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New to edmunds and I just bought a 07 titan with chrome package and the wheels look chrome but they are chrome plastic covers. does anyone have these and have you had trouble with them. I have raised cain with the dealership with no luck and I have seen real chrome wheels on other trucks that I have looked at and they look the same but one is chrome and one is plastichrome and the window sticker says the same thing on all of them as far as chrome wheels go. Any input or advice would be great. I have had the truck for 3 weeks and I am wondering if is there is anything that I can do legally to get this made right.


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    Good luck with your plastic Nissan just avoid anything metal or rock. I think the 2008 Nissan Titan models will be inflatable plastic, just add air and enjoy. They'll probably come with one patch kit in case you get a hole. However, one advantage is you'll be able to goto Toy's R Us to buy a brand new 2008 Nissan Titan.
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    No luck as of yet I just think if Nissan is gonna do this they should at least put it on the window sticker. I have talked to the dealer and to Nissan consumer affairs and one blames the other for this so I dont think they will make it right. If they cant make it right I think this truck is gonna be sold or traded and I will never buy of refer anyone to buy a nissan of any kind ever. It would be nice if that survey made a difference. I will be honest when I fill it out but it's not gonna be good. If Toy's R Us starts to sell these at least I can return for a full refund as long as I keep the ticket
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    I highly doubt what you are saying... I have seen the 6 spoke wheels that come with the chrome pkg and they certainly are not plastic... they're chrome plated. If you have any questions related to the Titan, you should go to There's tons of information on the Titan. Currently, there are about 9,000 members registered.
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    I believe you. A company with a 54% quartly loss has to make up ground some how. The competetion is too much for them to handel so they probably pawned the orginal chrome wheels and put on some recycled plastic wheels.
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    In reality, Nissan's profit dropped 54% in the first quarter. That's not a loss. Nissan is envied in the auto industry, the American Big Three would love to be the success Nissan has become. Apparently, you've had some problems with one of your vehicles? Welcome to reality. I now own a Nissan truck, sold my Toyota Van, one of the supposed sludge mobiles. Never happened to me, it did to some others though. Mine had electrical glitches. Others didn't. I'm not going to bad mouth Toyota. And I'm not brand loyal. All manufacturers make fine products, all make some that have shortcomings. That's just the way it is.
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    A 54% drop in profit is a loss in my book because it means you lost over half of your market share to other competitors. My two Nissans, in which I purchased in 2004 were repaired over 60 times, both lemons. Actually Nissan Titan was rated well below average by consumers report in terms of reliability. So there are differences in brand, and Nissan has developed a poor reliability rating, and poor customer service performance. Bottomline customers are holding Nissan accountable, and they will continue to suffer losses until they develop a quality product with quality service.
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    It all depends on how you want to look at the numbers my fine feathered friend. #1 Toyota just registered a drop in profits. Big deal.

    My business profits can go up or down or sideways quarter to quarter, I'm still very successful.

    Phil Edmonston (Lemon-Aid) recommends the 2006 Titan, his highest rating. I put every bit as much emphasis on his writings as I do on CR'S.

    Your blanket generalizations make no sense.

    My family (immediate and extended) own 4 Nissans dating from 1997 to 2007, and all are good vehicles, costing little to maintain.

    Our local Nissan dealer offers good customer service. That is who we deal with. We have no complaints.

    That is my reality.
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    Not me, two Nissans, both lemons, and even worse customer service at both Nissan dealerships in town. I'm talking the worst customer service you could imagine. Basically, ignoring saftey concerns, and not just that but would deny a problem would exist and turn around and call me a lair. Versus honoring the written warranty. Also, when you actually did get them to acknowledge a problem, they wouldn't fix it properly. I remember taking my Nissan Titan in after the instrument cluster lost power while driving and the truck wouldn't come out of drive. They had the vehicle for 3 days ..... "unable to replicate fault" of course they didn't even look at it and just returned it to me. Next thing you know same fault, stuck out in the middle of nowhere on christmas day. I'm glad to see that customers are taking their business elsewhere and Nissan experienced a 54% loss for the quarter.
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    A 54% drop in profits, not a loss. Nissan is a fine company.
    The last time I checked, dealers were independent franchises.
    I don't think they like you.
    I took my business elsewhere, bought a brand spankin' new Nissan Frontier. Runs like a charm.
    Mine is our family's fourth Nissan and we still own all 4 dating back to 1997.
    All ( I mean all ) car companies make good products, and some less so.
    Of all 7 cars/trucks I've owned, all have been good.
    What do you have to say about Ford, or Mazda, or Volvo, or Honda, or Toyota, or a 63 Rambler Classic.
    I'm goin' for a drive.
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    Personally, I think Nissan ranks bottom on my list. Of course, Nissan doesn't like me because I held them accountable to the written warranty and federal and state regulations. I think lemon laws are great and protected me against the poor Nissan products(x2) and poor Nissan customer service. Again, I'm glad Nissan experience a 54% quarterly loss. Maybe that will cause them to get their act together, build a quality product, and not treat their consumers poorly.
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    Nissan is pretty much tops on mine.
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    These wheels are alloy but chrome plastic covers are molded to these wheels. I have pictures of the chrome wheels and the ''cladded wheels'' they look the same but if you tap on the spokes not the center cap or spray with a water hose you can tell they are not alloy. Better yet I would bet that they will melt if you put a flame to them. Ford Chevy and Dodge do this as well to cut cost and other Nissan dealers know about this. I am afraid of the dealer now and will not go there for service because of the way they spoke to me for fear of them doing something to the truck out of spite. I just think the dealer should tell the buyer or put plastic chrome covers instead od 18'' chrome CLAD wheels on the window sticker If it were a KIA or Hundai I would expect it but 30,000 for a truck with a chrome package should have just that not plastic don't you agree??
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    Absolutely. Nissan should honestly disclose the correct information. However, Nissan gets away with this by saying "all our dealership are independently owned and operated." I have heard this excuse so many times from the Nissan Motor Corporation that it makes me suck. In fact, at one time I was looking at a 2006 Nissan Altima and the dealership was quoting me a good price; however, I was cautious because it was a Nissan Dealership. I went home and found out this Nissan was recalled for engine fires. The Nissan dealership did not disclose that information, and just tried to passed the problem on to me. I think Nissan as a whole, as represented by their independent dealers, have lost all creditability. I mean if you have to start deceiving people in order to sell you product than your company has issues.
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    Welcome to the real world. What has supposedly happened to you could happen to anyone, no matter which car company or dealership one has dealt with. You pay your money, you take your chances. You actually think that other companies or dealerships don't deceive to sell their product? You might as well chuck stones at the whole auto industry.
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    ...then you are off-topic and your posts will be removed.

    kcram - Pickups Host
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    I just bought a 2004 Titan 4x4 with 68k miles. It has almost new tires. They're Goodyear Wrangler SR/A's. They're not very aggressive at all.

    The loud humming noise sounds like i'm driving with mud terrain tires. I've owned alot of truck. I've owned many different types of All Terrains and mud terrains. there's no reason i could think of that there should be so much noise. I'm hoping that's all it is. The salesman said his 07 titan has road noise like that but good grief, this is crazy. I can accept that fact that it could be road noise if i had some other tire on but this is silly.

    It's this common for these trucks or tire type?
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    road oem tires. Nothing to brag about and is the source of your noise. You would be surprised at the noise difference between tires, especially truck ones.
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    I everyone I just got a 2007 Nissan Titan Se last month and I really want to buy the chrome wheels does anyone know were I can buy some for under 600 dollars found some at la wheels for 900 and the dealers sell them for 300 apiece let me know
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    I have the same problem with 05 titan 2wd. i have wild country all terrain but it didn't start when i put them on, it took a few thousand miles to start. And i haven't noticed, but someone used my truck the other day and they said it felt like driving a tank with the vibrations. Going for an oil change with a balance and rotate today.
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    my new titan has the wires in the seats pushing up through the padding and the dealer said that there all like this ?? lots of pain going to doctor now caused by my seat
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    Have the dealer show you how the other trucks on the lot have the same issue. Then leave him the truck to fix it.
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    I own an '04 Titan, Crew Cab, LE with the Tow Package. The tires that came on the truck are 285/70-17. It's time for my 2nd set of tires and they run around $280 a piece! I have Goodyear Silent Armor on the truck now which is a D grade tire.

    The local Dobbs was saying that I could put 265/70-17's on the truck and it would be fine. This is a more standard tire and almost $100 cheaper.

    Does anyone have experience with changing the "traditional" tire to a smaller one? I tow a trailer, sometimes and RV and am always hauling things so I want to be sure the tires will work well for me. Mr. Dobb said that if you get a better grade tire like an "E" it will do well. Any suggestions on the real story before I purchase something I will regret?

    Rancher Girl
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    I'd ditch the Goodyears and check out the Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO 2 or the Firestone Destination A/T. Both are great tires for less money.
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    First, I think you ought to find a new place to buy tires. They are trying to sell you what they have, not what you want.

    Your truck originally came with P285/70R17's and you've got LT's on there now. Unless there is a technical reason for that, you ought to switch back. Tire rack list 29 different tires and there about $100 per tire less.
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    i'm a happy camperwith my 07 titan radio went bad dealer fix i just got a recall & making appointment to get that fix having no problems as of now i would keep after nmac. untill they had a dealer to help with ur problem. i dont think they want unhappy coustimers
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