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Dodge Stratus Engine Problems

mbt3mbt3 Posts: 3
i have a 2002 stratus SE and about a month ago something in the engine starting rattling when i accelerate up to about 45-50 mph. it ran out of oil around december but the rattling just started. does anyone know what the problem may be? Please HELP


  • mbt3mbt3 Posts: 3
    i have a 2002 stratus SE and about a month ago something in the engine starting rattling when i accelerate up to about 45-50 mph. it ran out of oil around december but the rattling just started. does anyone know what the problem may be? took to the dodge dealership and various other shops no one seems to know what the problem is. they said it's not the lifters, not carbon build up(had that done), it's not running hot or smoking either!!! Please HELP
  • i have the same problem in my stratus 2000 but doesn't do anything.
    the sound start at 45mph and stay for a while then stoped
  • ijo417ijo417 Posts: 2
    My 2000 Dodge Stratus tries to overheat while I'm at a stop. It only does this at Idle. Does anyone know what this could possibly be. I'm not good with cars so I just need some help. Thanks.
  • mbt3mbt3 Posts: 3
    it could be a number of things. try getting the hose, radiator, clamps and thermostat checked. doesn't sound too major though. ;)
  • gene3no24gene3no24 Posts: 1
    my 98 does the exact same thing i bought it new, and can say this. i have, as you do, both low speed and high speed radiator fans.i have been able to determine that for some reason, when the high speed fan kicks on, something is shutting the low speed fan off. this reduces the flow of air to cool the radiator at idle. the car needs both fans at certain times to properly cool the radiator.i have changed both fan relays. no help. paid 65.00 for a diagnosis at the dealership, no help. i dont know what else to do. maybe with this info you could get some help. if so let me know thanks
  • I have a 2000 Stratus. Recently, I would notice that when driving at speeds around 60MPH (open highway driving) the engine would feel different. What happens is that all of a sudden, the engine RPMs jumped a couple hundred. It feels as if something turns off and on (pump, etc.). There is no hard jolt or change in gears but that small tug of the RPM changing slightly and the slight change in torque.

    Is it something of major concern? What can possibly be going on?
  • I have a 98 Stratus that the timing belt broke while I was going 65 mph. I've been told that with over 190000 miles on it I'd be better off replacing the engine. How do I get it out?
  • my lights bells fan work battery ok but when you turn the key on not a sound
  • Has anyone ever figured out for sure why we all keep blowing this fuse when we try to start our cars? I've searched many forums and all I ever see is "It might be...".
    With it being such a common problem someone must have a definate answer by now. Please help if you can
  • phunerphuner Posts: 1
    I also have a dodge stratus, I about went crazy trying to fix it. I then found out that my car was a recall. You might want to check that out.
  • chass1chass1 Posts: 1
    my 1996 dodge stratus won't start
  • I am having issues when starting my Stratus. Its usually the first start of the day and since its gotten colder when i start the car, it wants to continuously die. I have to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep it running. It takes about 20 minutes of leaving my foot on the gas and the rev dial around 1500 rpms just to get it "warmed up" enough to put into gear. Its really turned into a hassle and i know it could be a million different things but i don't have the finances to just keep guessing. any suggestions?
  • when I'm drivng along after about 40 or 50 miles the engine cuts out for a couple of seconds and then keeps running doing this every so often. The check engine light comes on and sometimes the altenator light. But if I step down on the accelerater pretty good it then acts normal.I changed the ignition coil, plug wires, plugs, and the cam shaft position sensor. Does it sound like a leaking head gasket ? I don't know whats up with the altenater light, maybe from the engine cutting out.
  • I am from russia.I have 2002 stratus with engine 2.7.I use engine oil mobil 1 5w50 and I have no what problems with the engine.Many people use this oil and too have no what problems with the engine.And that the bulb of pressure of oil did not blink, it is necessary to remove condensation from an end face of a socket on the gauge.Thanks for attention. I hope that my advice will help somebody. Forgive for bad English.
  • My 1998 dodge stratus 4cyl car has been accelerating with out the gas pedal being pushed down. I tested the cruise control first to make sure that wasnt it. I disconnected the cruise vacuum hose, but it still did the same thing. It is very interesting. I will be driving with no problems until after a stop sometimes it will accelerate by itself. The pedal pulls away from my foot just like cruise control but only lasts for approx 3-5secs. It has started getting longer and today it started as soon as i put my car into drive. THANK GOODNESS FOR GOOD BRAKES!!! Does anyone have any info that could help me diagnose why my car is trying to drive itself?
  • 99strat99strat Posts: 5
    Might wanna make sure the auxiliary fan is working. I had this prob in my 99 Stratus. If the aux fan goes, BOTH fans have to be replaced on the 99.
  • 99strat99strat Posts: 5
    My 99 has over 266k miles. If your engine and transmission are running fine, there's no need to pull them.
  • boozohboozoh Posts: 1
    I've got a 2002 Stratus 2.4 DOHC, When the cam sensor is plugged in it will not get any fire. If I unplug it car will start but runs terrible. I have replaced the Cam Shaft Sensor, The Magnetic pick-up on the cam. The Crank Shaft Sensor, The Coil Pack, Spark Plugs. What Next Do I Try.
  • tsquiertsquier Posts: 1
    My son has a 98 Stratus, initially we had to jump start the car. He drove it about 30 miles and parked the car. Tried to start it and it wouldn't start, even with a jump. So replaced the battery and the ECM was replaced. Still no start. Took the car to the garage and they put plugs, coil , cam sensor on it. The car started. Again drove it like 30-40 miles and it quit and won't start again. Any suggestions?
  • xphilexphile Posts: 2
    Had this problem 3 times, the dealership blamed it on the fact that I had a remote
    starter put in my car. Removed the remote and haven't blown any fuses.
  • jodi28jodi28 Posts: 1
    My mom has a 2000 dodge stratus se and she had a rattle also - it was diagnosed as a "brick like" in her catalytic converter.
  • The cat on my 97 rattles too, remember the Catalytic convertor on OBD2 cars(96 and newer) is federal warranty 8 yrs/80K miles,so if yours is rattling,and under warranty,get it fixed free! It will onlyget worse,and plug up,reducing power,and mileage,or it will throw rear 02 sensor codes,which will keep you from passing emissions inspections,and keep that check eng light on.
  • I have a 02 Stratus R/t with 90,000 miles only. It ran fine 'till one day i was driving it and it seemed like it does'nt have any power. After then, the car won't start anymore. I have sparks, ignition, the motor cranks over by hand, the injector sprays some fuel but not sure if the pressure is enough. I don't know how to check the fuel pressure i can't fine a place to tap a guage. It never been overheated, any suggestons? Thanks
  • sadiebsadieb Posts: 1
    I got a 97 Dodge Stratus it over heated put a now water pump in it and wrote start
    I need the timeimg marks and maybe not hooked everthing back up the way its so post to be and need to now how to hook up a water pump step be step
  • I have a 99 stratus and the battery light is constantly coming on. The lights and dash are flickering bad but only with the vent control on floor. I am thinking it is the defrost switch but i am not a mechanic. Any ideas?
  • Sounds like the A/C compressor cycling

  • Definitely an electrical problem which could mean alternator failure, loose drive belts, failing voltage regulator. Best course of action: Go to a autoparts store like Advance of AutoZone and have the guys do an electrical diagnostic test on your vehicle. Most of these stores will do the test for Free.

  • While driving my 2001 Dodge Stratus 2.2 Z series, the engine shut off and will not start. It does turn over but does not start. Help?

    Paul :confuse:
  • why does Dodge build a disposable engine? My timing belt broke and when I went to my local garage he told me that I had what he called an interference engine and that when a timing belt goes out that it causes engine damage,so depending on the damage it may be cheaper to junk the car,I cannot believe they build something like this,without anybody warning me that the belt should be replaced say every 50,000 miles?
  • jae4jae4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus ES with the 2.5 ltr V-6. I have the same problem but at low and high speeds. I recently changed the input sensor on the transmission. I haven't had the problem since, but I am not sure that the problem is fixed. Were you able to find a fix to this problem?

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