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2005 versus 2006 Freestyles

ajweeksajweeks Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Ford
Is there any big difference? I'm currently looking for a certified pre-owned Freestyle with the safety and security package. Those side airbags are hard to find! There are quite a few 2005s out there, but are there any major reliability issues with the 2005 models versus the 2006 ones? Consumer reports rates higher brake, fuel system, suspension and audio problems for the 05s, and these ratings are better for the 2006 model year. Should I stick with trying to find an 06?


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    freealfasfreealfas Member Posts: 652
    Find an '06 not because CR says what it says regarding reliability but because its a year newer and has had a year of production under its belt to get the process refined. Our '05 ltd fwd has been great short of the common rear brake issue(gone @ 17k). Get the dark interior to eleiminate the dash glare issue of the light interior and leather if you can swing it as the base model fabric seems to stain fairly easy.

    Other than its been a great ride.
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    sportmansportman Member Posts: 23
    I concur with Freealfas - mine is an '05 LTD AWD. I am at 33,000 miles and the only disappointment is the rear brakes. If you find an '05 that was a BUILD TWO version (Manufactured after May??, I think) - go for it, the price will be less and the rear brake issue can be rectified with ceramic pads.
    Build two alleviated most of the initial hiccups in '05.
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    bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    I have 45K miles on my FWD SE and I just had ceramic pads put on the back for $130, including labor. I had to get some modules recalibrated under warranty, but otherwise it's been trouble-free.
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    passat_2002passat_2002 Member Posts: 468
    Build two = Job 2?

    Mine was built in early April '05. Zero problems, save for the tank-strap recall which was precautionary only. Ford made some modifications to Freestyle/500 builds in February 2005. I believe that's when they changed to a different rear brake pad.
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