BMW 530i vs. BMW 330i

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Hello, I'm looking at a 2001 BMW 530i with about 43000 miles at around $18000. Im split between the BMW 530i and E46 330i. I would prefer the more room but Id also prefer the better handling of the 330i. What Id like to ask is which one is more reliable? this will be my decision breaker. Does the 330i handle much better than 530i? Another interesting thing is how their prices are relatively close despite the 530i being nearly 50gs brand new. Any helpful inputs and experiences are appreciated! I dont want to make the wrong decision, please help! another option also might be the Audi A6 2.7t, but audi's are no where near as reliable as BMW's. Thank you for your time!


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    They both have luxury features but for performance I love the 330I.

    This is in the top of it's class with regards to performance and handling. The 530 is also beatuful but in m y eyes, more luxury even though it has all the performance features of the 300I. It's a bigger car and heavier, the 330I is SWEEEEEET!!!!

    Good luck
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    Both cars are pretty reliable, but I'd give the edge to the 3er. For $18K you can possibly find a 2004 330i ZHP, which is the most fun you can have in a 3er short of an M3.

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    The 330 is a little car compared to the 530
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