2007 Azera trip computer zeros out for no reason

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Ever so often for no rhyme or reason my trip computer reverts to zero. It seems to happen after I start the car. The same thing happens with the MPG and AVE/MPH etc, but not as ofter as the trip odometer.
My dealer refuses to do anything because he can't make it happen in the shop. That's understandable because it only happens every few weeks. He claims he's never heard of it being a problem and I suspect he's lying because I know someone else that complains about it to him.
Does anyone here have the problem? I'd like to know.


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    RE # 1: My dealer refuses to do anything because he can't make it happen in the shop. That's understandable because it only happens every few weeks. He claims he's never heard of it being a problem and I suspect he's lying because I know someone else that complains about it to him.

    While I don't have that problem, your comment above is so typical. My suggestion, you and the other individual need to start a paper trail and get a case number assigned.

    Good luck.
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    I thought it was a fluke that I may have reset it but now that its been brought up here, I'd have to say there's a gremlin somewhere. It hasn't happened since the first time though but I don't drive the car that much only 1600 mostly highway miles on it since I picked it up at the end of Jan 07.
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    This also happened to me, but it was on a trip where I was letting the trip meter log the entire trip instead of just tanks of gas like I usually do.
    Anyway, I noticed it had reset ( though I was monitoring FE so I didn't know exactly when ), but it seemed like it was close to the 1000 mile mark so I just assumed that the trip ODO did not go over 1000 miles. I haven't had the problem since, but never let it run up to 1000 miles, either.
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    Cobrazera, that's a thought, but I can't imagine why it would only go to 1000 miles, but I'll keep track. When mine zeros out if I'm monitoring something else I'll notice it because it switches to the odometer mode when it changes. I've also had the same thing happen with Average MPH and MPG, but not as often.
    Did you ask your dealer about it?
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    RE: 1
    If your car was the only one with this type of problem, it never the less is a problem that should be delt with by the company.
    This response is similar to others reported by other Azera owners, especially the "clunk" issues.
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    RE: 2

    Interestingly it happened to me for the first time this week. I thought it was an accident on my part but after reading the posts, I think not.

    I will keep on eye on it.

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    Suggestion for everyone: READ YOUR OWNER's MANUAL to see how the trip computer is supposed to work.

    Maybe the tripodometer is supposed to resent every 1,000 miles, like in my '05 Sonata. (At 1500 miles it will read 500 miles) However, I doubt that it would be designed to reset the MPG & Ave MPH every 1,000 miles. (My car doesn't have trip computer.

    So many people on the Sonata & Azera sites have never had a trip computer before and have no idea of what it actually does. You should read the owners manual. Maybe there's a problem or not.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    From the owner's manual:

    "Total distance is reset to zero if the battery is disconnected."

    "The meter's working range is from 0 to 999.9 miles."

    I didn't know that! Haven't taken a long drive yet, either...
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    Hi. I have a 2006 model and the 'reset' has happened 2 times. I can only guess that it resets when the car is started from a power surge. But this is only a guess. It cannot be replicated as it is so infrequent. Not enough to scream about. It is the nature of all things digital. Gremlins. These are baby ones. Just have the incident logged into your service history.
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    I have one of those, it was standard equip. on my 06 Zer. Picked it up new Apr of 06, and for the 1st 5000 miles it was intermitant, reset itself about 15 20 times. It's been in 2 times for that, plus the dreaded clunk. Dealer couldn't duplicate, what a surprise, so they threw their hands up. Zer went from 5000-17000 miles with no resets, and now it has started up again, 3 time in 400 miles. I keep it on MPG ALL the time, and intermitantly, when I start the car, it will be on Trip meter and showing all oooohs. I have also noticed that if I junp another car from my Zer, (which I will always do withOUT mine running, to avoid damaging the alternator diodes), it will usually reset then, so I feel the problem must be voltage drop related. Have any of u noticed, while driving at night, your headlights diming when taking your foot from the throttle. Mine does that also, which is a voltage drop in the charging system. With a volt meter hooked in, it will momenterilly(sp) drop back to 13.5 volts, which is in specs, but the very bottom edge. I have wondered if that might be related to the trip meter, but then I start to wonder, DO I REALLY WANT AN IDIOT IN THE DASH CREATING EVER MORE PROBLEMS? :confuse: I am willing to just leave bad enough alone. :cry:
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    can't figure out a rhyme or reason to it

    definately not because it cracked 999 miles, i reset it every fillup, and many times i cannot use it to verify gas mileage because it zeroes itself out

    and i second the thought that i don't want some idiot ripping apart my dash, i'll just live with the problem on this one.
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    Just a thought here...check your negative battery terminal!
    I say that because when I purchased my car after about a month one morning my car would not start!
    no power!
    Opened up the hood and my negative terminal was loose. Tightened it up and no problems since.
    Just a thought.

  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    Since the owner's manual states that disconnecting the battery resets the data, that indicates that the data is in a volatile memory, so any power interrupt to the circuit (like a loose/intermittantly loose battery cable or fuse to that circuit) would cause the effect...
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    If the power source were to be interupted, would not all of the volitile memory be lost? This would include all features of trip computer, presets on audio system, clock etc.
  • hyundai2hyundai2 Member Posts: 37
    it has to be an intermitant power problem to the trip meter. If it was further upstream in the power line, it would effect other items. My thought is it has to be a problem in the circuit board, too slim of a chance that their are this many Zers out with the same loose wire, but during manufacturing, one slightly off adjustment on one machine, an you have a bunch off bad boards. One other thought. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE NOTICED, WHILE DRIVING AT NIGHT, THAT YOUR HEADLIGHTS DIM, NOW AND THEN, WHILE TAKING YOUR FOOT FROM THE THROTTLE PEDAL, ESPECIALLY WHEN EXITING THE HIGHWAY??? :confuse:
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    I have also noticed this little reset thing - I am about to go in for my 15K chek-up, I will have them check the batt to make sure its tight.
  • thegreygeekthegreygeek Member Posts: 3
    Yes, my '07 Azera trip miliage has reset by itself at least three times during the 1900 miles and three months it has been driven. Actually, it happened this morning. And NO it is not due to a recycle (1000 miles) and NO the battery was not disconnected, and NO it did not happen at Night. In fact, at first I was about to blame the wife for doing it? I will discuss this with the dealership at the 3,000 mile oil change and check up. In the meantime I will check this site for more info.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    On another forum I found, today:

    "My wifes 2006 Azera has a continuing issue that I was hoping someone is familiar with. The dealership is pleasant, but clearly thinks we are just exagerating. From road speed when you begin to decelerate..just as it finally drops into low gear, the headlights will blink off ( or at least so dim that you can't really tell the difference) and then once the transmission has slipped completely into low (1) it is over. I have seen it occur when braking at higher speed but it may have been a combination of braking/transmission change to a lower gear. It is aggravating and the guy in front of you thinks your flashing your lights at him. This Azera has 9000 miles on it and has been a joy to own. We have 2 other Elantras that my daughters drive and one has 35,000 and the other 18,000 and zero problems with either one. We are very satisfied 3 Hyundai family...now if we can just get them to bring me a truck over here.
    Any thoughts on the headlight issue would be appreciated."

    I've informed him about your post and the fact that I haven't seen this problem mentioned anywhere else but your mention here...
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    I have tested my 06AZ in many different configurations, and I can get my headlights to dim in every one. AC on and off. stereo on and off. high speed exit ramps. slowing in city traffic. my headlights, dash lights, and A/C fan ALL blink off for a half second, then right back to normal. It is very noticeable every time i decelerate at night there is definitely a problem in the electrical system...
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    My car may be exhibiting some of the same issues with the trip comp. It is a 12/05 build date and I am at 14K miles.
    I will keep an eye on it. I will have to look later though, because it is in he shop getting a new front right strut. (Yes, the "Dreaded Klunk") :sick:
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    Poor baby! *crossing my finger hoping that I don't get that dreaded cluck*

    By the way, how do you guys know the Azzy's b-day, where do I look?
  • zredsoxzredsox Member Posts: 90
    By the way, how do you guys know the Azzy's b-day, where do I look?

    You can find it on a label on the pillar on the driver's side of the car between the front & rear doors. Just open the driver's door and look down to your right.
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    Hey folks, I need to ask you to go to the Azera group link and find an appropriate topic for your comment or question. A number of Azera discussions are all over the place lately - I can fix some of it by moving stuff, but that gets comments out of order, makes you have to read things at least twice and generally ends up not making as much sense as things would if posts were in the right place to start with.

    Your cooperation would be mucho appreciated! :)
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    I've had this problem since my '06 was new. It took a while to convince the dealer that is was happening. In an attempt to fix it they replaced the speed sensor (this made no sense to me) and, when that didn't resolve the issue, the instrument cluster - which now requires me to add 21,553 miles to the odometer reading. This only happens when the key is turned to the on position - and very sporadically. Believe me, intermittent problems like this are VERY hard to track down. I have no other issues with the display assembly. Perhaps the solution is to install a small battery to provide a constant source of power to the volatile memory! Since it only happens every few hundred miles I cna live with it. However, before the cluster was replaced I once had it happen three times on one day.
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    i have 08 azera and i've had this problem too, did you solve the problem? i went to service today and they said they have to connect service HQ in LA. i am waiting the responce. i will post it here if they find the answer, but meanwhile if you make any progress or found out what the problem is. plz post it here.
    Ever since i found out there is problem with my car, it bothers me every time i am drivin' it. who knows it might cause other compter system as well. Hopefully not thou
    Thank you.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Member Posts: 352
    What's disturbing about this is that the car has had this problem since the '06 model, and it continues two or three model years later.
  • jfree1jfree1 Member Posts: 2
    Really!! I didn't know there was problem with this car for a long time. So what was the hyundais reaction so far? is there any way to fix this problem??? is this problem could cause any other damage in my car???
  • cobrazeracobrazera Member Posts: 352
    No, it's not going to harm your car - it is a minor annoyance, as is the chipping phony wood on the steering wheel. These problems as well as the suspension problem should have been remedied in subsequent model years and were not.

    If you're really bugged about the occasional reset on the tripmeter, I'm sure your dealer will be happy to tear your instrument panel apart for you in an attempt to fix it. IMO, this can cause more problems than it's worth, so I'll continue to put up with it.

    The Azera has great reliabilty, power, ride, quietness, etc., but is not perfect - few cars are without a wart here or there. Where else, though, are you going to get the level of luxury this car offers for $25K?
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    I have an Azera Limited and love it. A few weeks ago (60k miles) I noticed my trip odometer reset to 0 (I had only driven 30-40 miles). My clock also changed times. Once I lost my programmed radio stations and the rear window shade retracted on it's own. I've also noticed my windows don't work using the automatic down and up feature.

    Someone told me it might be something with the security system and a reset switch under the hood. Does anyone have any ideas? :(
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    You have a loose or resistive chassis ground in the charging system. Occasionally the power is cut or reduced below a set point to the processor and that resets much of the electronics. The radio presets and windows losing their automatic up and down setting are a clue, as when the battery is removed, the radio presets are gone and the windows need to be "retrained" by holding the switch until the window is all the way up (or down) a few times so the window motor system relearns what resistance is "normal"...
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