Mazda CX-9 Paint and Body Work Questions

brickfrenzybrickfrenzy Member Posts: 38
So, My 3 week old CX-9 was hit while I was sitting at a stop light. It was a very slow speed fender bump, but the license plate of the offending GS470 imprinted itself on the dark gray of the bumper, and scratched about an inch of paint off of the painted part. No other damage is evident, and the plastic didn't dent in.

You can't repair plastic damage like that, can you? I suspect the whole bumper is going to have to be replaced. Since the car is so new, are body shops equipped to deal with this vehicle or should I just go straight to the dealer?


  • imamgimamg Member Posts: 136
    :(:( So sad to hear you've already to deal with damage... Unless your dealer has a body shop ... you should go directly to an auto body shop. There will be no problem getting it taken care of...
  • brickfrenzybrickfrenzy Member Posts: 38
    Well, the dealer I bought the car from doesn't have a body shop, but one across town does. Looks like it's about $850 to get the bumper cover replaced and painted. So it's not too horrible.

    But yeah, sucks that I have to go through this with a 3 week old car.
  • imamgimamg Member Posts: 136
    If you don't already have them... now would be a great time to add the fog lights... ( assuming it's the front bumper )
  • brickfrenzybrickfrenzy Member Posts: 38
    It's the rear bumper (I was the hittee, not the hitter), and I have the GT so I already have fog lights.

    I'd expect the front bumper would be much more costly, because of the fog lights and grill stuff all built-in.
  • flino4flino4 Member Posts: 6
    Does anyone else have my problem..I am very concerned with white scratch marks that appear on my CX9. The paint seems to very easily scratch and has no strength to endure everyday wear and tear. The white scratches do not have a feeling to them just a mark. I try to wash it away and it remains. I dont know if its the new paint they use for the sparkle, I have the Black Cherry Mica. I am worried that when I have to turn it in they are going to hammer me for damages.I have only had it for 6 months and it is garage kept. It is very well taken care of. ...Anyone else with this problem..
  • nastacionastacio Member Posts: 370
    Ouch! Where do you wash this car? By hand? Some special product or wax?

    I noticed the same fragility on the paint of more recent cars (2005 and later.) Someone told me that paints are using more eco-friendly materials but that they are not as resistant as they used to be.
  • tonymogletonymogle Member Posts: 14
    My 07 has begun to rust on the tailgate (no damage).

    Called the dealer and sounds like they will take care if it.

    Has anyone else had this issue? It seems really strange for a year old car to be rusting.
  • nxs138nxs138 Member Posts: 481
    I've seen several other people post about the tailgate rust issue on another forum. The dealer likely send it somewhere to buff it out if it's just starting, but I'd definitely keep my eye on it.
  • tonymogletonymogle Member Posts: 14
    The dealer took care of it. It seems the piece that hides the camera was loose and rubbed the paint off below it allowing the oxidation.

    Can you tell me the forum where this is being discussed?
  • nxs138nxs138 Member Posts: 481
    Rusting discussed here
  • aharp00aharp00 Member Posts: 1
    has anyone had this problem? at 4000 miles I had to replace the applique (the part my emblem is attached to on the rear lift-gate) due to bubbling and peeling paint. the dealership said it's because Mazda painted over chrome?? if this is the case, I guess i'll be replacing this every 4000 miles...... i've asked Mazda and they act like they've never heard of this. unacceptable that i'm having body work done at 4000 miles.
  • douglasmrdouglasmr Member Posts: 1
    My dealer was hesitant, but they did replace it at no charge. Mazda has a good product, but their service people are merely that by job title, not by actual performance. hammer that service manager, mazda sent out a notice on it.
  • jckeenanjckeenan Member Posts: 3
    I had this problem on my cx9 bubbling and peeling. Same place as yours. They replaced for free (still under warranty) which they should anyway. Once replaced it is covered for 12,000 mi or 1 yr. Believe me I'll be rechecking it frequently!
  • vermontervermonter Member Posts: 10
    A funny, yet tragic story. This is our first new car. We live in Vermont and never thought it worthwhile to buy a new car given all the kicked up rocks, salt, sand, muck and weather we get. Nonetheless, we heard of the great deals on the CX-9 and went for it.

    After four weeks of ownership, my wife brought the car to the grocery store where unusually high winds took hold of a metal shopping cart and sent it speeding straight down the driver's side. Three panels now have a deep, white gouge in our beautiful blue GT.

    Mazda says the only way we can really hide it is to repaint all three panels. Instead, we are going to try having the scratch buffed and then the dealer will apply the matching paint stick, but they caution that we will still see the scratch given the metallic nature of the paint.

    Meanwhile, the kids continuously bicycle around our 12-year Subaru parked in the driveway, skis resting on the car have repeatedly fallen down its sides, and countless balls have been kicked at it, and yet there is not a single scratch as obvious as the one on our new CX-9.

    Wear and tear is inevitable, I know. But it still smarts.
  • vermontervermonter Member Posts: 10
    UPDATE: We brought our CX-9 to the dealer in an attempt to hide the deep white scratch across three panels on the driver's side. I'm pleased to report that the shallow portion of the scratch buffed out. The deeper areas were touched up with Mazda's paint stick (our CX-9 is blue). In the sun, we can just make out where the paint stick was used if we look closely. I don't think anyone else would ever notice. Total cost: $85. We're happy with the results.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for the update and I'm glad you got by with minimal cost. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • mincemanminceman Member Posts: 3
    I bought a 2012 CX9 10 days ago. I bought the car at night and I wasn't able to inspect it closely. A couple of days later I noticed a defect about the size of my entire thumb on the rear driver's side door. It's a spot that looks very faded. The dealer wants to send the car to the body shop and give me a rental. Is this normal protocol? Judging from their reaction, I believe the dealership knew about this defect. Someone told me that I should demand a new vehicle and the last thing I want is my brand new car going to the body shop. Any opinions?? Thanks
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