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I'm about to purchase a Rav4 tomorrow and was wondering if I should get the extended warranty protection plan they push you to get? I got it on my Highlander and haven't used it, but I put lots of hard driving miles on it and know I will need it eventually. But the Rav4 will be for my daughter when she leaves for college in 3 years and then she'll be driving it 4+ more years. Dear old Dad will be driving it in the meantime, but it won't be accruing that many miles. Any advice? Thanks!


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    I tried, but couldn't find anything about Toyota's. All I wanted to find out was if this would be a good deal for a car that would be older, but with low miles. And being a Toyota, better quality and reliability than the other makes. (hopefully) Need to know before Noon tomorrow. We are having t-storms and don't have time to search before getting knocked off. Thanks!
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    I hate to say it, but I would... but moreso out of paranoia than anything. Unfortunately, this vehicle (which is my second Toyota) does not at all live up to the reliability that it is generally stereotyped to have. Thus far I've had the following problems with my 2007 V6 4WD limited with ~7300 miles on the clock:

    1) Display on the radio spazzes out and goes nuts at random
    2) Knocking in the front end when making turns.
    3) Transmission/throttle control trying to hunt for gears while cruise control is activated.
    4) Clunking in the transmission when shifting to drive and when vehicle downshifts
    5) At times, the vehicle bucks back and forth during normal operation and cruising at 50mph.
    6) Ceiling falls down when driving with the sun roof open.
    7) Fog lamps quit operating after 4K miles
    8) Unexplained humming noise apparent after vehicle is first turned on.
    9) Extreme throttle lag (which apparently is normal operation, but is extremely dangerous when attempting to make emergency maneuvers)

    Considering the fact that I haven't even had this thing one year and it's given me this much grief, I don't see how it could make it to five years without something much more major going wrong.

    Toyota is not the company that it was in the 90s. As I said, this is my second Toyota, with a 2000 Corolla being the other. Both have given me grief, while the two Hondas I had (01 Prelude and 05 RSX) didn't display such ridiculous behavior not once within a one year time frame.
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    You don't need to decide extended warranty when buying the new car. You have lots of time to shop around. The timing is buy it in 1 month before the standard warranty runs out.

    Try google search : toyota extended warranty and you would find one with better discount. Dealer's bread & butter on financing, deal add-on options (rust proof, fabric protection), extended warranty, alarm & remote starters.
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    I investigated and decided that the Toyota quality has continued to go down hill since I got my 02 Camry. There are whole threads on the topic on another website I can not mention here. Here are some deatils, call and find out for your self....I bought mine from this person.....I am not affiliated with him nor is he even in my state. He was reccomended in that other forum and after investigation he had the best price when I got one for our 06 RAV purchased new.

    A friend tipped me off to Troy Dietrich of Toyota of Greenfield in Greenfield, MA. He offers Toyota’s warranty heavily discounted. I purchased the above warranty for $805. I sent him a copy of my vehicle registration (to verify the VIN) and a statement indicating the current mileage. This warranty can be purchased anytime during the initial 3 yr / 36k period. BTW, one week later I received the official paperwork directly from Toyota, so it’s all on the up-and-up!

    Here’s Troy’s e-mail response to me when I first contacted him.

    I am currently offering the Toyota Platinum 7 yr / 100,000 mile Extra Care plan w/ $0 deductible for $805.00 on the Rav4, which is the longest plan available in both years and mileage.

    Most of the details on the Extra Care plans can be found directly at Toyota's website at the following link, including all the various terms and options available, just let me know if you would like a quote on a different plan.
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    Would you mind posting his email address? I would like to follow up with him about this!

    Thank you!
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    Would you mind posting his email address?

    You can exchange that information via email. We prefer that third party email addresses not be posted in the Forums because the third party may not want their email posted here and because it may be used for soliciting business.

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    I was about to ask that myself, is it really worth it and do we have to buy it from the dealer, can we purchase from someone else and how long after I purchase the car do I have to decide to buy the extended warranty? Thanks!
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    One year ago, my husband and I purchased a 2007 RAV 4 from a local Toyota dealership. At the same time, we also "purchased" what we thought was a Toyota-backed extended warranty. Just as a bit of a background, we were first-time car buyers and in a high-stress situation as my husband had nearly gotten killed in a car accident just a week before (that is why we were purchasing a new car) and I was 7 months pregnant at the time.

    Just yesterday (more than one year later) we finally received the information on the warranty after asking the dealership for some kind of copy of the warranty agreement. We never had received anything from the dealership or from Toyota, and we thought it was a bit strange that we had absolutely no info on the warranty. Turns out that they had accidentally placed our copy in their files.

    Well, lo and behold - it's not even a Toyota extended warranty! It's some kind of third-party agreement, and we never even signed the actual agreement (if we had seen this form, then we would've realized that it's not through Toyota).

    Suffice it to say that I am extremely angry and feel that my husband and I were tricked and taken advantage of given our situation at the time.

    What are our rights? We never agreed to this over-priced, "bogus" extended warranty, and we've been paying interest on it for a year now. Also, we will get charged a cancellation fee (and who knows what else) if we cancel it.

    We did sign a general motor vehicle agreement form that states "Toyota service contract" and the price of the warranty contract. But we never signed the actual warranty agreement.

    The person we dealt with was fired/quit.

    What are our rights?!? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. I want to be really prepared this time before talking with the finance manager about this mess.

    Thank you, and apologies for the long post...
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    many times these things have a buy back protection clause since the car comes with 3/36 anyway...its usually prorated. I would proceed to attempt to get you r $$$$ back and Buy a Toyota Platinum Plus zero deductible warranty. IT NEED NOT BE PURCHASED WHERE YOU BOUT THE CAR. Toyota of Greenfield (I think - Google it) was selling them at a great price. We bought a 7/100K warranty for around $700. The dealer originally wanted $1400! Good Luck.
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    I'm awiating delivery of a 4x4 v6 limited from Stevenson Toyota, Jacksonville NC. They provide an unlimited powertrain warranty with every new car. For $1600, you can get a lifetime bumper 2 bumper warranty. There is a $100 deductible. Sounds good to me. I still have a week or so to think it over. Can't buy it after I take delivery.
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    I got quotes from a few dealers for Platinum Coverage Extended warranty for my 2007 Rav4 (it is still under 3 yr 36,000 mile factory warranty) and every dealer's price is different.

    Can I buy the coverage from an out of state dealer (specifically from some state which does not have a sales tax?) Does it cause any trouble while claiming warranty?

    1. Is the warranty issued by Toyota?
    2. how long do they take to send the coverage docs ?
    3. Say after a couple of years just in case if my car is totaled, can i cancel the warranty and get the money back?
    4. Is there any other details that I need to be aware of

    I intend to take 7/75,000 platinum coverage with $0 deductible and the quotes range from $534 to $1,100. Toyota financial has the Retail price as $1,175. Since the minimum price is so vastly different from the highest price, I am wondering if it is too good to be true. I did verify the dealer who gave the cheapest price Midwest Toyota, KS is a Toyota Authorized dealer.

    Thanks in adv for your opinions / suggestions.
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    just an update .

    for the extended warranty, All the dealer "Midwest Toyota" wanted was the vin # of the car and the number of miles driven. With the Vin# he was able to pull up my vehicles purchase date & etc.

    I called up the dealer and paid the amount using the cr card, he said the warranty doc's will be sent to me directly from Toyota financial in 2 weeks time.

    The plan that i took was Platinum Coverage with $0 deductible for 7yr / 75,000 miles. I think it is a grab for $534. (especially since the plan comes with roadside assistance, rental coverage & hotel accommodation & etc)

    Will update the thread here once I get the documents from toyota.
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    Will update the thread here once I get the documents from toyota.

    We're looking forward to it!

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    I can get a great deal on a Certified used 2009 Pacific Blue Rav4 4-cyl base with 1205 miles on it.

    Being certified, it comes with a 7 yr/100,000 mile power train warranty. The dealer offered me the Certified Platinum warranty that covers most of the car for 7 yr/100,000 miles, plus roadside assit., and rental car for $980. I've been told this protection goes for more than $1400.

    Anyone have any input on this certified protection plan and if this is a good price? thanks
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    I think you could probably get a little bit better price from Midwest Toyota. You really don't have to buy it now, as you have until you reach 36 months, or 36000 miles. Im assuming that the 36 months is from the date of the original sale of the car. If you dont buy it within this time frame, you are out of luck.
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    I read your message about Midwest Toyota. You have this [for real]Toyota warranty? Gateway Toyota, NJ gave me the following quote: 75,000mi @ $2000 for an extended warranty. How would I get in touch with Midwest Toyota?
    These dealership people have me coming and going. Thrilled I decided to ck. out and found your message/conversation.
    Thanks for sharing and saving me $$$
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    Hello All,

    For all the posters who reference, "Midwest Toyota". Can we get a location for this dealership? As there seem to be many "Midwest Toyota"'s!!

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    Midwest Toyota Superstore Hutchinson Kansas and another to consider is Toyota of Greenfield in MA
  • arloexlarloexl Member Posts: 10
    Thank you alamocity!
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    just wanting to know if you received the papers ok and if everything was on the up and up. thanks
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    I have just purchased a 2009 Rav4 Limited with the 4 cylinder 2.5L. They are offering me an extra 100,000km/4 years of total protection for $2,500... should I take the offer?
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    You may also want have a look at the Extended Warranties discussion in our Smart Shopper section.

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    I would check out Midwest Superstore They are a Toyota dealer in Huchinson ks
    they are alot less in your case lotssss
    I got mine there paid $814.00 7/100k Platinum zero deductible
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    I spoke with some woman from Mid West Superstore yesterday [02-02-2010]
    and I received a quote over $900.00 for 75, 000mi with zero deducible; yet, when I made my initial call in November the quote was much cheaper. Would mine sharing with me the name of your rep.? I am most interested in purchasing extended warranty insurance from a Toyota dealership; however, the quote I received yesterday has me re-thinking the warranty.
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    Folks--remember, when you buy a Toyota Extended Warranty on a new car, the warranty expiration date is the number of years you buy retroactive to the "in service" date of the vehicle. So if you bought a 7 year 100K mile warranty--in effect you're only getting 4 years--the first 3 years are "free" from Toyota. Wait until the car is about out of the mfg's warranty and then price the Toyota Extended Warranty remembering even though you buy the 7 yr 100K warranty you'll only really have 4 years. Still paying $900 for 4 years of warranty is a GREAT deal, I just got a 5 yr 60K mile extended warranty for my wifes 08 RAV4 Limited from our credit union for $1,000--it is Bumper 2 Bumper and started at 35K miles and goes to 85K miles or until 3 Feb 2015. If it were a Toyota Warranty it would have gone back to 8 Nov 07 when we bought the car. Good hunting!! :):)
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