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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma General Operating Questions

cworegoncworegon Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
I can't figure out how to gain access to the seat belt tensioner (ie remove the cover) Am I an idiot? (don't answer that :)) It is a 1989 4.3 extended cab. Thanks in advance for any help.


  • I'm trying to replace the low beam bulb
    I have removed the two screws and the assembly is loose.
    How do I get the assembly out so that I can replace the bulb
    The TORX screws I see, seem to be for adjustment only
  • seb455seb455 Posts: 3
    I have a 1994 S10 P/U I bought new. When I turn on the wipers, I get both speeds and spray, but they won't shut off. I have to pull the fuse. Only when they are turned on, they don't shut off. When the power is interrupted(fuse pulled), they "reset". The wiring has never been disturbed, no alarm, stereo, etc. have been added. What is the probable cause? I alredy replaced the lever on the column.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    Mine have a mine of their own also. How complicated is it to change the lever on the column?
  • danmillerdanmiller Posts: 2
    hello, i'm glad i found this useful forum. i have a 91 s-10 pickup 4wd with 235,000 miles. i just replaced the engine, and awhile ago most of the other driveline parts were replaced. all i lack is having it painted and a decent seat and it will be like a new truck - so why quit now! whats a good source for getting a seat? the one in it is acceptable but is pretty worn out. the previous owner was heavier than i am and it isn't firm anymore, and has rips. i havent checked on a junkyard seat, but if thats the best thing i might. i almost blacked out when i saw the price they wanted for a j c whitney seat (who i never buy from anyway) but its the only site i turned up that was selling them. any ideas? experiences? its just a basic bench seat, not power, and cloth.
  • Personally if it was me, I would just stop by at a junkyard. You can find some basically brand new [non-permissible content removed] at junkyards for practically free.
  • Can someone tell me how to change the fuel filter on an '85 S15? Tried searching but i don't feel like sifting through 100 pages to find it.
  • cruser25cruser25 Posts: 2
    I have just recently purchased a 2000 GMC Sonoma SLS. Unfortunetly the gentlemen before me has broken both the tailgate cables. I tried to order some today but the guy at the parts counter said he couldn;t find the cables for my vehicle. So my question is, what size cables will fit my truck or if theres another set that will fit it from another truck?
  • geoff6geoff6 Posts: 2
    Right up under my oil filter is the transmission plug I believe so I'm scared to take that out. I can't find the oil pan anywhere, I thought I found it but there are no plugs anywhere?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    The oil pan is at the bottom of the engine. There is a large pulley in front of the engine,the oil pan starts right behind that.
  • mongodegmongodeg Posts: 1
    There was a recall on the tailgate cables on the 2000 GMC Sonoma. Take it to the dealer and they'll be replaced for free.
  • bauer24bauer24 Posts: 21
    ">I called 3 Walmarts to find Goodyear Wrangler Tires for our Sonoma -none in stock. Called Grismer they could sell them for $20 more a piece! I said no thanks. So i called 2 walmarts and asked if Goodyear Viva 2 would make much difference since i don't do loading but 2x a year. They said no. They put 2 in front and I was going to going to have to get the other 2 on back somehwere else. However, i see a big difference in handling-no so good. Yes I have on 2 styles of tires now. But I am concerned I should have had a specific truck tire. Not to mention the valves they put on are for a monster truck tire (sticks out past wheel)-looks so stupid. I have to go back to have them fix the latter and I want my old flat tires back. Anyone hear of putting performance tires on truck? Think I will be okay to get the other AE Viva 2 put on back?
    99 Sonoma Ext Cab
  • I just replace the rearend in my truck and i had to buy a yoke flange that tightens on the pinion. How do i know when its tight enough or to tight or to lose?
  • road1road1 Posts: 1
    have 96 s10 4wway flashers work but the turn signals don)t.checked fuses on side of dash panel all good also should say lights do not light up on dash. need help thnks
  • You click on a topic, and get 20 out of 23 posts not related.
    Mix in a wiper blade post when it started out seats and what not. How the heck do you follow through with this nonsense?

    Any other Vehicle site I've ever been on, the original poster starts the topic, and non related posts are moved out or deleted.

    It should also be separated by State.
    Keep a General Thread, and have a Technical Thread, and Used Parts Thread just for S-15, Sonoma. And one for the ones with 4 wheel drive.
  • Are your turn signals and Emergency flashers different lenses and bulbs?

    If so, turn signal if out on one side is always a bulb out on that side.
    If all are out not working, then check flasher. Even if warning lights do work.
  • hello, my name is don, and i just finished rebuilding my 2000 s10 2.2l vin5 engine. it runs great, but im having some issues with my temp, and fuel guage not working at all. as i was driving to seat the rings, the check engine light came on. i plugged my code reader into the OBD2 port with the engine running, and later on with it not, and nothing at all from the reader. i know it works fine as i plugged it into another one of my other cars. i was thinking maybe a grounding issue, so i double checked all my grounds, and still nothing. can you help me out with this prob?? please. thank you
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Check the cig fuse, it powers diagnostics.
  • ur the man dude!! the cig fuse was done, my diagnostics work fine now, im getting a knock sensor code, and mytemp and fuel guages still dont work at all. any other pointers for me?? thanks don
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    The thing with codes is, erase them and see what comes back.
    If you had temp and fuel before the engine work. You need to find out what is not hooked up, or what wire maybe pinched and shorted.
  • i got the knock sensor code erased, drove it for good while, nothing at all. went to drive up the street to the store, and it came on immediately. im pretty sure there arent any wires shorted. if there were, fuses would be popping left and right, wouldnt they?? when i drove it last night by the way, my brights light on the dash doesnt work, along with the guages, and the needles for the guages dont work at all either. everything wlse works fine as far as i know though. could this issue be tied into a grounding problem that wont necessarily make the engine not run? anything at all helps me out, and i appreciate everything youre telling me already. thanks again, don
  • i just fired it up this morning, and cleared the code withe my OBD2 reader, i noticed that when the key is in the on position, right before it powers the ignition, primes the fuel pump, etc. my odometer readings show, but when i turn the key to the fully on position, to start it, they go off/away. im thinking this is tied into the same thing as everything else. am i wrong?? waht do you think?? thank you for taking the time again to help me out, much appreciation. thank you, don
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    That sounds like bad ignition switch, not the key part, the electrical switch.
  • would this be behind the key, in the steering column? i checked the ign fuse and every other fuse i could, and there fine. does the switch maybe explain every problem im having?thanks again for all the pointers, learning a lot as well. don
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