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Six months and I still love my FJ... it has seen the commute and the some snow packed back country roads... But what about a real test for the guys (gender neutral, non-specific use of guy) who need city, highway and weekend trail to no-where get-away travel all packed into one...

Well I'm going to put 5,000 miles on the rig over 14 days driving from Poulsbo Wa, to the Arctic Ocean, including 800 plus miles on Alaska's most grueling treks, "Haul Road" to Deadhorse.

I want to provide current and would-be FJ owners insight on the rigs performance... Please help with input on the types of things you would like me to report on. You know the stuff you only find out after your butts been in the drivers seat for 12 hours straight, the coffee is gone, the sun is low and you still don't want to stop until you see what is around the next bend in the trail.

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    I drove a pickup to Deadhorse from Anchorage one time, and my minivan went to Atigun Pass on another trip. It's a lot of gravel, but I wouldn't call it especially grueling, unless you camp with a bunch of mosquitos! All those roads up there are pretty well maintained, with the exception of the old North Canol Road maybe. The Dempster is a hoot too.

    This time of year the sun won't be low. :shades:

    14 days is a bit of a rush (that may be the grueling part), but it's a beautiful trip up the Alaska Highway (the paved and the marine versions).
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    So do you think the Drive to Deadhorse or Inuvik is more exciting... I'll let you define exciting? There is still time to change destinations... and yes the grueling is miles per day... good thing the days will be long...
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    Ah, they're all fun with their own special attractions. Inuvik is a real town of some 3,000 people so that makes for a nice destination. I have a Slope worker friend who got me inside the oil compound at Prudhoe, but you can still take a tour to the Arctic coast just beyond Deadhorse I think. Check out this CarSpace member's Album for a few typical town scene photos in Priudhoe/Deadhorse.

    Frankly you can't beat the Alaska Highway for scenery (and the hot springs at Liard is nice). It's mostly paved and really civilized. The Denali Highway is rough but scenic. The Top of the World to Dawson is worth a trip.

    The road to Yellowknife has some dull spots but the destination is terrific. Once you break through the scrub and get to the western edge of the Canadian Shield with all those lakes ... well, that's great country. I probably wouldn't do the road to Wood Buffalo again.

    Next year, check out the Trans-Labrador. It's a "wild" drive too, and taking the ferry down iceberg alley to Newfoundland is a wonderful road trip. (link)
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    I just purchased a used FJ from a non Toyota dealer . Love it so far.
    I'm looking for recommendations for a good dealer for service North Shore , MA
    from say Portsmouth NH to Burlington MA . I live in Newburyport . Thanks
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