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Used conversion van for "band van"?

minorplanetsminorplanets Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
My band needs a van for 'light' touring several long weekends per year and one longer trip per year (two weeks).

My wife (yes rockstars can be married), insists I do my research before I sell her beloved "Sparkles" to get this.

I have about $5500 and want something that won't break down too much, gets decent gas mileaage and has room for our equipment (we don't have a lot, like Marshall half-stacks just drums, 3 amps and 3 guitars.) There are 5 of us.

I'm thinking:

Ford E150 Chateau/XLT maybe move the seats up a bit in the back and use a cargo rack for duffels etc.


Dodge 20 someone is selling for around $5000


Questions: How many miles can a good conversion van go in its life?

What is a realistic expectation for gas mileage 6/8 cyl?

Do they break down a lot or is it per the individual vehicle?

What color should we get? (if you're interested)


  • conanrulesconanrules Posts: 16
    Werd, I used to be in a traveling band from the DC area that was on Caroline records so I know all about traveling in a van. Why do you want a conversion van? 3 half stacks and a drum kit take up a lot of room. You could take out the rear bench, build the typical bed loft and store all the equipment under that and one guy has to ride the trip on the loft. Or you could go to smaller amps (what am I thinking!) I traded my half stack boogie in for a 1980 Mark IIB and never looked back. It is probably just as heavy, but easier to deal with. Besides, only one speaker usually gets miked and everything is going through the PA if you want any kind of decent sound. We went with a passenger van and did the loft thing, only 4 of us, worked out great. I just bought a 2001 Ford Regency Conversion (not a high top) van with 68000 miles on it for $9k in very good condition for my family and I love it.
  • fezofezo Manahawkin, NJPosts: 10,376
    Have you clocked your gas mileage?
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  • how do you hook up the rear seat { electric], where it will fold down into a bed ? This is for a 1994 G-20 Chevrolet Conversion Van.
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