Isuzu Rodeo Lifter Knocking Problem

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My engine was knocking and thought the oil might be low. CHecked it and made sure the level was good but still rattles, usually only running under a load (not very noticeable if at all idling.) I think it is the lifters, but not sure and don't know if there is an easy fix with out tearing down and replacing parts. Any experience?


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    I found last week on a rodeo i just bought used, that the timming belt tentioner had began to back away from the timming belt causing lifter noise. i have just purchased a new belt tensioner and water pump , but my cheap repair manual is somewhat lacking in details about installing the timming belt and this is why im here
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    where can i find info on installing a timing belt on the DOHC 3.2 2001 rodeo
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    anyone out there have a 1994 rodeo with over 220,000 miles? any idea what life expectancy is? having NO problems with engine at present,in fact at 222,000 mile not even lifter noise that I had in previous 94 Rodeo that had 200,000. I have bought this one used and although have put some miles on it myself,was wondering if futher invested is wise. i have seen a few with almost 300,000 miles, is this a rarity?
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    All you have to do is get a Haynes manual for Isuzu Rodeo & Amigo & the Honda Passport 1989 thru 2002. You can get it at Auto Zone, or most auto part stores for about 20 bucks. Installed my timing belt on my 1993 Isuzu Rodeo by it, and my timing is great. :) :shades:
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    have you tried higher octane gas?
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    losing antifreeze out the exhaust, for the first 5 minutes it smokes heavy, then the exhaust goes clear. engine runs smooth after that. this is a 1993 with 239K miles V-6, standard shift
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