2008 FX Any info available

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Anyone have any information on the redesign of the FX model. I guess Infiniti is doing a good job keeping under wraps.


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    I read 2009 to be released in early 2008. So a brief limited run of 2008s.
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    No, I don't have information but I would pay to get it. Also, if the 2007 and the new EX are anything to go by, (even the Nissan rogue from the sister company), my guess is that it will be even more beautiful.. :confuse: :confuse: The only real questions that remain then are: will the mileage be any better? Will it use premium or regular fuel? And will she ride any smoother than a dune buggy, or will I have to buy an MDX? And will the rear exhaust note and cabin noise quiet down? And when exactly will it debut? If I were the powers that be at Infiniti, I would release the EX mid summer when the weather is good - for better sales, then, I would debut the FX early fall, thereby giving a one two punch, especially to BMW.
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    I was told by a local dealer that the 2008s come out in Late June/Early July. Can anyone confirm?
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    I have called the 800 Infiniti number numerous times to ask if they have any information and they keep telling me it is not available yet. Emailed Infiniti three times and got zero response from any.
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    Infiniti put out a press release with pricing and availability info for the 2008 FX. Looks like they should be in dealers any day now:

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    SUGGESTION : buy the fx 35 now ( 2007 model ) before the 2008's come to the dealers . there is an old saying in the world of cars : " if it ain't broken , don't fix it " .
    THE 2007 FX 35 IS PERFECT FOR WHAT IT IS ( an all around car / suv with comfort and safety nets .
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    Not quite sure of the final model name but sure am interested :D in purchasing one from what little information I have gathered about them. Trying to find out when I can order one. I heard MSRP will be same as the FX-35 around $37K.
    I currently own a 2006 FX-45 and want better mileage. The 12-14 MPG I average is killing my wallet :sick: I am hoping that the new EX models will do better in the MPG dept. and have more punch then the FX-35. Also like the EX's new High Tech features.
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    So let's see, you have a $50K+ FX45 and you are complaining about what it costs to fuel it?

    Too funny.
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    It is kind of funny. However, a lot of people go for the most car they can afford and some end up with cash flow discomfiture. :)

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    Hello All,
    Actually, I'm interested in fuel mileage too,
    although, I know I'll end up spending some
    big bucks for quality. Currently I have a 2001
    Mercedes ML320 and got 21 mpg, highway,
    on a 2,200 mile trip! I'm amazed that a 2008
    Infinity FX35 AWD only gets 20 mph highway!
    What's with that? Yet there are Makes that are
    worse! I was looking at the BMW X-3, but it
    seems to have some quality problems according
    to the reviews. I've ridden in the back seat of
    a Lexus RX 350 and one definitely needs to be
    seat-belted in due to the sway! Maybe the
    Infinity EX will be better on mpg! BTW- the
    one thing that I didn't see on the FX were side-
    steps or step rails. I really don't like that, plus,
    side-steps cut down, somewhat, on car door
    dings and that would be nice since there doesn't
    seem to be any protective side molding. On another
    note - I liked the Infinity Site because it has a
    "contact us" feature that BMW doesn't have. Also,
    the BMW site is Not APPLE friendly and one cannot
    do "Builds" when using an Apple computer.
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    Can't compare a FX35 with your ML320. FX has bigger engine, more torque, AWD, thus less fuel mileage. It has a slightly harsh ride but handles like a beast on winding roads. I get 20.4MPG and love every mile. It's the odd ugly look of the FX that gives it a unique sex appeal that makes you stare. If you want side steps, get a Volvo SUV. But you don't put crutches on a super model.
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    I agree 100%!
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    what is the incentive for 12-07 or 1-08? Also, you new purchasers whats your take on your new fx35s ?
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