Lincoln MKX Door Sensor Problems

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I have a two week old MKX. I love the vehicle but noted that after a few hours in the sun, I am getting a "right rear door open" warning. I tried every remedy without success. After the car cooled, the warning disappeared. I called the dealer and they hadn't a clue.

A few days later, the car was in the sun, and the alarm started to sound spontaneously. Sure enough, when I finally got it to stop, the same warning "right rear door open" appeared. I moved the car to my garage where the warning eventually disappeared.

My search of the blogs revealed the exact same problem in another MKX. Any similar experiences or quick fixes? I am bringing the vehicle to the dealer and will follow up here. I am also wondering if any Edge owners are having the same problem.


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    I have no specific info relative to the MKX, but my Suburban had a similar problem, it turned out the place the door switch contacted when closed wasn't high enough. To test this, you could temporarily shim the contact area on that door.
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    Is anybody having an incessant rattle in the rear of their MKX? Repair couldn't fix it even after taking the tailgate off. I read somewhere on that it is beause of an ill fitting tailgate. Also, 50% of the time the driver seat does not return to the proper position when inserting the key as it should. Any thoughts? I have only 4400 miles on the car.
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    Bought the navigation system and really love it. My old 'Slade didn't offer nav when new and I used a Clarion portable unit that cost me $1,500. While both are touch-screen, the MKX nav has an incredible number of options and is super-easy to use. Sometimes it's the little things that matter -- for example, if I ignore a turn suggestion, it fairly soon thereafter stops nagging me to turn at the next opportunity and will instead recalculate the route, which is what I want. There are so many features and options that it takes a long time to learn them all, but it's worth it. Fortunately, I've had plenty of time to play with it while my wife grocery-shops.

    6,000 miles on the vehicle now and very happy with it - no problems of any kind.
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    Do you have the vista-roof? I have the same rattle in my Edge. Had to sit in the back while the girlfriend drove to narrow it down. Appears to be coming from the vista-roof when the sun-shade is closed. Was gonna take it in the other day but got stuck at work. I'll let ya know what they say when I take it in.
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    It's a loose piece - dealer should know how to fix it. Common problem.
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    I just got the problem fixed this week. The adhesive holding the track around the rear moon roof dries up and the track will rattle. The dealers recently received a memo from Lincoln/Ford saying this can happen to the MKX and the Edge with instructions to order a certain adhesive. So your dealer should take care of this under warranty. I'm still having intermittent problems with the key sensor.
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    Thanks for the info!!
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    Any one with mkx have air conditioner problem. I ended up with a sloshing noise in front right compartment. also sounds like river running. Front carpet all wet. Can they remove all water from vents or am i going to get that musty smell
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    I had mine checked in April when I was not getting water under the car. The drip hole for A/C is under the car by driverside in line with the dash toward th middle of the car. It was hard to see it is behind what appeared to be a heat shield of sorts. Dealer move it slightly away from the drain.
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    I've had my 08 MKX for 3 wks and have put 2500 miles on it. This past weekend smoke was coming from under the hood and the smell of burning transmission fluid. The dealer got the car on Monday and was told today that a seal let go but the problem is there are 500 back ordered seals that Ford is waiting on. There are none in the country or Fords parts inventory. Anyone eles with this problem?
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    Have you checked out the Edge dicussions?
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    Interesting. Guess I'll have to special order my wife's MKX so's I won't have to deal with that issue...

    break break

    Anybody know the latest Lincoln will take orders for 08s?

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    Can someone tell me where the door sensor is on the Explorer.
    We (on behalf of the hubby) are getting "door ajar" light on, sporadically, and of course no door is open.

    Thank you!
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    It's inside the latch mechanism in the door jamb. Try spraying some WD-40 in there.
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    Thanks, passing it along. Be great if we can get it to work!
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    I had a rattle in the rear seat area of my MKX that was hard to pin point. I finally took it to the dealer and they immediately found it. They told me that they had to disassemble the top and glue a part that they forgot at the factory. That was a year ago and problem solved. Covered by warranty.
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