2007 Honda CR-V Rough Idle

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Has anyone out ther had a problem with a rough idol when at a stop light? Seems after engine is warmed up while city driving it has a fairly hard vibration in the steering wheel while at a stop light. I asked the dealership but they say they haven't had any other complaints and kind of sluffed it off. Any other's have this problem?? Thanks...


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    Mine does the same thing sometimes. I think its just typical of a Honda. I have had 2 civics and now the CRV and they all tend to idle a little rough.
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    Thanks for the reply. However, over the past 20 yrs I have owned 3 different Honda Accord 4 cyl and they all had an idol that was as quiet as a sewing machine..have also had a couple of 6 cyl that were even smoother. But this new 2007 CR-V just seems almost annoying at times. Have never owned anything other than Accords so thought the CR-V would be as smooth but evidently not. Do you know if there are any adjustments that can be made by the service dept?? It's still new and under warranty.
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    It definitely wouldnt hurt to mention it to the dealer. Mine isnt bad at all, so I am just going to mention it when I take it for its first oil change.
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    I'll follow your lead and mention it when I get my first oil change too. Thanks again for your input.
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    My engine vibrates at idle more than I expect it should, I feel the vibration in the steering wheel and in my seat.
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    Wow, I thought I was the only one experiencing this. I have a 2007 EX-L and at idle, it vibrates noticeably. It is even worst when you turn on the fan. I will bring this up at my first oil change to see what they have to say. Try this and let me know if you guys are experiencing the same thing, at idle or stop, rotate the fan button between and off and you will notice a violent vibration. I hope its not because this is a V-4 engine and this is a expected feature.

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    I hope its not because this is a V-4 engine and this is a expected feature.

    CR-V does not have a V-4. Some Honda motorcycles have V4. I have a V4 (VF750C) in my bike.

    CR-V have an Inline 4 cylinder engine.
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    Well, it sounds like quite a few of us are having the same problem with our new CR-V and its idol. I am having my first oil change next week and will have a service person drive mine to see what they can do to smooth it out. Surely there is something! If I put my left foot on the break (while sitting at a stoplight) and push the gas to raise the RPM's to about 900 or so...then it seems to calm down. But at an idol, in gear, with the air conditioning on it will slow down to between 600 and 700 RPM's. Maybe this is part of the problem?? Maybe it is running too slow and too much of a "lug" on the engine?? I'm no mechanic but there has to be some way to make the vibrations go away. If they can somehow fix my problem, I'll let you all know.
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    I have an 05 CR-V, which has the same engine as the 07. People often comment on how quiet and vibration free it is. Some even asked me it it were a hybrid, because they did not hear/feel the engine as I pulled away. Mine is stick.

    A friend has an 06 Auto, same quiet engine.

    I can't think of anything in the engine being different than 02-06.

    What is your engine code?

    Mine is K24A1
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    I don't think I've owned a 4-cyl Toyota or Honda that didn't occasionally, usually after a warm restart, run a little rough at idle and sometimes hesitate when accelerating from a stop. The problem, though, has never lasted more than a stop light or two.

    My '07 CR-V with a/c on, and after a warm restart, will briefly idle a little rough.

    I've always just figured this was a necessary compromise that emission system controls make. But then, I remember well how rough some mid-70 cars ran after serious emission controls were first installed. Some cars were difficult to drive.
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    I don't think I've owned a 4-cyl Toyota or Honda that didn't occasionally, usually after a warm restart, run a little rough at idle and sometimes hesitate when accelerating from a stop. The problem, though, has never lasted more than a stop light or two.

    People have been mentioning rough idle on the 'V since it was first released in '97. Hopefully someone would be aware of a real problem versus a characteristic of the vehicle.
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    Well, my wife was over by our Honda dealership and pulled in to ask about my concerns with our new CR-V's rough idol. First off he told her that they all have a little rough idol and that it should start to smooth out very shortly. I have about 5000 mi right now. He also told her to wait until the oil change indicator gets to about 15% before having our first oil change. I usually change at 3500 or so but he told her the first one should not be much less than 7500 to 8000 mi.--so I guess we'll wait a little longer for the first change.
    I've been reading many other messages about the '07 CR-V and all I can tell any of you who are interested in buying one is that (outside of a little rough idol at a stoplight) we just love it. It's a blast to drive and rides really nice on the highway. Ours is the EX-L and we wouldn't have anything but leather..it's great. My city mileage is around 21mpg week in and week out. My mileage on the highway seems to get better about every 1000 mi. I drive about 400 miles on an interstate once a month and at highway speeds (65-75mph) and using the cruise control will get 27.5 to 29 mpg very eaisly...depending if there is much of a head wind. I believe it would average 30+ if I were in Kansas or some other state with virtually no hills.
    Also, thanks to so many of you who have helped me with my "idol" question.
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    2001 CR-V same thing,i just posted mine,did you find anything out?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    2001 CR-V same thing,i just posted mine,did you find anything out?

    2001 needs to have the valves adjusted every 15,000-30,000 miles. Tightening valves will give errratic idle, and will eventually press the valve seats into the head, which will require $3000 head replacement job.
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    mine '07 idles a bit rough too, especially when you first start it.. i just picked it up from the dealer 2 days ago.

    i think its just hondas in general. I had a few hondas before that did the same. You can't even notice the engine running my mom's lexus.
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    My 07 CRV is about 8 months old now and I just had my first oil change and tire rotation..the idol does seem to be a little smoother now that I have a few miles on it but is still rougher than I would like. We also have a 2006 Odyssey and it's just as smooth as silk. Probably like your mothers Lexus. This may change my mind on future Honda 4 cyl's. I think I'll stay with V-6's. I did drive a Kia 4 cyl mini suv before I settled on the CRV and it seemed much smoother but I have owned Honda's for over 20 yrs and their resale can't be beat so stayed with the CRV. Thanks for the comment.
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    My 2007 Honda CRV has started idling rough while driving just before shifting from 1-2 and 2-3 gears... noticeable in the steering but smooths out after driving. She has approximately 60k miles now. Service department blows me off when I ask about this, but I've also noticed a drop in my gas mileage from nearly 30 mpg to 25.6 mpg and that blows. Anyone else with this problem? I'm very disappointed in this and the problem with my A/C compressor in a 3 yr old car. :mad:
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    Sorry, I can't help with any ideas as to why your engine is rough while shifting. My 2007 has about 29k miles and runs smoothly on the highway. However, it had a pretty rough idle when it was new and even three years later still has a somewhat rough idle. I have been told by our dealership that after about 40k miles these honda engines seem to quiet down. Seems a little long to me but it is better than when it was brand new. I have owned quite a few Honda's over the past 25 yrs and they all have a history of running better and getting better mileage after a few thousand miles. If it continues to run rough either keep bugging your dealer or take it to another mechanic who specializes in foreign cars. Sometimes they can find things the dealer can't. They would love to gain your business by being better than the local dealerships.
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    I have an '05 CR-V EX, I just took mine to the stealership to ask about the rough idle that has come about within the last 5k miles. I sometimes experience dificulty starting as well as a rough idle when at a stop light with the A/C on. I can also feel a pulse in the power steering when you turn the wheel and part way and hold it. It is very slight but still there.

    When I took it in and talked to the service advisor, he said that it appeared to be a malfunctioning Idle Air Control valve, he said that they can become "sticky" or "twitchy" and cause my exact symptoms. He said that when the valve becomes bad enough it could cause stalling at stoplights and may or may not set an engine light. He quoted me $400+ to replace it..Thank God, for Honda Care. Since he car is still in the shop, I will post a follow up when I get it back.

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    I've found the vibration at idle is related to a resonance at a particular idle speed when the engine si loaded form the A/C compressor. If it could be reporgrammed to run just 100RPM's higher, the vibraton would go away.

    that at elast what I found in my car. In all other conditions, there's no vibration.

    On other note about vibration. In the winter, ice can build up around the lower engine mounts and around the pilot shaft if you drive through slush. It can make it really, really loud at low speeds. Once the ice melts or you knock the ice loose, it goes away completely.
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