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Rendezvous Sound Package Questions

johnagetjohnaget Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Buick
I have a 2003 Buick Rendevous with the premium sound package. The problem I am having is that the second set a of speakers have decided to stop working. The third set of speakers seems to work fine except there are no highs coming out of them what so ever. The front speakers are working fine.

So her is what I am asking ...
Are the third row speakers only supposed to put out bass?
What do I have to do to get the second row speakers working?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • intrepidcubintrepidcub Member Posts: 60
    chances are the rear seat audio controls are turned on when the RSA is turned on it mutes all but the front speakers and goes to headphones the 3rd row speakers are the systems subwoofers so only bass will come out. kinda funny when you consider that the speakers are ear level with lil kids in the 3rd row.
  • johnagetjohnaget Member Posts: 3
    The RSA controls are not on. I wish that was the case. Any other ideas as to why only the second row speakers aren't be working?
  • intrepidcubintrepidcub Member Posts: 60
    EEEK ya got me esp being both speakers. do you use the RSA at all? how the radio is wired is radio to amp but the RSA are tapped into the rear speaker wires so i assume when you turn it on it some how grounds the rear speaker inputs to the amp and cuts them off. are theire any more symptoms? or causes before this happened?
  • johnagetjohnaget Member Posts: 3
    No nope there are no other symptoms at all and nothing happened befor. They just stoped working. Unfortuantly I don't have a clue what went wrong.
  • intrepidcubintrepidcub Member Posts: 60
    well im sorry then i thought i could help but only thing i came up with is the RSA controls though i never even asked if you had them but for both speakers to die its that or your Amp. if you need any diagrams or info i have the DVD i can get ya the info from just let me know but im perplexed Good luck
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