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How is the new flash version of LR's NAV working out for everyone? Pick mine up in a month - just finished build in UK - I'm in Germany (:



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    Works very well and is fast and accurate. Nice touch screen but some feature could be a little easier to get to. :)
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    One thing I will miss from my TOMTOM 910 is how it tells me the speed limit of the road I'm on. Very hand here in Germany.

    Drove the demo again tonight for hour - used the nav alot. Wonder how often LR updates (patch release) for POI's etc. :confuse:
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    From my own experience, they update yearly around January.


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    thanks - no LR2 listed. but, good to know. 4 weeks and counting and I take delivery?
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    Congrats! The wife and I are looking at the LR2 as a replacement for our second vehicle. I've had my LR3 about 6 months now and have also taken the offroad LR driving school course.

    Very fun! If you're lucky they may still offer the free voucher for 4 hours at the school with all new purchases.

    Ask your dealer for the VIN# and call the closest driving school directly with your VIN#. You won't have to wait for the voucher that way.

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    Anyone opt to have the iPod kit installed?
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    Don't think its available yet. Dealer is suppose to notify when it is.
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    the dealer took my ipod order on Friday (:
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    Yep, the Nav system in the LR2 is simply one of the best I have seen out there. You won't find touch screen capability in the BMW X3, and in the supposedly lowly Land Rover LR2 you do. Hmmm... It has been performing flawlessly even if the sun is directly shining on it, I can still read it. :-)

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    anyone driving in europe besides me?
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    To answer a previous question, the updates for the LR2 Navigation will come directly from Navteq, same as for the Range Rover (our other car). So far Range Rover's get updated about once a year, and we get an email telling us about the update ahead of time.
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    I like the navigation system in the LR2 better than that in the Range Rover Supercharged too. Just a little user-friendlier, although I'd like to change the type of voice, but I can live with her.

    She updates quickly, and only has one "bug" that I could find. My regular route to work takes me over a 2 mile stretch of dirt road (which is a major, state maintained road and on every map), and she will NOT recognize it as a valid road. Not sure if the next update will fix this or not.
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    You can change the language preference just like in the big Range Rover.

    Just go into the settings menu under language.
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    well - like the nav so far.

    Only quark issue was yesterday, started her up, put in dirve (didn't touch the screen yet) but it was past the logo stage and was on the settings screen. All the sudden (this is like 10 seconds into the drive) a pop sound (like a fuse had blown), I had glanced over and the nav was, in what looked like, a fresh start. The LR logo was up and it was, in seconds, in the ready all over again. But, it worked fine after that and has since.

    The only other thing, what last week while driving listening to CD, the LR switched over to the FM without me telling it to.

    so, that's my quick recap. Everything working good since.

    A friend at work is convinced the nav is voice activated. But, I can't see where that is the case. :confuse:
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    The nav is not voice activated. The version they use in the XK is voice activated but it was removed for the LR2.
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    funny the dealer told me this NAV was new and only used in the LR2. I didn't think it was VA - maybe in the future - would be nice tho.. heck I could have gotten my 06 Ridgeline with VA NAV.
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    Well it is brand new NAV and the 2007 XK is the only other car to have the flash animation based navigation system. You could still say that this NAV is only used in the LR2 since the XK nav is slightly different with the VA and a couple of other things. The XK has all of its radio functions built onto the NAV screen along with other things.

    Unless your dealership is a dual point with a Jag store or has been around the new XK they probably wouldn't know about the relation.
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    they are jag too - had one for loaner the x s (some) type. ehh ok. love the LR better. Once thing sold me on the nav was just that ITS the nav only NO other function. i wish the radio display was a bit larger, but i guess that was a straight shoot from the LR3 minis the 7.1 system.
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    Yeah I don't like having the NAV screen doing the radio stuff either it bothers me but nothing bothers me more then having climate control stuff on the NAV screen.

    The Radio is designed by Alpine in the LR2 and by Harmon Kardon in the LR3. They are completely different from each other but both top level systems have 7 channel surround sound.
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    Hi Everybody,
    Firstly i want to thank you all, for your inputs have really helped me make decision on the rover. Right now my only concern is the nav,I was thinking of buying a in dash external nav other than factory installed. As the technology keeps changing i wanna be trying new things on my nav, with factory installed i thought i would be stuck with just 1 model and a very high price. what do u think?..
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    well, high price i agree, but its not just for the nav, bluetooth, upgaded alpine system as I'm sure you know.
    I had a tomtom unit, but only updates were software maps mostly. nothing NEW and exciting.
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    anyone having any issues with the nav/stereo?

    I am - this week each time I start the car, it starts with the FM, when I had shut it down I was playing CD or aux(ipod) input. Or during driving it just all the sudden decided to switch over to the FM from CD or Aux.

    today, the nav showed no maps on the way to run an errand. One the way back, the nav worked, but the no sound at all would come from the stereo, CD, ipod - during a light I even shut the car off, but it didn't help.

    On the way home, again it stared with the FM when I was playing CD, and it flipped over to FM when I had the ipod playing (nav worked ok)after about 10 minutes of driving.

    its getting old quick, very quick. I surely expected more from a 3500 system, my Ridgeline never had any stereo issues well no issues to think of.

    I know, don't compare the 2. Still, I hope it either corrected it self or I guess the dealer here in Germany will have to start tinkering. Bad side is- they are 45 minutes away.

    Oh, on the way to work, the auto headlights (xenon) stayed on the whole time, with the nice bright sun shining - some electrical bug i got going on

    4 weeks and 1200 miles.

    ok, thanks for listening :P
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    There are some known issues with the Radio.

    I've had it so that the radio was turned off when I turned off the vehicle, and when I restarted the vehicle several hours later, the radio wouldn't come back on.. Had to pull over turn the car off then restart, and it was fine.

    I was told by the dealership that they had a software patch for it, and it didn't re-occur.

    As for the headlights, that could be a software thing as well. Here in Canada, our particular zone has it so the headlights are on all the time too - they call them "daytime running lights"
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    When I got to my destination the nav re-booted it self and shut off- any one have this issue?
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    yep call the dealer, update fix is out there... i had same thing, but it stopped doing the self reboot about about a month ago. ill wait until my 7500 for the fix
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    Only have this LR2 for two weeks and the same issue happened twice. Nav and Sound system shut off while driving. Will take it back for service soon. :(
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    Hey Stonefoxx-

    Was reading your posts...

    I just left the Manhattan LR dealership and their numbers seem high to me.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could answer a few questions for me:

    1. How is the car working out for you? It seems as though you have not posted in a few months, have you worked out all the kinks?

    2. What do you like about the car and what do you dislike about it?

    3. When you stated you got the nav package did you mean the technology package?

    4. Which dealership did you end up leasing from?

    5. What were your final lease numbers, mi/yr, due at signing, lease price, money factor and residual value

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Does anybody knows how to unlock the navigation system in the LR2? I use it most with my wife and is pretty bad having to pull over the car everytime I need to add a new destination.

    I know that in BMWs, Lexus and other brands there is a way to unlock it through the service menu.
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    Hi Daniel,
    unfortunately there is no way way to unlock it. check out this thread:
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    I've entered the address in our Range Rover's nav system while driving. It is impossible to keep your eyes on the road and set the navigation at the same time. We've also tried it with me driving and my hubby setting the nav, which is just as distracting as if I were doing it myself.

    My advice? With all the problems on the road - people yakking on their cells and not paying attention, women and men paying more attention to their children in the back seat than driving, and just plain driver-stupidity - it is far better to have to pull over than to have to explain to a police officer why you just killed another driver - "I'm sorry sir, I was trying to input the address to Arby's!" :-)
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    Just gor 08 LR2 with Tech
    Nav has no Eastern States in SEARCH AREA FUNCTION.
    Cant enter destination for any NY CT MASS FL etc.
    Dealer is a moron.. Whats up??
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    My first (and only) suggestion would be to take your Navigation DVD and download the info again. When my LR2 arrived, the Nav DVD had not been downloaded. The DVD is under the front passenger seat.
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    Believe it or not, only the West Coast DVD was delivered with the Car. I got the NAVTEC update. It appears the unit will only take 1 of the 2 DVD set. The new download was 20 plus minutes.
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    I shook my head at that one! :-) So, you had to get the update from Navtec before the whole US was on your navigation system? {Scratching head} I know the initial loading from the DVD on mine seemed to take forever, although I have no idea how long it actually was. Did the download from Navtec fix it?
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    I was wondering if your dealer was able to fix this issue. My nav/audio system started shutting off and rebooting last week. It happens almost every minute when I'm driving it. I took it into the dealer this morning and there were no fault codes. They don't know what the issue is and want me to drop it off for a few days to see what's going on.
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    When the cars are brand new, in the dealer's instructions, they are supposed to be downloading everything before you get in the car. Until they do the download on the DVD, you won't have all the data on your system.

    As far as the rebooting of the system, your dealer needs to be present when it is happening. Mine did that a few times, the dealer's mechanic only had to be present once and was able to fix it!
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    The dealer/mechanic saw the systems reboot several times but didn't know what to do to fix it. Do you know if your mechanic reloaded software to fix the problem? I think half the problem is that I have a US spec car in Germany so they have not seen this problem before. They don't communicate with the US dealers because of the language barrier so they asked me if I could find a potential solution online. If they can't figure it out, they want to replace the entire nav/radio system but there's got to be an easier solution.
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    I don't think it was as simple as a software download. If I remember correctly, the mechanic also had to make a minor adjustment in the nav system mechanicals. I won't be at the garage until I take our Range Rover in next week, but I can ask the mechanic if he remembers how he fixed it.

    I know he referred to it as a common problem over here, but I didn't think to ask him at the time what the cause of the problem was. Sorry I can't be of more help to you in this. But when I ask, I'll post the answer here. I'm sure you aren't the only one with the problem.
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    When I took delivery of my LR2 the Nav system was constantly rebooting ... took the techs a while but it turned out to be the Sat Radio module. They replaced it by taking it from another LR2 as the part was not in stock.
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    Just out of curiosity, did your radio turn off the same time as the Nav system? I'll let my mechanic know about the Sat Radio module--thanks! I love my LR2 and the less time I have to spend without it, the better!
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    I have the same problem. Did replacing the module fix the problem? My dealer is reluctant to replace the sat module claiming they are very expensive and that may not be the problem. Trouble is they can't reproduce the problem while the car is there. The nav system hangs, sat radio off, cell off, and the System seems to just keep rebooting flashing the Landrover startup screen over and over. Here is a video of the problem that I am seeing, is it the same as what you are seeing?
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    I have a LR3 and am having a similar problem. Mine is intermittent. Mine started with the radio not exactly shutting down, but no sound would come out of the system. You could turn the volume up to 40, but still nothing. You could change the source (AM/FM, SAT, CD, AUX) it did not matter, nothing. It would come back sometimes after restarting the car. The latest thing is the Navigation system now completely shuts down, screen dead. I have an iPhone and I would turn the bluetooth off and the phone off. Still the problem persists. Car was in the shop for this problem over 27 days. The two local LR dealers have no clue. LR even sent out their field tech. He told them to change a bunch of modules. One dealership even swapped out the whole head unit with a car they had in inventory. I have video of the system not working, on several different occasions.
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    My CD on my LR2 is in pause mode. I tried to "unpause" it according to what it said in the manual but didn't work. Any suggestions. I have the 13 speaker Alpine system.
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    I don't know what the manual says, but I wonder if pulling the fuse would reset it.
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    How do I change the State on the Nav system for the LR2. I can't seem to do it?
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