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Any body have a leaking roof? Okay okay, I don't have an S yet and I'm researching... from the various posts I've read, I've never heard anyone mention anything about their tops leaking... Does your S leask? If so, how old is your S?


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    Three years old and no leaks anywhere. Not a common occurance in the NE chapter od s2ki either. It's a pretty durable top. I can imagine taking the car through a carwash could tear it though...
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    The only time my 05 S2K top leaks is if I use a "brushless" car wash, and then a little bit comes through at the upper back of the side windows. More that a little if you ask my wife, but I find the top excellent. This summer I went through a storm in nw wisc, where it rained almost 4" in an hour, and nothing came into the pass compartment. Power top operation is great, but I might install a by-pass switch to make it think the park brake is on so I don't have to completely stop to put up the top. Used to race Datsuns in road racing, and absolutely love this car. We also have an '05 Accord Hybrid and an '06 Ridgline - all silver.
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    I initially posted the question not based on experience but just a part of researching. I've since purchased the S2000 and have driven through one of the wetest summers we've had in 15 years... Happy to report, not one single leak! :shades:
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    I have an '01 and aside from powerwashing, no, my top still does not leak.
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    My 2001 S2000 top now has several tears in it and needs to be replaced.

    Does anyone have any experience in replacing the convertible top on a 2001 or earlier S2000? Care to share your experience and maybe recommend where to go to buy a new top? Should I get the glass instead of plastic and what does that entail?

    Would sure appreciate whatever advice you might be able to offer.

    -- Gary
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    I just got a new S2000 and the manual says that no maintenance is required until it has 100K miles. Is this true?...please comment.

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    First, congrats on the new S. You will absolutely love it!

    I forget the exact wording but the maintenance like oil and so forth should be checked regularly. The S has a built-in maintenance minder system and when your oil gets down to 20% life left, the odemeter will change to 20% (or lower) every time you start the car. Also, depending on how aggressive you drive and the toe/camber settings of your particular S, you can expect to get about 12,000 miles out of the rear. My front tires are doing fine and I expect to get another 3k miles out of the back tires so I'm ahead of the average. BUT I suspect you are referring to items line timing belts (the S has a chain) and tune-ups. In regards to that sort of maintenance, I do believe 100k is right. There are some periodic changes such as tranny fluid, air filter, brake pads, that will have to be replaced/inspected more frequently (I don't want to make assumptions about your knowledge of cars).

    does that help?
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    Thank you very much "accelerator".
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    I live in Albany, New York and am considering trading in my Honda Accord for an 08 S2000. Since this new car will become my daily driver come sun or snow, I wanted to ask you:
    1. DO any of you drive your S2000's in the winter? How does the car handle snow?
    2. Will the S2000 need to be parked in a covered space or will buying a car cover suffice?
    3. I've been quoted $29,689 for an 08 S2000 by a local dealer in Albany. Is this a good price or must I bargain for a lower price?

    I would really appreciate any advice that you can give me on this matter. Thank you.
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    I would highly recommend against using it in the snow. While I never experienced snow with my 2004 S, I DID drive a '68 Camaro SS/RS 396/350 with TH400 and positraction in Albany during the winters back in 1970-1973 while in law school. I managed - my father could not! But it was a challenge to control wheelspin, even with AT and posi with 400 pounds of weights in the trunk. In my opinion the S is too light and with the RPMs' necessary to get it moving tire spin is going to be a real problem.

    Car cover or garage? Well, it has aluminum fenders and dents REALLY easily - had a nut fall out of a tree and dent my front left fender. Recommend garage.

    I would not recommend your getting the S unless you have a second car for trips and a winter rat for the snow. Highway use? 4000 RPM/76 MPH gets VERY tiring.
    Cannot hacve a conversation or hear the radio without pods or the headrest speakers. Just my opinion. I sold my 2004 after about 8000 miles - and it was our second car. GREAT sports car but just too much abuse on the ears and kidneys on trips. Good Luck.

    The Price? Seems excellent. Paid $27,500 in 2004 for my certified used one with 4500 miles on it.
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    I live in texas and when it snows here, it is a moist snow meaning the snow packs unlike how it does in say Colorado where the air is dryer. Back in March, we received about 4-5 inches of snow. Fearing it might stay a few days, I stopped by the grocery store, about a 5 minute stop. During that time, snow completely covered my S and built up little "stops" in front of an behind my wheel. I couldnt back up the S, the tires touched the snow and wanted to spin! I had to rock the S fwd and bkwd to get the car over the "stops." The VSA (vehicle stablity assist) immediately kicked in so keeping the wheels from spinning here wasn't a problem BUT I couldn't get enough traction to move the car. I actually had better luck turning VSA off! Took me almost 25 minutes to get .8 miles. Once I got home, I researched to find out why I had such a hard time and as it turns out, it wasn't so much the snow as it was the cold. My car has summer tires on it and they get "stickier" the hotter the wheels get. The compound was just too hard to get any bite on the snow and ice. Snow tires are cut and made differently and I have no question about it had I had the appropriate tire on my car I would NOT have had ANY real problems.

    My only concern about having the S (or any softtop covertible for that matter) with large amounts of snow would be the weight of the snow on the top. I might recommend investing in a hard top if a covered structure isn't an option. I've seen them available for sale on various car forums like

    Also, I used mine as a daily driver and I love it.
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    Now I recall - I had to get my S inspected having moved from SC to NY. The day I had to go there and get it photographed there was about 2" of snow on the driveway from the night before - level shot to the street and I only had to go about 200 feet. I got the car out of the garage and that was it - nothing but tire spin with the original equipment tires. Took me about 1/2 hour of pouring salt onto the snow and ice, and pushing by my beighbor to get the car back onto dry concrete and back into the garage.

    Albany can get significant amounts of snow that lasts for days, if not weeks, with high temperatures for the day never reaching 32F. It is not only an occasional thing. As a daily driver, he indeed may be driving daily in sub freezing weather and snow/ice covered roads. I simply could not recommend it. You could always tell when it was spring in upstate New York - the Jags, the 'Vettes, the Porsches, etc, would all come out like Spring flowers. Otherwise you drove a winter rat. Ever see what an Upstate NY winter and the salt they put on the roads can do to a car?

    When we moved to VA from NY I had a 10 year old Trans Am that was in showroom condition with 140,000 miles on it. In upstate NY - would have beena rust bucket. I would not subject my S2000 to that weather and those roads - abuse! :D
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    @ljgbjg: You make an excellent point about the salt that I didn't think about. They use something else down here other than salt. During our winter storms, we might see 2 bouts of snow with each lasting no more than a week each. I can handle the snow for 2 weeks but more than that... I'd have to reconsider. :)
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    1. I have in the past, but I've had too many close calls. I drive a dedicated winter car now.
    2. Get a covered space. As someone stated before, the body is made of aluminum and can dent.
    3. If you're set on a new car, sure, $29.7K isn't bad. I don't know the market in Albany, so I'm not sure if you can get it cheaper. Pre-owned and used ones are better deals, though.
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    Accelerator - bought my 2004 S2000 when we moved from NJ to SC - 99% of the time the top was down. :) Whatever is metal and not aluminum will rust badly in upstate Ny - Albany averages 64 iunches of snow a year, and in January the temperatures can easily stay below freezing for weeks at a time. Plus it is a damp cold - a real battery killer - being at the intersection of two rivers - the Mohawk and the Hudson.

    As for the roof and snow? Well, we moved back to NY - Manhattan, and I left my S2000 out in NJ at a friend's house covered with a car cover outside off the street. They had some pretty bad storms - 14-18" of snow and my car was buried under it. Never had a problem with the roof. It can hold a surprising amount of weight.

    Sold her in 2006 - -had her upstate about 2 hours from NYC at a weekend house. Did not get to drive her much. Awesome car - white/tan with rear lip spoiler. Had it up to 152 in SC on I-77 once. The only car I have ever had capable of running at the redline at top speed. Very steady - 80-100 in 4th, 100-135 in 5th, 135-152 in 6th - and believe me with that overdrive that took a looooooooooooong time! That was the scariest part - how long it took - too many miles and exposed too long to police observation and/or radar.

    Anyway, back to the S2000 and snow. While it might be possible, kind of out of keeping with its intended purpose and, IMHO, kinda dangerous. :)
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    A question concerning the top of my 2003 S2000. I bought it used and the previous owner did not maintain the top. I would like to recondition it to bring back (if possible) the original color. Any ideas?

    I love the car - much like driving a go-kart.

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    I have a 2003, in great shape and it screams.

    Bought the car used just over a year ago and the previous owner did not maintain the top. I would like to bring it back (if possible) to its orginal color. Any ideas how to do this? (its much too easy to buy a new one...)

    Input most appreciated.

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    Hey Rick, check out this link and see if it helps you:
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    The only down fall I have to Honda S2Ks is they are a target for theives. Mine was broken into sorry excuse me torn into three months ago. Now it is costing me more then 2k to fix it. I hate haters, they need to get jobs and by their own $hi#. I dont even recommend driving the S2k in the rain it fishtails really bad being the back end is much lighter. Although they are pretty tight to trick out, like mine. I bought the veilside body kit and carbon fiberhood for it. I will upload pictures as soon as they fix my baby. Other then that I LOVE IT! Oh by the way off the lot here in the AZ they are going for 35k and up. So that is a steal. I got my 2000 for 16K through my brother. You can always get a rat car for like 1k use that for work and back during winter/rainy days and S2K for fun days! GOOD LUCK!!! And they are voted most safe sports convertiable. ;)
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    I just bought a 08 S2000 CR and i looking for a car cover and previously i bought a OEM cover for my SI and then somehow that cover kinda of gave up on me because every time i would take the cover of from the car it would leave white stuff on the car. So anyone if possible suggest me a good car cover that would be appreciated.
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    Never had any leaking. Top does require some care. Shin-etsu grease the seals at least once a year. Tighten the top latches a couple of times a year. Treat the top with Ragtopp or Aerospace 303 every year.
    Biggest problem with the top is an issue with ripping. Watch over the passenger side rear section for tearing. Honda will replace under warranty. Check for info on the Honda S2000. And enjoy. Top down rocks.
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    My Honda S2000's roof leaks so much wind noise I can't hear the radio. If I hold down the center pull down, it stops. How can I seal out wind noise?
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    I haven't been able to tighten the Top latches. Its a used S2000. I have only had it a couple of months. How do you do that?
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    How do I tighten the top latches on my 2000 S2000?
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