Mitsubishi Outlander vs. BMW X3

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Comparing only unique standard features, but both have V6, climate control, air filtration, ABS, brake assist, skid control, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, etc.

Outlander V6 AWD MSRP $25,010
6 apeed shiftable auto trans, paddle shifters, less weight, 18" weels, split liftgate, skid plates, 3rd row seat, remote anti-theft alarm system, 6-Cd changer, FAST Key, keyless ignition, bluetooth, regular gasoline, privacy glass, odor absorbing interior, aluminum roof, LED rear lights, speed sensitive volume control, rear door side airbags, audio control on steering wheel, 10/100 warranty + 5 y. roadside

X3 V6 AWD MSRP $38,000
more horsepower, sunroof, rear spoler, passenger seat height adjustable, illuminated vanity mirrors, cargo rails, wood trim, driver seat memory, memory key, rain-sensing windshield wipers, headlight sensor, maintenance Program.


Both have available options: leather interior, HID xenon lights, heated power front seats, navigation, digital radio, etc. Both known for excellent handling.

X3 appears to be not that well equipped with features and warranty. Is it really worth $13K more?


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    That's how much the "BMW" nameplate costs. There will always be someone who is willing to pay more just to have a luxury nameplate. That's why Toyota, Honda, and Nissan bothered to create one in the first place. It's pointless to compare a "luxury" class vehicle with a mainstream one, even with similar size and specs, because there's always the "intangibles" that everyone wants in the luxury vehicle (status, better materials, better feel, whatever, it's different for everyone).

    So basically you're just going to start a fight. ;)
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    The fight would start someone, who would attempt to prove that X3 is a $13K better car then Outlander.

    I agree, an X3 buyer is buying in most cases it just for status and prestige, even if the car is poorely equipped and comes with plastic "wood" trim and "leatherette".

    I don't think though it's pointless to compare a "luxury" class vehicle with a mainstream one. This comparison could measure the price of status and the amount of ego. No offence, healthy ego is not a bad thing though...
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    All these fights you are trying to pick ...
    Sounds like someone is disappointed in his or her purchase.
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    Sounds like you want to pick a fight and you want me to be disappointed with my purchase. Not a chance!
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    Usually when people post a comparison of two models, they're trying to decide between them. These comparisons, on the other hand, are like a vendetta against the luxury nameplates.

    Thing is, you'll NEVER, EVER get someone who owns or lusts after a luxury plate to admit that you're paying a LOT for incremental tangible gain. Trust me, I've tried: got this guy at work who is always trying to get me to buy a BMW because of how much he loves his X5. I'm glad he likes it, but I'm just not willing to pay the extra money for a "luxury" vehicle. Apparently, neither is the VP: he drives a Cherokee. ;)

    So all these comparisons do is stir up trouble. These two models would never be cross-shopped, because of what I like to refer to as "sneer-factor."
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    I just hope we have a fighting chance of getting a reasoned comparison of the Outlander and X3! :)

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    What's next...Outlander vs. Hummer H2?

    How about Outlander vs. Evolution X?

    What about Outlander vs. Porsche Cayenne Turbo?

    Give me a break :confuse:
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    What's next ...?

    We've seen some interesting ones! With some 80 SUV models we have the potential for nearly 1600 comparison topics. And that's only the one on one comparisons. ;)

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    "Give me a break", Hummer and others are different size vehicles: why don't you offer a comparison with motorcycle, so this would be consistant with your attitude. Outlander and X3, on the other hand, are almost identical. It's just one loaded with latest gadgets and the other one is "luxury", because of plastic "wood" trim, "leatherette" and price tag. Yea, I guess no comparison :--)
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    Plastic wood trim? I don't think you can get that on an X3 no matter how much extra you're willing to pay!
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    Now we compare Outlander to BMW X3 in RX/Outlander thread. Alright...

    Reliability? Mitsubishi “destroys” BMW in reliability. Take a look at this table: Outlander is among most reliable small SUVs, right after Toyotas and Hondas. Mitsu Eclipse also listed among most reliable, while BMWs are among least reliable, including desirable X5 and 7 series. X3 is not listed among the best and the worst, so it’s probably somewhere in the middle.

    Handling. X3 is just 0.5 m/h better then Outlander in slalom test and worse in skid pad number. So this is a tie and it just confirms the Outlander’s exceptional handling.

    Acceleration. X3 has better acceleration, but these days it’s hard to impress anyone by horsepower. It’s harder to impress by low mpg rating, and low emission. But alright, why not, X3 “destroys” Outie in acceleration.

    Off-road. We have no off-road data here for these two cars, but overall Mitsubishi as a brand has much better rally record. Yes, Mitsubishi not only won last 7 toughest Dakar rallies in the row, but they won 12 in total. Competing with X5s, Hammers, VW Touaregs, Porshes, Rovers, and MB, Mitsubishi won more titles than all these brands combined (5)! German team did win the rally in 2001, but guess, what they drove? Mitsubishi! It seems to me Mitsubishi knows how to build off-road cars.

    Safety. Outie “destroys” X3 here, since Outlander has side rear air bags standard, but X3 – optional. Also Outlander has Anti-Theft Alarm System standard, but X3 has none! Also, optional OEM rear view camera could be installed on Outlander by dealer.

    Exterior styling. Styling is a matter of taste, but to me X3 has odd styling. To me Outlander is much better looking car.

    Interior styling. OK, X3 “destroys” Outlander here, though still to my taste X3 interior is kinda boring. It has no wow effect on me. RX and Lincoln MKX have more impressive interiors.

    Warranty and roadside assistance. Outlander “destroys” X3.

    Features. Outlander has more standard equipment, which is not installed on standard X3: 6-speed shiftable auto trans with paddle shifters, 18" tires, split liftgate, skid plates, 3rd row seat, remote anti-theft alarm system, 6-Cd changer, FAST Key, keyless ignition, bluetooth, privacy glass, LED rear lights, speed sensitive volume control, rear door side airbags, audio control on steering wheel.
    ...versus standard X3 equipment, which is not installed on standard Outlander: sunroof, rear spoiler, passenger seat height adjustable, illuminated vanity mirrors, cargo rails, driver seat memory, memory key, rain-sensing windshield wipers, headlight sensor.
    As you can see Outlander's list is more impressive. Some Outlander’s features are not available on X3 even as option, such as Fast-Key, MP3 music server, paddle shifters, skid plates, LED lights, 650 watt stereo amplifier, Satellite Radio, 3rd row seat. Also, I just was told by my dealer, that he can install these newly available Outlander options: side molding, parking sensors, rear view camera, interior wood trim, multi-color Xenon lighting, luggage hardware, bike attachments, etc… Most of the stuff from this catalog: Mitsubishi Outlander catalog. You can compare Outlander to RAV4 and CRV all day long, but no way could you get so many cool features on these cars.

    Status and prestige. X3, though for real status you’d buy better car.

    Value. Outlander. Fully loaded Outlander costs $20K less, then X3.

    So, what the score so far? Outie wins 6:4. All right, let’s call it a tie. They both are great cars.

    Some certainly could cross-shop these two vehicles, especially, if you compare loaded more reliable, more specious and more stylish $30K Outlander to a naked $38K X3 with no leather, no bluetooth, no parking sensors, no premium stereo/satellite radio, no navigation, no Xenon lights, no etc. No, I would not buy naked X3 even at $30K.

    btw Consumer Reports puts certain entry-level Acuras, SAABs, Lincolns into the “upscale” category, instead of “luxury”, which makes sense to me.
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