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What color Outlander????

needforspeed29needforspeed29 Posts: 13
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
Ok, I am in my final stages of buying a 4WD, sun and sound, luxury, Navi Outlander. My problem is I like three colors, the Dark Blue/Beige Interior, White/Beige Interior, and the Aqua/Black Interior. I am leaning towards the Dark Blue/Beige Interior because the colors contrast well. From ownders who have these three colors, what are the pros/cons or overall opinions on the color choices I have detailed? Any input would be greatly appreciated because it is driving me nuts.


  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I'd say, follow what your instincts tell you. Buy the combo that will make you happy. And ask yourself, are these color combos available as XLS Navi 4WD in the first place? I know for a fact these cars don't stay in the lot too long, unless you got them ordered or reserved. Got mine in Labrador Black/Beige, and I am 100% satisfied with the combo.

    What I suggest though is to see it for real. Be in it and feel it. Sometimes things are good in the picture and imagination, but somehow don't look too good in real life.

    As an example, I originally wanted the Graphite Gray, but I ended up wanting the Black after I've seen both colors for real in the dealership. So yeah, after you've locked your thoughts on a specific combo, go for it and never look back. :)
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    whatever exterior color you pick, get the beige interior. Cream leather looks luxurious. I have both beige interior and exterior. I would prefer silver exterior, but they don't make it with beige interior. How much are you paying for this car?
  • They are quoting me just under 28K, but I am aiming for 27K...we will see how hungry they are. I know tomorrow is the last weekend of the month and they are building inventory.....they have a lot of XLS with the specs I mentioned. We will see if I pull the trigger.
  • Thanks rcpax for your input. I know the color combos are available, based on the dealer input. I need to look at the black again....see I have own a few black cars in the past, so I kinda want something different and the blue really stood out. I dont want anything with black only interior cause of the heat in the summer. I definetly want the beige leather interior. The white actually surprised me how good it looked. I am going to check out the black tomorrow and see it it sways me from the blue. Thanks again
  • carstalkcarstalk Posts: 16
    I've seen the White exterior & beige leather interior on an XLS 4WD, very beautiful. I went there looking for Desert Sand/beige combo, but they didn't have any avail. Saw several combos in the lot, but the White/beige really caught my eyes. I got my DS/b at a different dealership. Recommended beige interior.
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