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Honda Civic Rust

hondajohnhondajohn Member Posts: 3
edited October 2014 in Honda
I have a 2001 Honda Civic LX Four Door Sedan that has given me 5 years 10 months and 108,000 miles of relible service. It has been one of the best of nearly 8 new cars I have owned.

This spring while cleaning the winter wear from this car I noticed the left front door weatherstrip was not properly fitted in the rear view mirror area. Unpon lifting the weatherstrip I discovered a rust area six inches long. The rust is so bad the werather strip will not fit into the channel designed to keep it into place. The passinger side door does not have this problem.

If you own a 2001, 02, or 03, Civic, inspect this area on your car. Take a close look becuase it is consealed and is not noticable without lifting the weatherstrip.

I would like to hear from any 2001, 02 & 03 Civic owner with the same problem.


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    autowriteautowrite Member Posts: 226
    I just noticed the same thing on my vehicle last week (I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey). It's 5 months out of warranty and the dealer said it was unforunate that I had not noticed it during the 5 years it was in warranty as I could have gotten new door(s) free. Both doors have it; but the passenger side is worse.
    Honda headquarters is suppose to have a price for me to fix it. I have 174,000 kilometers (108,000 miles) on it.
    Other than this it's been a great van and I hope to have it to 500,000 miles.

    How much did it cost you to fix it?
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    01civic01civic Member Posts: 1
    My wife owns a 2001 Honda Civic and the driver door has rust on the top. It has gotten so bad I believe I will have to replace the entire door. The car has 145,000 mile and is still running well. She traded in a 1993 Honda Civic with over 200,000 miles on it. The only rust on the 93 was on the trunk, where the spoiler was added. The 2001 also has a little rust on the passenger side. Any recommendations?
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    hondajohnhondajohn Member Posts: 3
    My rust problem on my 2001 Civic was nearly 2 years ago. The warranty had just run out by a couple months when the I found the problem. I lost my respect with Honda because the way I was treated. My persistence paid off by getting Honda to pay for half of the repair. The drivers side door was replace and my share of the cost was around $400.

    I kept this car immaculate. To this day I still have bad feelings towards Honda. I still feel they should have paid for the whole thing.

    To help you with your problem, don't bother going to Honda. Body shops don't fix rust anymore. The defective part is normally replaced. See if you can find a good body shop. If your mechanically inclined, find a replacement at a salvage yard.

    Good luck.
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    kynastonkynaston Member Posts: 2
    we are thinking buying a civic, we can get a used 07 for 15,500EX or a new 09 EX for 18,624, interest rated for new 3.9% thru honda or 4.9% used at credit union. We are in need of a car in next week or so, do you think we should wait and see what interest rates do? going up vs if down if we wait any month which is better to buy a car in? thanks DK
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    crv16crv16 Member Posts: 205
    I have a 2003 Honda Civic, purchased new 9/2003. Currently have 166k miles on it. Just noticed that the bottom edge of the drivers door is all rusty on the inside, just under the rubber seal.

    I'm disappointed as this is the first "problem" my Civic has ever had. :(
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    linea1983linea1983 Member Posts: 1
    No they would not have replaced the door.

    I have a 2007 Honda Civic, My fiance spotted the rust just below the gasket on my passenger side door, he than lifted it up to reveal massive rust damage underneath the gasket its self. It appeared as if the car was rusting from the day I got it. The rust was bad enough that the metal was starting to flake away from the door, there were craters as well. They agreed to a repair of the door, which the dealership told me was "a courtesy" even though it was well under the 5yr mark. Once I got the door back they put the old gasket back on it. The Gasket was COVERED in contact rust from the rust that was there before. There were also many places that I could still see rust there were a few bubbles and quite a few spots where I could still see the rust color! I took it back to the dealership and they tried to tell me the spots were a tape line. I may be a girl but I know the difference between a line and a bubble! But I did get them to agree to replace the gasket. That same day I got home and my window would not go up. So I had a mechanic look at it and he started to take the door apart and immediately put it right back together and told me to go back to the dealership because who ever fixed the rust left ALL the sand in the door from the sand blasting and it fried the motor! I watched as the dealership took it apart and the sand basically poured out of the door, they fixed the window with out question. After this I knew I would need ammunition to fight this further,because the rust was starting to bubble through and the place they supposedly "repaired" was rusting AGAIN after only 3 weeks from the initial repair! I took it to 2 body shops to get them to agree the door was rusting again. another Honda Dealership and they agreed it was a bad repair and gave me the name of the DPSM and when he would be at the first dealership. The DPSM looked at all the pictures and listened to my story and agreed to another repair but still would not replace the door. So far its ok but there are still a few spots I will be watching till the day that the rust warranty is over!
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