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I own a 1992 prelude si, it has the h23. If i was to swap to a h22 would there be any difficulties? or would the h22 engine fit perfectly? I was told i would gain more performance from the h22 rather than the h23.


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    yeah the motor will fit right in. if you buy a full motor swap from somewere like they sell you every thing the axles motor trany and ECU and the motor will drop right in your car and yes the h22 is alot better.
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    Hi folks, I am a proud owner of a 99 prelude. My wife introduced me to these vehicles and I have been a fan ever since. I have just recently purchased my first prelude and I am not a mech head by any stretch of the imagination. I may get blasted for this but I am trying to get as much info about these cars that I can. What you can do to them, what aftermarket mods are available and so on. I have found alot of info already but there are so many things available and I don't know whats what. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Actually to get even better performance numbers take the v-tech head, computer and distributor and put it on the H23 block. If tuned right you can exceed the v-tech's horsepower by a substantial amount. Plus the h23a is better suited for a turbo because of its longer stroke :shades:
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    :) Hey wat good ya'll? I just swaped my h23 to a JDM h22, i did all the work on it, if you got any questions feel free to ask me, i can try and help with your problem.
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    I own a 1985 prelude 1.8 dual carb A18A1.Can i put fuel injection intake and heads on it. If so what system will work for me and whear can i get it.
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    Hi, jesseb,

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    The tape deck in my 1986 Prelude does not work. The radio works, but I must press the "seek" button to change stations. I would like to repair the stereo system or replace it with another factory stereo. Is this possible? I would rather not buy a new system because I don't want to carry around a detachable faceplate every time I park the car.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    It might be time to get a new car, consider the age of the car - 22 years, while there are still Prelude available if you like Prelude in general. Otherwise, move up to something else.
  • tthektthek Member Posts: 2
    I replaced the radio/tape deck with a Pioneer radio/CD player. My Prelude is in excellent condition, only 68,000 miles, although I have spent a lot of money keeping it that way. Honda no longer manufacturers Preludes. I am considering a Fit or a new Insight this spring, however. Thank you for your reply.
  • shmangshmang Member Posts: 297
    Wow, only 68k for a 22 years old car? You must have a second car - That is roughly 3k/year. Prelude are very reliable car for sure if you know how to maintain it. I am going to keep mine for a while (Not as long as you do though - it is a '99).

    The new insight is very cool and very economical on gas. But, if you keep the same driving pattern (3k/year), it might not worth the extra $, since it will take you forever to recover the cost of a hybrid. But either way, good luck with your next car.
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    I have a 92 prelude si w/4ws h23a1 how hard is it to do this and do u you know around how much this would cost.
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