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We are looking at the Mazda5 in Canada, and wondering if anyone has imported the bench seat middle row seating into Canada? If so how? Cand you get 3 child-seats across?

Also, what kind of nets/or cargo straps are available for the split back rubbleseat area?


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    When our Dodge Grand Caravan began experiencing organ failure (successive electrical components shutting down) I bought a Mazda Protege5, thinking that my wife and I could pack all the camera, lighting and staging gear we use to photograph cats at cat shows around the country in this much smaller vehicle. After 8 months of road trip cluastrophobia, it's painfully apparent we downsized too far. The Mazda5 is now on our short list of fuel-efficient-but-roomier replacement candidates. However just folding the 2nd and 3rd row seats provides only a bit more cargo space than the Protege5 has. My question is, can the 2nd and/or 3rd row seats be removed for a deeper storage space and if so, does their absence leave a flat floor, free of mounting brackets or other obstructions? Has anyone tried this?
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    Okay, I'm replying to myself here in the absence of word from anyone else. :) Actually it's more of an update. In order to try and answer my own question about seat removal I made another visit to a Mazda dealership today to take a closer look at how the 2nd and 3rd row seats are secured to the floor. It's now clear that the 3rd row seats are not readily removeable since the carpet that backs them is part of the cargo floor carpet behind the 3rd row. The salesman did not know how to remove the 2nd row seats, but I could see they can be slid quite a ways forward on their recessed tracks and then they stop. I'm guessing there must be a way (some latch or fastener that can be undone) to slide them totally off their tracks. If that's true it would leave a relatively flat floor and the kind of deep cargo space we need for our gear between the 1st and 3rd row seats. So, again, my question is has anyone removed the 2nd row seats and, if so, what does the job entail?
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    The dealership must have a service manual that details the removal procedure. Perhaps you could ask to see it.
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    That's a great idea, mdchachi. Thank you. I'll check with the service department. They have been courting me by mail to come in for one of their $150 oil changes ever since I had them replace the timing belt on our Protege5.
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    No. You can't get 3 child seats across.
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    I'm not sure how the "powers that be" are measuring this, but something's not right. I have about as much cargo area in my M5 as I had in my Saab 9-5 wagon. The Saab 9-5 is advertised as having 73 cu ft, and the M5 with 44.

    A conservative estimate (some quick measurements I took) reveals I can get about 33 cubic feet behind the 2nd row seats (stacked above the seats), when they are all the way back. I'd venture this is the area that is advertised at 44 cu ft.

    I calculate over 60 cu ft of cargo area if you fold the 2nd row down. If you fill up all the nooks and crannies, you could probably get 70-ish.

    Has anyone crunched the numbers?
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    My understanding was that the canadian version had the extra karikuri seat. At least this is what some of the early articles were saying. I toyed with the idea of going to Canada to get the extra seat in my car. I don't think you could get 3 child seats across though, unless they were specially made to be thinner than most.

    I asked the dealership and they gave the flat (lawyer inspired) no answer previously stated. There may be something in the manufacturing which precludes the karikuri seat which would make putting one in more trouble than it is worth. In that case consider the Kia Rhondo, it seats 7 but gets worse gas mileage and has swinging rear doors.
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    Here may be something in the manufacturing which precludes the karikuri seat which would make putting one in more trouble than it is worth

    Safety reasons it seems. Seat is not bolted to the floor or something like that. Canada nor Mexico offer it, it seems.

    I tried the Karakuri seat in Europe once, and yes, it is for small children. Now, I love the "captain-chair" seats instead. I never needed more than that though. For a family with 3 children, I would jump for a Minivan instead (unfortunately)
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    I've been posting some of these in other threads, but they make sense to be here. I like the stroller ones, 5 adults, a baby and his big stroller fit in there. It is tight but flexible for relative short trips or errands. As per the last 2 pics below, they don't need further explanation I believe




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    I cleaned the interior of my Mazda5 for the first time on Wednesday I think it was. That had to be the EASIEST cleaning job i've ever had to do on a car :surprise: I don't know if it's the type of materials they use or they coated it with something but yeah....nothing sticks to that interior surface. A wonderful change from my old Chevy which I would have to scrub for a looooong time to get ANYTHING off of.....
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    My 6 foot 2 inches tall boyfriend doesn't like riding in the front passenger seat. Even with the seat pushed all the way back, his big knees still knock up against the dash and he whined, but then after he spent $40 to fill the tank up he whined about "You should have bought a smaller car" UHH... men..I swear.
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    I'm close to 6' and I fit OK in the front seats (drive or ride) but I agree, a little more space would not hurt.

    2 options:

    a) Time to get your boyfriend a bicycle: very economic and tons of "space" :)

    b) Since you just got a nice Mazda5 then also a new, shorter boyfriend is in order? :P
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    Next time put him in the 2nd row and move the front passenger seat all the way forward.
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    YOu know that's a good idea. or better yet, I may have to purchase one of those bike racks and put him on the roof that way I can enjoy my ride in peace.
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    We have a 2007 Mazda5 and my wife is a nanny and watches 2 kids everyday. We also just had our first child so understand your need for 3 car seats. We were able to take out the 2nd row seat behind the driver's seat. It really wasn't that hard actually (to my amazement!!). There are 4 bolt at the 4 corners, 2 on each track.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Are you referring also to the dash?? I had an '06 Touring and now have an '08 GT, and on both, simply touching the surfaces of the dash will leave smudges that are nearly impossible to remove.

    Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the M5, but I've always thought they could have been much smarter about the material or surface used on the dashboard area.
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