Toyota RAV4 Wind Noise

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Right away my RAV4 had a LOT of wind noise from the front passenger window, it sounded as if the window were not up all of the way. The dealer had heard of this with two other RAV4's and said that replacing the side mirror fixed the problem. They did that, and the original very loud wind noise is gone, but now I notice much more steady wind noise than I ever would have expected, and it's coming from both of the front windows.

I know the RAV4 is supposed to be good for minimal wind noise, but that hasn't been the case with my car. The wind noise is loud enough that you would think the car was 10+ years old.

I was about to go back to the dealership again, but thought I would ask here in case anyone else has experienced this. Thank you.


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    I have a 2007 Rav, and I havent experianced the wind noise you have. Perhaps you should take it to another dealer and see what they think the problem is? I dont know where you live, but in Dallas, we have Toyota dealers all over town. Hope they find an answer for you.
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    Under the outer mirror on both sides, there is a cover with a drain hole. This cover is loose and will vibrate in the wind while driving. Change the cover or fasten it with glue or tape inside before fasten it.
    This will stop teh noise. :)
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    Hello, I have the exact same problem with my Rav 2007, loud wind noise from passenger front window.
    Did you find out where the problem is?
    I'd appreciate any info you might have on this issue.
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    i am replying to myself as i think i have found the problem.
    It's the rear view mirror on the passenger side that creates the seemingly wind noise.
    It has a groove in the back that needs to be taped/removed or you can have the mirror changed...
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    I have an 08 RAV4, and it doesn't have any wind noise.. Maybe they corrected the problem. Best of luck with yours....Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I have the 08 RAV4, and I have noticed a wind noise that seems to come from the base of the windshield.
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    I have taken my 2007 Rav4 Sport V6 in for the same annoying passenger side noise. The dealership sent along a ride along to diagnose the problem. They just changed the door trim and did a test drive and there was NO NOISE at all. I got 2 miles down the road and I still here the noise! Do I ask the next time I schedule to check out the mirror like some of you have encountered? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    i found the problem.
    It's a groove at the bottom of the passenger's rear view mirror.
    Try put some duck tape over it...i did and the noise is gone.
    What a relief!
    Good luck
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    It has less then 6500 miles on it, I AM NOT PUTTING DUCT TAPE on a new vehicle to solve the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The wind noise first started on the driver side window (vehicle was less than a year old when it started). But the noise seems to come from the area where the side air bag is located - in the safety bar. A short time later, the same noise started coming from the passenger side - same place. It's very annoying, I agree.

    Took it to one dealer who decided to seat the window in the channel (didn't solve the problem - but now both windows are misaligned and catching when scrolling up and down). I'm taking it to a different dealer.
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