Ford Mustang Transmission Problems

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I have a '07 Mustang GT/CS with manual 5-speed. It feels very stiff to me but I have nothing to compare it to. Is there an adjustment or something that can be done to change this ?


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    Keep in mine, you are shifting what is basically a truck trans. There is 320+ lbft of torque going through the trans.

    One thing you can do for not a lot of money is install a Hurst competition shifter or a Ford Racing Shifter. The Hurst shifter goes for under $200 online and is a 45 to 90 min install.

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    Hello Mark,
    Thanks for the reply. I know nothing about cars so your advice is appreciated. I know the engine is capable of 320 ft/lbs of torque but with the clutch depressed does that really come into play? I had another friend suggest the same thing. I'm afraid I don't know how to install a Hurst shifter myself so I would also have to pay someone to do it. Will it really make the shifting easier/smoother?
    Thanks again for the help.
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    This makes the strokes much much shorter. If you google it, there is lots of info on the web. Even if you took it to a Shifter to a mechanic to install, its a pretty quick job.

    The manual trans components are big and beefy to handly both the stock torque and any additional from reasonable mods people might make.

    Thease big beefy parts have more mass and just plain old take more effort to move. You can't compare this to a shifter in a Honda Civic etc.

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    Hello Mark,
    Thanks again for the info. The last time I drove a stick shift was in 1967. It was a 1962 VW Beetle. :) If changing to a Hurst only shortens the stroke then I'm not sure I want to change it. Although I do like the looks of the Hurst shifter/knob better than the original.
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    For me is not hard to shift it just feels really clunky. Like i can feel the gears in the way. Is that normal? It is the V8 manual 5 speed.
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    Hard to shift is a relative term. It's hard compared to other cars I have owned but that does not mean that a girl can't do it. In my opinion it's like you say. It feels clunky like the gears don't mesh very well or it needs more oil or something like that. It does not slide into the slots without feeling like it's bumping into something along the way. I'm 66 years old and I don't race my car but If I tried to race then this transmission would have to go first. I wonder if the 6 speed manual in the Shelby Cobra is just as clunky??
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    Looks good but burns your hand in the summer and freezes it in the winter.

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    The shifting difficulties you describe are most likely the shifter, not the transmission. I have a Roush 427R which uses the stock GT 5-speed tranny. With the short throw shifter, it shifts quickly, easily, and without any grinding of the gears. Have a better shifter installed, you will love the difference.

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    Have 99 V6 with auto, 140K, recently started to slip out of gear while driving. Now it's slipping into neutral, after backing out of driveway, when put into drive and accelerate, goes one foot and slips into neutral. No problem in second, first, or reverse. Fluid level is correct when warm. If start in first or second and shift to drive OK until you stop. Do I have a problem or need some type of adjustment. Help, it's my daughter's car, enough said!!!
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    I am having a very hard time finding anyone but "Ford" that carries clutch parts. I need a "clutch release lever stud" Where can I get one? Salvage yards do not want to drop a trany just for the stud
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    Looking for any info that tells if or if not why the 2007 mustang GT 5M cannot be flat towed behind a RV. The manual I am told is written for both the manual and auto and says tow at not more than 35 for more than 50 miles. It should have a T3650 Trans and this car does have a limited slip differential
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    Hello, my name is Blitzberg22 and I am new to this website. I was looking around for new or slightly new mustangs and was hoping that I could find one with manual transmission. If there is no mustangs that have manuael transmissions then please let me know what cars would be good to buy with manual transmission and some really good horsepower. Right now I am leasing a honda accord coupe '05 with $235 a month payments on it.
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    There should be plenty of manual mustangs - they offered the manual in both v6 and v8 models.
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    i have a 2007 v6 mustang with a manual trans. at just over 16,000 miles third gear shattered. i was pulling out into traffic and when i put it into 3rd gear i heard a loud pop and third was gone. i took it to anderson ford in cleveland tx. and ford denied the warranty claim. they said that the car had been abused.i do not race the car. if i was going to do that i would have gotten the gt instead of the v6. no one will help me get in touch with any one from ford that can help me. so now i am trying to let everyone know about how ford treats its consumers. i plan on going public and costing ford more money and dissatifaction than they have caused me. if anyone else has had transmission problems, please let me know. thank you.
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    What was their basis for claiming abuse? They had to have a reason.
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    Your best bet is talk with someone at Ford, preferably in the engineering dept. Don't know whether you'd have any luck via phone but they likely will respond to a letter.
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    You need to see another dealer.

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    hi im tammy.. bought a 07 mustang convertible 6 cylinder 5 speed manual.. had 97 miles on it.. its been making a noise like a diesel motor since i bought it.. when i press the clutch it stops.. i brought it in to the ford and lincoln dealerships and they are telling me that it is normal gear noise.. this is my 17th car and my 9th 5 speed and i have never had noise like that.. its embarrassing.. it sure looks good though.. any one can help with this?
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    I can hear the gears on my car, kind of a whining noise. Keep in mind that this is a car with a truck transmission and a truck engine. Its not going to remind you of the cars that you had.

    1st and 2nd are double syncroed. The wet clutch is hevy duty. The Mustang is not a tame pony.

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    its not a whinning noise its more like a rock rolling around in the transmittion.. almost like a bubbling sound..
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    I get bubbling exhaust sounds when the car is cold. almost like backfires.

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    Either see another dealer or go straight to the owner of the dealership first. I don't understand why dealers don't want to do warranty work. I'm sure Ford Motor Company pays them for it so what's the problem? I have an 07 GT with 5 speed manual and it makes no noise at all. I don't like the way it feels when shifting from 1st to 2nd but it's just the feel, nothing serious to my mind. I'm very happy with the car in spite of the fact that Mustangs seem overpriced to me.
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    how you all doing? Just bought this awesome brand new 2007 v6 4.0 mustang convertible about 3 weeks ago. I got it as a left over at a dealership here in NY. It had only 70 miles on it when I bought it. To make a long story short, I hear a rattling sound when the car is in neutral. The sound goes away when the clutch is pressed to the floor. Car seems very loud and noisy, like a deisel. I brought it into the dealership and they said it’s normal. Is it normal or is it the throw-out bearing acting up?

    Also, while shifting from 1st to 2nd I hear a clinging, metal banging like sound. The dealer said it’s also normal. Is that true? It seems kind of weird that this car should be making so much noise during shifting and its brand NEW!!!. My friends Mazda doesn’t make a sound during shifting.

    Is anybody else experiencing these problems?
    Thanks for your help
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    That's funny. I have a Shelby Cobra GT500 that I got in January and have had no problems with my transmission. Maybe its a V6 thing.
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    Justpicked up an '02 GT with a 5-speed. Hate the shift linkage. Thinking of changing to a Tri-ax or a Pro-5.0. Advice and suggestions much appreciated.
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    Just so you are aware, technically there is no shift linkage prior to 05. The Trans is right under the shifter lever which is why it has that goofy goose neck shape.

    After 05, the trans is mounted 2 for forward for this setup and there is shaft linkage.

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    the stone mile... sounds like yours is doing the same mine is.. but they say nothings wrong with it.. id like to invite anyone that says it is supposed to sound like that to come drive my car and tell me this is normal..the dealerships hear the noise but cant find anything wrong.. i see that there is a recall listed for this model but i would think that they check that when it goes to the shop wouldnt you?
  • tammy12tammy12 Member Posts: 12
    hey sounds like yours is doing the same as mine.. so if you get an answer please let me know so i can go tell my dealership whats wrong with it.. i bought mine at 97 miles in september o7 had it shipped from texas to louisiana so i didnt test drive it before i bought it..
  • tammy12tammy12 Member Posts: 12
    a friend of mine at lincoln took my car to let his transmittion person hear it.. he made a few adjustments on the clutch and checked all the boots.. then added some oil in the trans.. my clanking noise is gone.. so there is something that can be done.. its not supposed to sound like it did.. or i wasnt supposed to hear it inside of the car!!!
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    When you press the clutch it stops.

    Sounds like a possible throw out bearing. Any clutch pedal vibration? I mean real vibration while in gear?

    As for normal gear noise, unless you replaced your shifter with a tri ax, etc. and didn't install the silencer back it should not be that loud of a sound. Tell the dealer to fix it, or they can have your car until it is fixed.

    Good luck.

    My bad. didn't read the last page of posts. :) If it happens again make them check the throw out.
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    Hello Everyone,

    New here, and my first post, but probably my last as well. I am a member of more forums than I can keep track of.

    Anyway to the point of my post-The info I am providing here ONLY applies to GT's with 5 speed transmission; not the GT500s or V6s...

    First, I LOVE my car. I have been coveting them since they first came out. I only wanted a Legend Lime one. It was just never in the cards for me, until about 6 months ago when I finally picked up an 06 with 4200 miles on it.

    I have only owned 2 other sticks in my life, but have driven a few more, and after the initial excitement of my new car wore off, I started noticing the "feel" of the shifting in my car was very inconsistent. Maybe sports car trannies are supposed to feel like this, but I am used to smooth-as-butter, consistant shifting. On my car one shift it may drop into gear as smooth as butter, and the next time it might feel "notchy", or like it didn't *quite* go in smoothly; almost feel a "bump", push a little further then a second "bump" when its fully engaged, and sometimes resistance is felt all the way into the gear.

    Also on a few occasions, when shifting from 1st to 2nd I was greeted with a nice "clunk"-not really a gear grind, but close. In the cases of the "clunk" it was a cool morning, and I just started it up and drove off, and it only happend on the first shift of the day. Note, that for me (and ALOT of folks as well) once the vehicle reaches normal operating temperature, the "clashing" or grinding is not a problem. It shifts fine once at normal temp, although its still inconsistent feeling-sometimes its smooth and drops right into gear, other times resistance is felt.

    Growing a little concerned, I did ALOT of web research. Bottom line, there isn't much on the 2005+ mustang's , but...

    There is a weath of info on our transmissions, which in the GT happens to be the Tremec TR-3650. There was a TSB on the 2001-2004 mustangs for the VERY symptoms I am describing, and a few others as well. Supposedly these issues were fixed by the TSB, on some occasions by a fluid change (Tremec revised the fill quantity/oil type over the years in this tranny), and surly it was fixed by the 05 models.

    Obviously not everyone is having this issue, as there will no doubt be a poster or two that says "I've never had any problems with mine", but evidently the issue has not been totally resolved as there are a few people out there that I have read about on the net, or spoken too that have had similar stories.

    The good news is, your not alone-doesn't happen to everyone, but yours isn't the only one that does it, and according to the dealer, they *say* its okay and no harm will come to the vehicle. The bad news is, if they haven't fixed it by now for a problem that started to surfice since the day they started using these trannies in the GT, I don't expect a fix anytime soon.

    For more information, you can see this thread (very long, and it *technicly only applies to 2001-2004 GTs):

    Or, you can do a websearch for "TR3650 cold clash".

    Although the two links I provided above do not apply to 05 and up stangs, I have also read (can't find the links now) of at least 3 others with similar stories. One person in his signature mentions that he traded his 05 stick for an 06 automatic and says "YES, automatic, and loving every non-notchy, clashy feel of the shifts".

    Don't know if this helps anyone out, but thought I'd share.

    Note, the GT500 uses a different transmission that is double synchroed, where as the regular GT tranny is NOT double synchroed.

    Now, the only question I have is...

    Will changing the shifter to a different one change the "feel" of the shifts? I am considering doing it, but not sure of the results. If the "shift issues" are internal in the transmission I can't see how a different shifter will magicly make it feel smoother, but on the other hand, the shift mechanism in our cars are remotely mounted, and due to engine/transmission twist and movement, could cause some of the odd shifting feel as well, but I just don't know.
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    Two more links to add to my novel above:

    Although other posters in that thread are leading the OP towards an exhaust sound, I think its obvious that what the OP is feeling is the transmission; why would an exhaust sound only occur between 1st and 2nd gears? -clank-sound.html

    And here is the person I mentioned in my novel above; Don't read the thread (its irrellivent), just read the OP's signature:
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    At the risk of repeating myself, I have an '07 GT/CS and I don't like the way it feels when shifting. I don't have any strange noises but it feels clunky especially from 1st to 2nd. If I were racing it I would have to have it fixed but I can tolerate it since it's mostly just the first shift. I still believe if you have an odd noise that will repeat then you should contintue to bug your dealer untill he agrees to fix or replace it. If it's under warranty, it's Fords problem. It's almost certain they have a "Lemon Law" in your state.
    Other than that I really love my car:
    2007 Mustang GT/CS premium convertible/Redfire with black top/Sat Radio/dark charcoal& dove interior. :)
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    I am kind of confused by your repeat post; My replies were specificly targeted to you and a few others with similar complainst that own GTs with 5 speeds.

    I know my reply was long, but the point of my post was although probably not technically "normal", there are many others whose transmissions feel exactly as you describe, so in that is normal, if not irritating.

    Guess you could say it is ford's problem, but ford didn't build these trannies; Tremec did, although they are almost exclusive to the mustang (there are no other 5 speed longitudal domestic vehicles in production today).

    Anyway, I do hope my info helped someone; at least if not to set the mind at ease, at least to shed light that you are not alone.

    Personally, the shifting is irritating at times, but otherwise I LOVE my car, and don't plan on getting rid of it just because I don't like the way it feels sometimes.

  • moronixmoronix Member Posts: 29
    I am referring mainly to people who have the "noise" associated with their transmission. I have no unusual noise when shifting. I only dislike the "stiff" or "clunky" feeling when shifting from 1st to 2nd. My oninion is if you have some strange noise coming from your transmission then there is really something wrong. If It's only the stiff feeling when shifting then that's seems to be normal for this transmission. I'm no expert so take my opinion with a grain fo salt. I'm like you. I still like my car and expect to keep it untill I die even if I have to change the engine/transmission severla times to keep it running. I'm 67 years old so I may not have to do any of that. And yes the Shelby Cobra has a different transmission that is a 6 speed but I'm having enough fun just shifting the 5 speed. :)
    Happy Holidays !
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  • mustangsally00mustangsally00 Member Posts: 1
    I know this is an old post, but I want to give everyone an update. Although this is happening with GT's, there is a problem with the V6 Manual Stangs too.

    I have a 2007 V6 5 speed, and it has all the same issues. Clutch replaced, Trannie replaced, the TSB for the exhaust was completed, and that is only the start of my list. After all this, it still has issues, and the longer I drive it the worse it gets. All the vibrations are still there and get worse everyday. After less than a week, the new clutch is having the same issues all over again. Once more the clutch petal does not disengage after being pressed. The list goes on and on.

    I just want to make sure everyone is up to date on this issue. It is a problem, and if you are dealing with it, take it to the dealer until they fix it (if they can). Don't just accept it and think that it is normal.

    This is also a warning to anyone out there that is thinking about buying a used 2007 Mustang 5 Speed . If it has low mileage, and there is even a hint of vibration or shifting issue, DO NOT PURCHASE THE CAR. Don't listen to anyone that tells you it should sound like that, or that it will loosen up after awhile. This is not true, and if anything, it will continue to get worse the more you drive it. Most dealerships will tell you that there is nothing wrong, so many owners are trading off the cars just to get rid of the headaches.

    Hope this helps someone out there!!
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    I bought my car new in 04. after about the 3rd month, the transmission started slipping, especially in stop/go traffic. I took it in to the dealer -they 'said' the could NOT 'duplicate' the problem. Well over the course of the last 5 years I have taken my car in for the same reason, but getting worse. It is in the shop today for the very same reason. They want me to pay for it to be taken apart and looked at, MAYBE warranty will approve it being fixed. (most likely they will say I abused it) and not pay for the transmission to be fixed, It is covered under warranty why don't they fix it? Help anyone out there with an answer???
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    Take it to the nearest Toyota dealer and trade it ! American automobile manufacturers still don't get it.
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    i bought my gt 07 drove it around a little,more i drove more i hear that noise.i thought it was a u-joint loose.well took it in to dealer 5 times,4th time they spread foam on cluth . well,after a couple hundred miles,it started again.took it back,they installed a clutch safty switch.ok a few hundred more,i herd the noise coming back.ok this car was new 96 miles when i got it.ok,12,850 i traded it for a seems to be starting the same thing.of course the dealer says its normal.give me a break,it had 100 miles on it now i got 5,200.this clunking noise is a defect,and I THINK,ford needs to deal with it.but on the other hand,its the best i ever own
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    Hello Everyone,
    I have a 2002 Ford Mustang GT, which is suffering from an automatic transmission problem, and I first noticed the problem about a week ago. The vehicle accelerates normally from zero to about 10 miles per hour and from 30 on upward; however, the problem is experienced when accelerating between 10 m.p.h. and 30 m.p.h. When the 10 m.p.h mark is met, the vehicle begins to accelerate at a very slow rate, while the engine seems to rev out of control as if the gas pedal is floored.

    I did a bit of online research concerning the problem, and it sounded as if my car was skipping gears. The vehicle was taken in for a diagnosis of the problem, and the following explanation was given: when putting the vehicle into gear, the transmission shifts into both reverse and forward gears. As you accelerate, it jerks hard, then the forward gear overpowers the reverse and drives relatively smoothly. It does have an intermittent jerk while driving, however. I have been told the transmission would be too costly to fix, and placing a rebuilt one in is recommended; the estimated repair: $2900.00.

    I must admit I am a bit ignorant when it comes to car problems, especially when the more complex components are involved (i.e. transmission), so I am trying to be cautious as to not be ripped off. Based upon the explanation I have given, does the mechanics diagnosis sound correct? Should I get a second opinion? Does the estimated repair cost sound fair? Does the problem sound like it could be fixed cheaper rather than putting a rebuilt transmission in?

    Any information that is provided would certainly be appreciated. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a tremendous day.

  • browneyes2blubrowneyes2blu Member Posts: 16
    always get second opion,tho the price may still be close.
  • lvapegasuslvapegasus Member Posts: 2
    Where on earth did you go to get an 'appraisal' like that? THAT is exactly what MY car does, but neither the warranty OR dealership want to admit there is a problem!!! I have had this problem from the time I bought the car in '04. They are always saying'They cannot "duplicate" the problem.'
    I am having a heck of a time getting it fixed.
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    I have had a problem with the car when I take off, slow to catch,and if I slow down and then get back into the gas. I have already had 2 fuel filters and a fuel pump replaced. Have 58k miles. Have told the service dept, all long, can't or won't find anything wrong. Just had a transmission flush last week; taking off has greatly improved, if it doesn't go into neutral! Doesn't happen every time, sometimes it will change like it should. I stop and start alot -commute 75 miles a day. Happens roughly 3 out of 10 stops. Please, suggestions on what, if, anything I might could try to solve this problem, before I have to send it to the boneyard!
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    Hi everyone! I got my 04’ Cobra with a 5-spd stick last year. Even with the stock motor I started having problems with the trans and clutch when I started beating on it a little. As soon as I put the supercharger on forget it, the trans was history. A friend of talked me into a built C-4, but that didn’t last either. Plus the 1st gear in the C-4 wasn’t tall enough for a heavy car with a 3.55 rear. I drive my car a lot and I really missed the overdrive.

    So I did some checking around and I got some good feedback about the guys at FB Performance in NY. They seem to specialize in the Ford trannys. I wound up buying one of their 4STB-E transmossions and 9” full race L/U converter. Its based on the 4R70W, but its rated to 900+hp. I got the full manual valvebody with elec OD & L/U and a built-in trans-brake. Last fall I went mid 9’s at 148 on radials and its held up to everything I’ve thrown at it. They even reworked a stock Ford auto shifter to work just like a ¼ stick so everything looks stock. What a difference at 80mph on the hwy! I love it!
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    Read many of the problems with 5 speed replaced trans. at 1300 miles still makes chatter in fourth gear whinnies in fifth just had it towed into ford 13000 miles replaced clutch disk pressure plate failed, still sounds like poor quality junk, dealer says can't duplicate noises. we owners need to get ford to replace with trans. that will last the life of car. Contacted ford customer service no satisfaction. Wish I could unload car and get my investment back. Word of wisdom TEST DRIVE BEFORE you sign for vehicle DON'T LIKE WALK AWAY!
  • tammy12tammy12 Member Posts: 12
    i have brought my car in so many times.. even when i bring it for an oil change i tell them its still sounds like a clunker.. really inbarrassing.. but how do you get them to fix the problem.. its not just a cold start deal.. i agree on the test drive thing i didnt either had it shipped from another state..
  • muddywatermuddywater Member Posts: 2
    Sorry to hear about other people having same problem bought this car as a gift, now I'm stuck with it. Don't seem to get any satisfaction from ford or dealer, don't let them embarrass you keep on them and let them know there are other people out there with the same problem. I'm calling my dealership tomorrow and share this new information that they have a reaccuring problem with v6 mustang transmissions.Keep in mind the transmission warranty is for 5 years or 60000 miles.
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    I bought a 2000 GT convertable 5 speed new in 2000, put 55,000 miles on it and then it got totaled in 2004. Replaced it with a 2002 GT convertable 5 speed, 2 years old with 14,000 miles on it, the car was even the exact same color as my first one! Now have 90,000 on that car. Daily driver, totally stock, driven moderate to occasional aggressive but not raced, for both cars. I live in the mountains of NH so the cars do get to "play" on twistie roads a lot.

    Both cars have the cold upshift into second resistance/clunk/slight gear grind. Both get much better when warmed up. Both have sort of clunky feeling shifters (that feel much crisper after driving my manual shift Jeep, it is all relative) and both developed noisy throughout bearings after about 30,000 miles. The bearing still works ok, just makes a low volume high pitched whining noise when the clutch is in use. Unless the bearing quits completely, I will just wait for the clutch to wear out and replace it all at once.

    The car is fun, good driver, just a pain to shift into second until the transmissions gets some heat into it. It has never been enough of a problem to do anything about it, so it is still just as it left the factory. That was true for the first trannie when that car got wrecked, also. Sounds like I got the mild version of our problem trannies, but did get the problem.
  • tammy12tammy12 Member Posts: 12
    my car drives great and i love it but it sounds like sh** im really inbarrassed to ride someone in it.. you would think that ford reads all these post and would recognize a problem
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