Audi A4 Bluetooth Questions

10hazguy10hazguy Member Posts: 2
I leased a 2007 Audi A4 Cabriolet with the 3.2 litre engine a few months ago, and it drives great. A lot of fun to drive. But I am very unhappy about incompatibility of the Bluetooth with my cell phones. I had a V710 from Verizon and it synched up only one out about 10% of of the time I got in the car.

Three days after I drove the car out of the showroom, I was told by the salesperson that the Bluetooth only worked with certain phones--a short list of about six phones. One phone on Audi's approved list--which I was shown only after I leased the car--was a Motorola Razr. I called Audi HQ and complained about the problem but was told that nothing could be done.
Last week, I upgraded my phone to the new Razr Maxx. This phone synchs up most of the time with the Audi, but not always. This is atrocious.

A $55,000 luxury car should have Bluetooth compatibility. Bluetooth 1.2 and 2.0 is a standard for headphones, headsets, computers and all kinds of devices. There is no excuse for Audi not to make this work right.

I'll call Audi next week and report back here on the company's response. In the meantime, if anyone else in the group is experiencing similar issues, please post here.

Audi should have told me BEFORE I leased the car that its Bluetooth wouldn't work with too many phones and that I would need to buy an outdated phone to make it work. Audi should also fix the problem if it is as widespread as I suspect.

By the way, both of these phones synch up with my wife's 2007 Mercedes E350.


  • losthorizonlosthorizon Member Posts: 1
    and so did another guy I ran into at my dealership. I have an A4 and he has an A8. We both have Verizon cellphones. My Bluetooth connection works about one third of the time. Sometimes it shuts down my cellphone entirely, so that it won't even restart and I have to pop out the battery to power it up.

    Everyone at the dealship says that they are clueless. A service tech did tell me that "you can't use a cellphone charger with Bluetooth on because it fries the connection." But this is just part of the problem- even when I don't use my phone charger, I have problems.
  • dan48646dan48646 Member Posts: 3
    I just came from a dealership where i saw a guy come in with an S8 and had that problem. Couldn't believe it brand new $100,000 car and things don't work on it. The service rep started trying to explain about bluetooth formats, but thankfully the guy was a techy and explained to the rep that there are only two types 1.1 and 2.0 i cracked a smirk when he continued on to say that if someone didn't fix it fast there would be hell to pay.
  • terminatorx5terminatorx5 Member Posts: 3
    Hi folks.

    I have a BMW X5, that I have retrofitted the factory BT connection, and I had problems with my RAZR - at one time it would connect (and I would have crackling noise on line), at another time it would not. One thing was established - the phone and the car were capable of connecting to each other. The problem that I had was in the location of the BT antenna - it was oriented in the wrong direction, so, instead of covering the cabin of the car, the direction of the signal was aimed to the back and outside of the car. So, I turned the antenna 180 degrees, and now I have a nice and steady connection every single time.

    I understand, that you, as a consumer who bought/leased the car with the factory BT option, should not be getting your hands dirty with locating and reorienting the factory installed hardware, but it may help your trusted and lovely AUDI tech do the work for you.

    Your problem is obviously of the signal strength and possibly low location of the antenna, which could be a design flaw.

    When they are talking about a list of phone and etc., they mean that some phones can transfer the phone book, do the SMS and whatever else, while some of the phone might not support certain functions - all BT phones would pair and should give you at least a basic "headphone" ability.

    Same things are happening in BMW world...:)
  • g_mcflyg_mcfly Member Posts: 1
    The problem isn't your car - it works fine. The problem is your phone. North American phone manufacturers aren't very good at aligning with world standards - in my opinion it's a combination of ego as well as incompetence. I have a Nokia 6230i and it works perfectly well with this model. I'm not sure if Verizon provides a GSM-based service, but if it does then just get rid of your phone. You can find great devices on CNET - if I may recommend get the Nokia N95 - it is light-years better than anything from Motorola, RIM or even the iPhone (and that's an understatement). If your service is not GSM - switch. One more point, remember your wireless provider and your phone are two distinct entities - keep them separate. Wireless consumers are being continually abused by being sold incompatible devices as part of a long term commitment (CDMA and PCS technology enables this type behaviour more so than GSM). Other markets - especially Europe - have far more developed not to mention cheaper wireless products (both devices and services) as a result of this simple paradigm.
  • joegreen63joegreen63 Member Posts: 2
    so far I have no issue connecting to my KRAZR PHONE - OK 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME. still trying to figure out how to use the voice commands - any help would be appreciated - I have the 07 a4 cab
  • kflanigankflanigan Member Posts: 7
    I'm looking at installing a Parrot CK3000 Evolution in my '04 cabriolet. I HAVE the Bose Symphony II audio system installed and found an install piece on AudiWorld but it acknowledged that the Bose system was another cat altogether. Anybody have any experience with this or other aftermarket BT interface?

    Minnetonka, MN
  • dk123dk123 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought an Audi A4 with Bluetooth; hence, I need a Bluetooth phone now. However, I don't want to break my T-Mobile contract so I am thinking about buying the Samsung Blast (T-729). Has anyone had luck connecting the Blast to their car? Thanks.

    Also, if anyone with a T-Mobile phone could reply with information on their phone, would be great.
  • kflanigankflanigan Member Posts: 7
    I have T-Mobile and have been quite happy with it. I'm in the same boat as you (see post #7 above). I like t-mobiles international setup, which I use occasionally with a Motorola PEBL phone (probably discontinued).

    Good luck with your setup.

  • joegreen63joegreen63 Member Posts: 2
    I have the motorola Krzr which work perfectly.
    On another note
    I have the 07 A4 cab - gas mileage is terrible no where near the 20/30 they state. Has anyone had this issue.

    they checked it out on the computer and no issues showed up
  • lughlugh Member Posts: 2
    I work for Audi, and I also know a fair bit about bluetooth. The problem is not with your car, but rather the manufacturer of your device. Bluetooth is nothing more than a networking standard with a few established services like Hands Free and Dial up networking and such. Loading the contacts from your phone and pushing calls and SMS is done by opening a bluetooth COM port to the phone and sending it software commands. In most cases, what are called AT commands. For instance, AT+CHUP is the command that in most devices ends a call. Unfortunately, these commands are by no means standardized, and some manufacturers have a proprietary command set that they refuse to release, calling it a "trade secret." Verizon is in my experience the worst. I learned all of this while building a pc for my car to obtain similar functionality as an OEM navigation unit with the added benefit of having a huge hard disk to fill with music and video. I had a Verizon phone at the start of this project, and I couldn't get any response from any AT commands pushed to the phone. I spoke to verizon support and went as far as their executive offices before I found out that Verizon cripples the bluetooth functionality of their devices at the hardware level. Rather, this is done by the device manufacturer at Verizon's request. They do this to prevent file sharing between phones over bluetooth so that people are forced to send pictures over their network.

    In short, Audi is not to blame, rather it's the cell phone manufacturers for not standardizing a command set so that more functional interfaces can be built.
  • 10hazguy10hazguy Member Posts: 2
    While I appreciate your detailed response, it misses the point.

    Verizon is the nation's largest network. Yes, they are under pressure to enable more Bluetooth profiles. And, yes, they also should be criticized for failing to serve their customers properly. However, that does not excuse Audi's failures to properly inform customers BEFORE they buy a car about the limitiations. Audi should do a better job of working with Verizon and finding out what Bluetooth protocols will be supported and creating and updating a list of pbones that will work with its various models.
  • lughlugh Member Posts: 2
    Audi does inform the consumer. Perhaps your salesman didn't encourage you to test the interface with your phone?
  • chenoyboychenoyboy Member Posts: 1
    I have a A4 cab quattro greatest car 3rd cab this is the best 2003 2005 now 2007 my problem is this bluetooth works great on all functions great volume connects every time but the people don't hear me I have to yell into the mirror and look stupid while driving by the way this is with the top up I have been back to the dealer many times this is the only problem they can't turn up the microphone my phone is a samsung a900 works great with the car I have to turn the speaker volume down it's so loud I wish I can transfer this to the microphone help if you have any thanks
  • terminatorx5terminatorx5 Member Posts: 3
    Folks, have a technical question - my mom has a '04 A6, no factory BT installed.

    Is it possible to buy a BT module and install into the car? In BMW world, the US-spec bimmers are pre-wired for a phone, all you have to do, is get a BT module that plugs into existing connectors in the trunk, a BT antenna that plugs into the BT module and a center console holder that has a BT pairing button and you are all set.

    Is it that simple in AUDI? I would like to set up my mom's car with a BT, and have no idea where to start...

    Any help would be appreciated,
  • 44ad44ad Member Posts: 12
    I bought the car through a broker so I never dealt with a salesman after the test drive, but on Audi's website is a lengthy, and periodically updated phone compatability chart. For Verizon (or Sprint) CDMA phones (I'm a Verizon customer) the Motorola's generally work the Korean phones (LG and Samsung) generally pair but won't import the phone book. My Verizon Motorola works perfectly with my 2006 A4 with bluetooth.
  • soluvedsoluved Member Posts: 7

    I have an '08 A4 with bluetooth package. I just got a blackberry 8310 and I'm unable to pair it with the factory built Audi Bluetooth. When trying to search for bluetooth capable device, the blackberry can't find any. I know the Audi bluetooth works as it previously used to work perfectly with my Nokia. The Blackberry is able to find other blackberries just fine. Anyone else have a similar experience ?


  • kraalkraal Member Posts: 1
    I am wondering what solutions people have found for installing a bluetooth phone into their Audi A4's. I have the new body style 2005 A4 with Navigation. There is a phone button. But when you push it says 'function not installed'. So I called the Audi Dealer and he said you cannot install a bluetooth phone and to buy a Garmin Nuvi with Bluetooth OR I heard a Parrot CK3100.

    I am wondering, if I have the Parrot CK3100 installed, will my steering wheel controls work with it? On Crutchfield, they sell a wiring harness adapter, however not for my year and type of Audi. Where do I buy the adapter? Or would a good car stereo person hardwire it just as easy?

    Thank you in advance for any ideas, tips or solutions you may have. :)
  • jambrajambra Member Posts: 1
    Hi Kraal

    I just bought an S4 2005 and I am having the same problem that you described. My Bluetooth doesn’t sync either. The dealer offers me a solution for $650. Did you find a cheaper solution? :)
  • mh12345mh12345 Member Posts: 3
    I've just bought a 2009 Audi A4 which I love, but can't solve one Bluetooth problem. Bluetooth syncs up fine with my Blackberry Curve (AT&T is the provider), recognizes my Contacts direcly in the phonebook, but does not recognize "pauses" I've programmed into numbers in Blackberry that allow me one-button access into office voicemail (i.e., access number, pause, mailbox number, pause, PIN). The Bluetooth stops dialing after the access phone number.

    For that matter, there doesn't seem to be a way to program a phone number direcly into the car's memory with "pauses" that would allow one touch access into voicemail.

    The only thing that works is dialing the voicemail access number on the Blackberry itself (or using a one-button dial on the Blackberry) after it's synced with the Bluetooth. It then dials and recognizes the pauses and puts me where I want to be on the voicemail menu. But that misses the point of handsfree!

    What am I missing here? It must be possible for the Bluetooth to handle this task somehow.
  • jsd7499jsd7499 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer to this problem with not being able to use a pause command? I've had the same problem with my '09 A4 and Blackberry.
  • kehongkehong Member Posts: 5

    How do I download my phone book on Samsung Blackjack to MMI via bluebooth? I have 2009 A4.

  • mh12345mh12345 Member Posts: 3
    Unfortunately, no. It's hard to believe the Bluetooth set up is this primitive.
  • parkcityericparkcityeric Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get any resolve to the issue with your microphone in the A4? I have a 2008 A4 and have a similar problem. Everything works perfectly but people can not hear me which kind of defeats the purpose of having the bluetooth in the first place. I thought I did my homework this time, check the phone was listed on the Audi compatiability list, made the dealer link the phone, import the address book, made and recieved calls, etc. The mistake was I did not make and recieve calls while driving on the highway. It generally works fine or people don't complain if I am parked but driving at highway speed with all windows and sunroom closed, people can't here me. Eric
  • beergardenbeergarden Member Posts: 1
    I too had a similar problem but how I got around it was by loading the number into the cars memeory and calling it up through the voice tags on the "vehicle's phonebook", not the blackberry. You set up the pauses you require through the display and apply the name tag you want to give it and save it. Its a bit drawn out but it works. :)
  • mh12345mh12345 Member Posts: 3
    Not following you. How do you "insert pauses through the display"?
  • guy2flexguy2flex Member Posts: 1
    I also have same problem with the bluetooth on Audi using Blackberry Storm and was told that it is not compatible. See this link of phone that are including HTC's

    I am still look for a solution anyways,
  • georgeryder9georgeryder9 Member Posts: 2
    If you still looking for solution you might want to look at this blog - bluetooth headset, i had found some interesting things there">link title
  • aquitanaaquitana Member Posts: 3
    I bought this car in September. My iPhone 3GS easily connected via the bluetooth interface and even loaded my contacts and missed/dialed/received calls, which I use most when making calls.

    Recently, I've found that these lists are always empty. There are no missed calls in the MMI, no Dialled numbers, and no contacts. To dial a number I either have to select it on my phone, or enter it manually.

    What changed, and how do I fix this? It's annoying.
  • littlecrabslittlecrabs Member Posts: 1
    A previous post concluded: In short, Audi is not to blame, rather it's the cell phone manufacturers for not standardizing a command set so that more functional interfaces can be built.

    I disagree, Audi should not sell a (quite expensive) solution that they know doesn't work. A £26,000 car is spoiled as a by a £550 option that is frankly, pants.

    I work in IT and have had access to probably 10 different mobile devices in the 18 months I've had my Audi A4 Tourer. I need to be able to work from my car and only one, an old Sony Ericcson worked effectively and consistently with the car kit. The iPhone 3GS does too, with all functions, but still drops calls occasionally. I love the car, but won't buy another Audi as I need a car kit that will work. My boss' Merc works, but my colleagues BMW 520 doesn't. My Honda Accord worked perfectly with any device, even Nokias, which usually seem to prefer Nokia earpieces to car kits. Would love a solution, but is there one, except go for the three pointed star next time?
  • skiphreacskiphreac Member Posts: 1

    I have an '07 A4 Avant 3.2, and like many of us nowadays, end up getting a new phone every year and a half. My latest toy, the Motorola Droid X, is not successfully pairing - and the Audi BT compatibility chart shows that the Droid X only works on MY2010 vehicles. Is there a way for the dealer to update the BT firmware so that it will recognize the newer phones? Otherwise the bluetooth feature is rendered worthless. Thx
  • framkmframkm Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 A4 quatro and need to get a bluetooth device for it to use my Iphone 3g hands free using the buttons on the steering wheele. The manual is not very clear on this.
    Is there a compatible device that I can buy from Audi or other places (prefer)?

  • suziesincysuziesincy Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    I recently bought a 2009 audi a4 which has the bluetooth stereo enablement built in. I have managed easily to pair it with my mobile phone (samsung galaxy s3) so i can speak on my mobile in phone conversations but how do i go about playing my music through the bluetooth,is it possible? Or do i need to buy a wireless bluetooth fm transmitter and plug it into my cigarette lighter socket to enable me to play my music from my mobile through the car stereo? Can anyone please help- im a novice ??!!! ;-)
  • sunny757sunny757 Member Posts: 1
    You will need two things -
    -bluetooth receiver -
    -mmi calbe to plug reciever into audi mmi -

    The one downside is the adapter doesn't haven an auto on or off, so whenever you get in the car you will need to turn it on by holding he button down.

    It does the job for about $60.
  • saratogastevesaratogasteve San Jose, CaMember Posts: 184
    I have a 2006 A4 Cabriolet that did not come with blue tooth, although it was an option at the time. It looks as if there are microphones near the rear view mirror. I'm thinking of installing an after market Blue tooth radio from either Pioneer or Sony and was wondering if it will connect to the factory microphone that appears to be inside the car already. I was happy to learn that there are decent A4 ready blue tooth stereos for less than $200
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