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Why did I leave GM after 30 years?

bkaferbkafer Posts: 16
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Well, it was not an easy decision. After a dozen Silverados, I made the decision yesterday to buy an 07 Crew Max. I shall see if it was the right choice over the next few years. I asked the GM rep on their hotline and he really did not seem to care what my decision was and that has been my opinion of GM interest in me for a number of years. No doubt in my mind that Toyota wants to kick their [non-permissible content removed] in the marketplace and I don't think GM is able to stop them. As I told the Toyota guys, if GM does not care, why should I?


  • joe140joe140 Posts: 22
    My reasons were the fact that GM is ptting the new year badge on old trucks. Look at the "Classic" 07. It is a 2000 model year with a new price. I rebelled in 2005 and bought a 2005 F150 which was fara superior to the GM's I have driven since 1960. Yes that's right, 1960!! But the F150 has such a poor engine and tranmission, I have now converted to the best truck on the market, the Tundra. Just like the NFL draft this weekend, I need to buy the best player avaiable at the time, and right now, thats a Tundra!!
  • ktpklossktpkloss Posts: 28
    so why did you leave GM after 30 years? perceived salesperson's "indifference" over the phone conversaion?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Apparently so...seems he wasn't appreciated....
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