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Audio / Video Mods

paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
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  • deformdeform Posts: 3
    Before i go out and buy one or two new batteries for my ride i was planning on getting some feed-back on other peoples experieces with installing batteries for car-audio purposes.

    So what type, rating and set-up should i get to get the best perfomance without killin the battery?
  • Optima Red Top. :) Bar none. :)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I've heard Optima are good, but I've also heard that for the most part there are 3 battery manufactures and most are re-badged. For car audio I'd look at getting the best deep cycle ones you can find. You also might check out ones at a marine store like West Marine or Boater's World as they carry some heavy duty super deep cycle batteries used in boats that run all kinds of electronic devices etc.

  • spluvrspluvr Posts: 1
    Optima batteries are a good option, Napa Sells Orbital which is a deep cycle battery that performs just as well at a fraction of the cost of an Optima red top! the Orbitals go for about 100.00 which is truly affordable for a deep cycle battery. There is also Kinetik which is a serious competitors battery(POWERCELL). there are many types to choose from, this is a more expensive line of battery but then 1 kinetik battery = 100 1.5 Farad capacitors! which makes this a battery and a capacitor in one! these are not really batteries but powercells! hope this helps.
  • deformdeform Posts: 3
    So, red-top yellow-top blue-top? what's the difference, i assume blue for marine use. i found this

    and i've had a look at Napa Orbital, there a little hard to track dow tihis far. I'm out tonight so i'll ask around.

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