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Ford Freesytle New Owners Reports

bobclokebobcloke Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
Purchased March 23, 2007.
As of to-days date May 07,2007 it has only 700 KM.

ALIGNMENT was bad at delivery.Ford Hot Line said ok if vehicle moved 12 ft. in 7 seconds. Local aligment shop that specializes in working on hot rods and specialty cars did some adjustments on front suspension that seems to have corrected it.
Still making sure. Dealership that I purchased from has verbally said he will look at the cost of this. Anything re aligment I should know about ??????

First road trip with my wife and her girl friend in back seats brought up bad complaint of road noise. Does interior have foam in it ??? Any suggestions from other people or groups ??? Want some knowledge before I go to dealership.

Same road trip cut my finger closing door on a piece of jagged metal on door frame--not a big deal but we are really watching everything after alingment situation.

Engine Area:
-Wires are covered in black tape not wire loom.
-Rad Hose Clamps -- some take a screw driver to loosen and others you need big plyers.
-Fuse panel box has clip to keep lid closed but also has black tape holding it down. Service Manager at Dealership says this ok.
-In area above the fan belt an item that is about 2 ft long has clips to hold it together but is also black taped closed in 4-5 areas
Is this what everybody else recieved ??????

Rust on all wheel hubs???? Is there a plastic protector between it and 18" wheels so electralysis will not start.

Drive car threw any water puddle and you get dirt all over lower panels behind the tires. Any suggestions????

Dash clair in windshield is bad when sun is shining ??????

Bracket that holds muffler at rear most position is rusting already. Really makes the back of vehicle look bad when standing back about 10 - 15 feet.

Vehicle purchased for $41,411.00 Canadian $ plus taxes. You would think at this price point that I would not even have to be putting this message together.

All information and replies will be appreciated.

Bob Cloke


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    bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Please explain. 12 feet in 7 seconds. Some items seem minor, others need looking into. Water puddle--common problem. Install quality mud guards. What car were you driving before this one? Most muffler brackets get surface rust. Wheel hubs get surface rust as well.
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    bruneau1bruneau1 Member Posts: 468
    If the Freestyle is under warranty, why did you take it to the local alignment shop? Ours had to be aligned, and now tracks like a champ. But that said, one dealer made it worse- the second did a perfect job. I didn't pay a penny in either case. In my long experience, an alignment correction has been by far the most needed item with all my new cars- all makes.
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    yellowtigeryellowtiger Member Posts: 5
    You know the Freestyle up here in Canada costs almost 30% more than those down there where it is made, although in a day of 90% exchange rate. I think the $41,411.00 Canadian $ is MSRP. My experience is you can get Ford's C$2500, 5yr. 0% financing, the dealer's C$1600 plus remote starter, bug and window deflectors.
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