. Finish your connections with a 6 or 7 prong connector with a long pigtail and flip it out under the tailgate when needed.
    My research said Prodigy was the best controller - not the cheapest. But this is no place to be cheap. Mine is just great with 3000 lb 14' box Fleetwood Pop-up.
    Good luck!
  • Hi. We just purchased our 2009 Odyssey EX-L 2 days ago. I want to put a 2" receiver hitch on the car. I'm not towing anything with the car - the hitch is just for my Yakima hitch-mount 4-bike rack. Of the hitches out there (OEM, U-Haul, Hidden Hitch, Curt, etc) which one of them is the least conspicuous?

    I find myself laughing when I see cars with the "Hidden HItch" brand name, and the cross-tube and hitch are hanging well below the bumper in plane site, with the "Hidden Hitch" decal in full and plain view.

    Do any of the hitches sit tight to the bottom of the car, and have their cross tube somewhat concealed behind the bumper?

  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    Least visible was my goal also, but price & availability was a problem. I compromised based of price and fit. Hidden Hitch had better sightline, but did not fit in spite of mfr claim.
    From my June 08 blog: I used "Putnam class III hitch (for 2"X2" drawbar), part # 25238. No need to remove anything except the rearmost exhaust pipe hangar temporarily. No drilling except that the holes did not line up exactly, requiring a half hour of round file use to open up a couple. (I had tried a Hidden Hitch first, but its hole alignment was worse.) I read the Honda brand hitch instructions on-line, and it requires bumper removal as it fits up a bit higher and interferes with the bumber, requiring the trim. With 300# tongue weight and an equalizing hitch, I have had no particular problem with the hitch touching down in driveways. You will find more variety of specialty drawbar attachments for bike racks etc if you go to the class III. The six metric bolts come with the hitch. If not with yours, be sure to confirm the bolt is 12 mm. Installation (after filing) is only 15 minutes. Use a torque wrench for sure! "
    Horizontal tube is round pipe - not bad. Fit is closer to bumper than some. Bumper removal is not reqd - just drop the tailpipe hangar and install that end first.
    ! Before you order - Make sure Honda did not change bolt pattern again ! A comparison of hitch part numbers from 2 or 3 vendors for the 2007 and 2009 should confirm.
  • I bought a 2007 Honda Odyssey exl without the hitch (stupid mistake). Now My boys are old enough to ride their bicycles and I am considering putting a hitch on the vehicle. If I am going to put the hitch, I also want to get a hitch that is capable of towing a trailer (for the future). Any recommandations on whether I should have the hitch installed by the dealer or a private company?
  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    See my several posting on the subject over the past year or so. Dealer may try to arm-twist you to add tranny cooler and PS fluid cooled, neither needed for light loads. Tranny cooler a good idea for long hauls with heavy trailer (say over 1000 lb), and can be added later when you need it. Definitely go for the Class 3 with 2-inch square drawbar - provides most options for bike racks and trailers. With rack you do not need the lighting harness.
    Shop around. Don't install your self unless you are prepared to fiddle with bolt holes that do not line up just right.
  • gmodgmod Posts: 2
    Have the OEM hitch installed if you want the most concealed hitch. I have a 2008 that the dealer installed the OEM hitch on. While they do have to notch the bottom of the bumper cover, it raises the hitch almost 2 above the best aftermarket ones. It look so much better that any of the other hitches on Odysseys I've seen. I'm sure it's not the most inexpensive route to take, but the dealer "threw" it in as an incentive to purchase our vehicle (along with the rest of the towing package that you don't appear to need). My only complaint is not with the hitch, but the soft brakes. I can't stop with my boat, even after just having the VCM modulator replaced per the new TSB (#07-045).
  • rmandormando Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Odessy which I am using to tow a jayco pop up trailer. The problem is that this drops the vehicle so low that I scrape pulling in or out of my driveway. I also have a bike rack the trailer dealer suggested which goes between the trailer and tow vehicle. This drops the hitch to within inches of the road. Does anyone have any idea how a pair of airbags would work out and how much I should expect to pay?
  • 4my2boys4my2boys Posts: 7
    I have a 2008 Odyssey and I am looking for a hitch to purchase that will be used for hauling bikes. I currently have a bike rack that is used on our Toyota Highlander and believe that it has a 2" opening (don't know the terminology). I would like to have a hitch installed on the van that can also use the bike rack so that we don't have to purchase a new one. Any recommendations on where to purchase one and if it's possible to get a square 2" for the Odyssey.

  • kfriesenkfriesen Posts: 1
    I have a 07 odyssey with a 2" trailer hitch. I mainly use it for bike racks but would like to pull a tent trailer. I have been reading the previous posts about what I would need to pull the trailer. (the T-one wiring harness). (the 4 pole to 6 pole adaptor).

    Would I still need (brake controller kit)?

    There was a lot of discussion about tranny and power steering which I dont think I need. If anyone has any suggestion please let me know
  • cesar8cesar8 Posts: 1
    I tried to install a U-Haul hitch in my 2006 Honda Odyssey. I was able to put 4 out of 5 bolts on place. Because of hitch holes misalignment, I damaged one of the nut thread that are welded on the frame. I made 2 of hitch's holes bigger with a round file. But, but now one of the frame welded nut's thread is damaged.

    Any idea how/where to get frame welded nut thread fixed ?
  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    Only reasonable fix, other than getting the hitch welded to the frame, is to buy a 12 mm tap (get the correct thread pitch by taking a bolt to the store to match. ) You will need a wrench to turn it, best is a tap holder, but that adds $$ for just one use.
    Carefully !! start the tap into the hole trying to get it to engage the existing threads. "Chase" the threads in about an inch or so. The bolt will then go in. Use a torque wrench to finish tightening.
  • can you tell the best way to put a ps cooler on an 07 odyssey thanks bill
  • merk850merk850 Posts: 14
    I just traded up from my 2000 EX to the 2009 EX-L. The aftermarket sites seems to sell the same hitch for both the 2000 and 2009. Can I assume that I can take my old hitch offf the 2000 and put it on the 2009?

    Thanks for the info.
  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    Chech very carefully. My 2000 hitch would not fit my 2997. Big co-incidence if Honda went back to the same dimensions for 2009. Relatively easy (penetrating oil and/or heat plus a good wrench) to pull it off your 2000 and you will not likely get anything for it on the trade, so if no fit, just scrap it, give it away or sell it. Note, you may get away with filing out the bolt holes for a fit. I had to do 20 minutes filing anyway for fit on the so-called proper part for the 07.
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    I believe this is what you seek...

    This is the complete towing package installation .pdf... hitch, wiring, tranny and ps coolers. For the ps cooler, go to page 10 (step 38).
  • merk850merk850 Posts: 14
    Thanks Berniken
  • iromero77iromero77 Posts: 1
    Hi, Here is a great website where I just purchased a hitch for my 2004 Odyssey. It is a very easy installation, no drilling or welding required. I purchased it for a bike rack as well. _hitches
  • tom200tom200 Posts: 11
    Would appreciate some recommendations for a 2008 odyssey hitch. Mostly for bike carrier. I'm online now looking at dozens of different brands. The Honda version $240 pre shipping and requires bumper removal. Is it worth it? Aftermarket brands go from $116to $175 including shipping and seem straight forward to DIY install. I want it to look good as well.

    Thanks, :)
  • aandaaanda Posts: 2
    Like you, I have been looking for a hitch but all seem to hang below the bumper except for the OEM.

    I found this link in another forum that shows pictures of the OEM installation on a 05 Odyssey.

    Hope this helps.
  • kshorttkshortt Posts: 1
    I am reusing a U-Haul hitch (model #36279) that was previously installed onto the same make and model vehicle. (2K HO)

    I was given not kit with fasteners. I found the install instructions on line at

    The hitch has 6 holes (3 per side). Two of them on each side are 12mm bolts that thread into welded nuts (already in place.) After buying a tap to clean out the nuts, I easily (well...a little effort) managed to get the bolts fastened and tightened to 75 ft. lbs. (per the spec).

    My problem lies with the remaining carriage bolts. These are required to be fed from the inside of the frame with the nuts on the underside. Getting this accomplished will required more work and hassle as the wholes in place do not allow for the size of my carriage bolt head. Are the carriage bolts required?

    I have searched and found other installations that only require the four bolts and nothing further. I believe it was a draw-tite hitch that I viewed.

    Any thoughts on the whether the additional bolts are necessary?

    FWIW...we typically will use this for a bike rack and small loads/trailer if any at all.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    I added a 3rd party hitch to my 2000 Ody and only six 12 mm bolts were required, all up into threaded nuts already inside the frame members. There were no positions for the extra two you refer to, and I expect you may ignore them. If Honda had required, they would have provided the welded-in nuts in the frame.
    I pulled a 3000 lb trailer with above.
  • Which model number hitch was it and/or what Class (II or III)...I was about to buy a U Haul hitch for my 2006 Odyssey for a trip that we are taking this weekend...ugh!
    Thanks, Mike
  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    It was Class III. Can't recall the mfr name, and I'm now into a 2007 Ody so 2000 records are gone. Allow a day to fiddle with fit (round file to expand bolt holes in the hitch, for example, as I found a bit of hitch distortion on 3 brands I tried until I got one with minimal problem).
  • 2000? Did you install the UHaul hitch on a 2000 or a 2006 (I thought it was 2006). Did you re-install it on your 2007? I have a 2006 and was worried about the bolt holes not matching up after I read your e-mail...almost makes me want to re-consider the OEM (which costs more but looks better). Thanks for the info.
  • i have odyssey 2007 ex can someone please give an estimate for a hitch
  • Hi,

    I have absolutely zero experience with hitches. I have done a little hauling but not a lot. Now it looks like I am getting a small boat (19'). With the trailer, it is just under 3000 pounds. I have a 2006 Odyssey, no tow package, no hitch. The trailer has a 2" ball.

    I don't foresee hauling the boat more than about 5 miles at a time, ever, and it's all local roads so I won't be going faster than about 30mph. And it's all flat as a pancake.

    What do I need to have installed? Any suggestions on outfits that can do the work well, for a reasonable price? Is Sears still reliable for their Auto stuff?


  • yeah hey well first off u need to get a tranny cooler because odysseys are not pick up trucks so they are not made for hauling but if you put trailer hitch and tranny cooler it will work perfectly....
  • Where did you get your air shocks from? Who is the manufacturer? I will be pulling a 16 ft. Funfinder trailer with an '07 Odyssey that I am purchasing on Saturday. We usually pull the trailer w/ my Jeep Wrangler. I want to eliminate the rear sag in the van so that we can go on a long distance trip. I can't seem to find air shocks to fit the Odyssey.

    Thank you.
  • bernikenberniken Posts: 18
    As an alternative to air shocks, consider a load distribution hitch to keep the Ody level. I have one for my 2007 with my 300 lb tongue weigh tailer and it works very well. This will probably be less costly, and certainly offers no longer term maintenance issue, such as replacing a pair of shocks should the bladder fail on one of them.
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